13 Beauty Tricks To Help You Look Well Rested When You’re Not

13 Beauty Tricks To Help You Look Well Rested When You’re Not

Running on empty? There are many ways to fake the bright-eyed, radiant look of having enjoyed a full eight hours of restful sleep. Here are 13 clever ways to look less tired…

1. Add Sparkle

While too much glitter can make you look more tired – as it draws more attention to the eyes – make-up artists agree a tiny touch of shimmer cream in the inner corners of the eyes instantly makes you look refreshed. Dark complexions should opt for golden colours while paler tones should try a silvery or pearlescent option.
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2. Stay Cool

A cold shower may not sound appealing, but it’s circulation-boosting benefits are well known. Not only does it stimulate your blood, it has a toning effect on your face, with research showing knocking down the temperature can also make you feel more awake. Cold flannels with ice have a similar effect and will instantly make you look and feel alive.

3. Scrub Up

Nothing fixes dull skin like a gentle exfoliation. Try it in the morning for a quick brightening boost. Look to soft round grains rather any acid-based formulas as these can leave you red and blotchy.
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4. Try Calritin

Eyes looking bloodshot and puffy? It could be allergies. Claritin – recommended to us by a pharmacist – makes a huge difference. Not only does it reduce redness, it also takes down swelling and calms irritation instantly. Ideal if you’re someone that suffers severely with hay fever.

5. Cover Up

There are heaps of eye creams that promise to banish dark circles, but none of them offer a speedy fix. Concealer, on the other hand, does. Start by choosing a formula that’s slightly lighter than your skin (but be careful: if you go more than one shade lighter, you can look ghostly). Try applying it post-foundation since you want to use the bare minimum and cover just the dark areas, not the entire under eye.
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6. Try A Teabag

The tea bag trick is no beauty myth. Experts say the caffeine in tea constricts blood vessels while the tannins it contains reduce inflammation. If that’s not for you, a chilled cucumber slice or eye cream like Algenist's is as effective, even frozen peas work the same way to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling.


7. Widen Eyes

We were taught this trick by make-up maestro Caroline Barnes. You can widen your eyes naturally by lining the inner corners with a white pencil and the centre of the lower lash lines with a flesh-coloured one. Just white will look a little theatrical but the two together will really boost dull peepers.
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8. Lift Lashes

One of the biggest secrets to looking awake is opening up our lashes. But instead of using traditional curlers, French make-up master, Violette, once taught us to dot black kohl between lashes instead – you can get away with less mascara, which not only looks less ageing and tiring, but is also super chic.

9. Be Open To Orange

Orange-toned corals bring light to your face. If that sounds too daunting, try wearing them over a warm nude for a soft, muted and modern take.
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10. Play With Balm

Never underestimate the power of a lip balm. If your skin feels tired or dry, apply some balm and use the excess along your cheekbones, brow bones and on the lids. It will catch the light beautifully.

11. Change Up Your Blush Game

Applying blush to cheeks after bronzer for an added glow is nothing new, but try blending some on to brow bones and beneath your chin, as well. It gives your whole face a natural-looking lift.
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12. Amp Up Luminosity  

For an extra luminous look, many make-up artists recommend dipping a foundation-covered brush into a few drops of facial oil before buffing the mixture into the skin. The idea is it looks like you don’t have anything on, just a flawless, radiant complexion that emanates a fresh-from-a-facial glow.

13. Keep Powder At Bay 

If your skin feels powdery or looks lacklustre, spritz it with an elixir or rose water then gently press your hands over your face. The warmth from your fingers will set your make-up and provide an unbeatable glow on top – nothing looks more youthful than hydrated skin.

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