The Silk Sleep Cap Essential For Good Hair Days

The Silk Sleep Cap Essential For Good Hair Days

You’ve probably spied glamorous women donning SILKE’s sleep caps all over Instagram – but there’s more to them than their luxurious look and feel. As well as reducing friction and preventing split ends, they also protect your hair overnight, so there’s no need for excessive heat styling come morning. In short, they make a big difference to your hair’s health. Intrigued? Here’s more…


Frizzy, Dry Hair Looks Smoother

Thanks to their protective purpose, silk hair wraps have been a beauty staple in certain cultures for years. More recently, they’ve exploded in popularity as more people have come to understand the benefits of using one. Friction from cotton pillows can contribute to excessive frizz, while the slippery texture of the SILKE hair wrap makes it less likely to become tangled or matted. Plus, the caps absorb less moisture than other synthetic fabrics, so your hair can hold onto more hydration as you toss and turn.

 They Prevent Breakage

SILKE’s caps can prevent excessive snagging as you sleep. The gentle fabric won’t ever tug on hair, which stops strands from breaking or fraying. We move a lot as we sleep, so hair often gets caught or pulled, but silk acts like a barrier, eliminating resistance between hair and your pillowcase for smoother results.

You Can Wash Your Hair Less

Natural materials – SILKE uses 100% fine silk – are much more breathable. As a result, the SILKE caps keep your scalp cooler and reduces any overnight sweating. The benefits don’t stop there – as hair is cocooned, your sebum is encouraged to spread down the entire hair shaft. No longer concentrated at the roots, these natural oils can reach the tips and prevent hair from looking or feeling dry and parched when you wake up. All great news for those who want to extend the time between hair washes. 

“Friction from cotton pillows can contribute to excessive frizz, while the slippery texture of a SILKE Hair Wrap, makes it less likely to become tangled or matted."

They Work For Everyone

Anyone can use a sleep cap, but they work especially well for curly, long or damaged hair – not to mention those who wear hair extensions. They’re also brilliant for protecting a style overnight, and in turn minimising the damage caused by excessive heat styling. SILKE’s caps also have elasticised edges, so securing yours is easy. Finally, extra points go the array of glamorous prints and colours on offer – you’re bound to find something that suits your personal style.

Key Benefits Recapped:

  • Maintains hairstyles for longer

  • Allows you to wash your hair less

  • Prevents new tangles and split ends

  • Preserves curls 

  • Minimises frizz 

  • Keeps sweat and excess oil at bay 

  • Suits every hair type

  • Keeps hair looking smoother & shinier

  • ​Reduces hair loss and boosts growth

Double Up With SILKE’s Clever Ties…

Fed up of tight elastic hair bands? SILKE’s iconic Ties are stretchy, soft and snag-free, so they never pull or cause tension when you tie your hair up. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, they eliminate the friction and clawing associated with traditional elastics – plus, they make a great gift.

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