12 Easy Hacks For Creating Glossy, Luminous Skin

12 Easy Hacks For Creating Glossy, Luminous Skin

It might be autumn, but glossy skin is still on trend. The UK’s leading make-up pros are here to prove it with their easy hacks for counteracting dullness and enhancing your natural radiance. From the importance of multipurpose balms to why you should ditch powders, start taking notes…

Up Your Moisture Levels 

“In my opinion, a face cream remains the number one way to get a hyper-dewy glow. The key is to find a formula with a radiant texture. My go-to is Weleda’s Skin Food, which is always used backstage for its glow-giving benefits. Massage it in, but focus on applying a bit more of it on the high points of your face – think cheekbones, the nose, cupid’s bow and forehead. Really work it in with your fingers for the best results, letting it settle before you apply anything else. Trust me, it works and doesn’t add loads of unnecessary, shimmery pigment to your skin.” – Katie Jane Hughes, make-up artist 


Use Your Brushes Wisely

“Try to apply your base with a brush rather than your fingers. This will keep the luminous finish on the skin, rather than your hands. On top of this, I recommend you avoid too much shimmer and instead look for formulas that are clear or transparent, like Chanel’s Baume Essential Stick. Not only does it bring make-up to life, a few sweeps of it creates glass-like skin. Dab it over the cheekbones and inner corners of the eye and cupid’s bow.” – Zoe Taylor, make-up artist & SL contributor 


Make Your Tanning Drops Work Harder

“One of my favourite hacks for glossy skin is to add two to three gradual tanning drops into your foundation or base. This tip is amazing for speed as you apply everything in one go. Use a brush and blend all over, right up into your hairline; over the next few hours the colour will build while delivering great luminosity and a healthy-looking glow. This hack always works for me and ensures my skin is looking its very best. The Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops are particularly good for this as they build slowly (they’re vegan too).” – Cher Webb, make-up artist & beauty influencer


Start With Your Serums 

“Adding a drop of your serum to a foundation or primer is an easy way to give your skin a glassy effect. You only need a small amount but it works every single time. I recommend Vichy’s 89 Hydrating Serum or Fresh’s Rose Oil-Infused Serum as both have thin consistencies that work well with other products. Likewise, layering a serum and an oil under your SPF is a great hack. This gives you the beginnings of your base and always delivers a healthy, believable glow.” – Lisa Potter-Dixon, make-up artist & beauty influencer


Layer Your Products Lightly 

“The key to achieving glossy skin lies in the way you apply your cream products on top of one another. Each layer should be very thin and you should always use a soft touch when applying them, so you don’t disturb any formula underneath. This can either be with your fingers or a fan brush that you gently tap against the skin to keep everything light and sheer.” – Claudia Neacsu, make-up artist 


Give Yourself A Mini Facial 

“My top tip to achieve that glossy, dewy look is to give yourself a mini facial. More than anything, this will give you a massive head start when it comes to radiance. Apply a generous amount of your skincare – be it moisturisers, serums or oils – and really work them into the skin with your fingers. Doing this will get your blood flowing, which is what brings out that natural glow we all crave. Once you’ve done this, go in with the rest of your make-up.” – Frankie Neal, make-up artist 


Opt For Liquids & Creams 

“Avoid highlighting powders that sit on the surface of your complexion. Instead opt for liquid or cream formulas that melt into the skin. These formulas create a more seamless and natural-looking glow. Try products like MAC’s Strobe Cream, which is extremely blendable and easy to work with. I also recommend not applying illuminating products all over the face. Instead, focus on key areas that naturally hit the light – we all want to look glossy but you don’t need a full face of beam.” –Camilla Hewitt, make-up artist


Apply Skincare After Your Foundation

“Firstly, I recommend a daily exfoliation with a gentle product like Medik8’s PHA Daily Exfoliating Tonic. This gets rid of surface dirt and dullness to give you a smoother, more luminous complexion so anything you apply on top looks really glossy. Secondly, I like to apply my foundation, let it set and then press in some Herbivore facial oil on top. You only need a small amount but it’s a great way to get a reflective sheen.” – Caroline Barnes, A-list make-up artist


Invest In A Multipurpose Balm

“My go-to glossy skin hack is to cheat a natural glow with skincare. You don’t always need make-up – and multipurpose balms are here to prove that. I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream or Dr Pawpaw – they bring lacklustre skin back to life. The trick is to use a small amount and dab the formula lightly onto the cheekbones. It gives the subtlest glow with no metallic highlight, which often can be ageing and unflattering.” – Hannah Martin, A-list make-up artist


Play With Tinted Creams 

MAC’s Strobe Cream in Peach Lite is a bestseller for good reason. You can use it as a moisturiser and primer to create even, glossy skin. Massage it in as you would your skincare and you’ll soon see how speedily it boosts the look of tired skin, replacing it with a luminous glow. You can also mix it with other highlighters and layer up for a hyper-glossy skin effect.” – Adeola Gboyega, make-up artist & SL contributor


Try A Hot Cloth Cleanse 

“Try giving yourself a hot cloth cleanse before you apply any make-up. Not only does this remove dead, dull skin, it unclogs your pores for more even tone and radiance. Once you’ve done this, either splash cool water or apply a toner on top to seal everything in. The result is always a soft, smooth and naturally glowing canvas that make-up seamlessly adheres to.” – Kenneth Soh, make-up artist


Mix Your Textures 


“The best way to achieve glossy, glowy or even dewy skin is to mix your textures – for instance, wet shine with a frost powder, or a pearl shimmer with a glossy balm. If you apply two different types of formula like this, it will prevent you from looking sweaty or clammy – or worse, damp – and instead will create more of a candlelit sheen that’s both subtle and believable.” – Dominic Skinner, MAC senior artist


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