Caroline Hirons Shares Her Top Skincare Advice
Caroline Hirons Shares Her Top Skincare Advice

Caroline Hirons Shares Her Top Skincare Advice

Caroline Hirons needs little introduction. More than just an Instagram and YouTube star, she’s a tech founder, trained aesthetician and skincare author. So, it goes without saying that she knows what works and where to spend your money. Here, she shares some of her top skincare rules, favourite products and the trends to ignore – plus, she gives us the inside track on her new app Skin Rocks…
By Rebecca Hull

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Know What’s Worth It

“Put your money into your treatments or serums as opposed to your cleanser or moisturiser. Why? Because those two will contain more active ingredients and concentrations, which is key if you want to see real results – ingredients like vitamin E, retinol and vitamin C are so important for maintaining the healthy function of your skin. They’re also more expensive to create, so it makes sense to focus your budget there.”


Avoid Single-Ingredient Serums

"Buying single-ingredient treatment serums is really complicated, so if you’re new to skincare, don’t start there. Save your money and buy one sophisticated formula from a dedicated skincare brand that encompasses several actives in one. Look for brands created by people who have training in skincare whose ultimate mission is to make your skin better – everything by Paula’s Choice, for example, has been carefully curated and only uses ingredients that are proven to work.”


Don’t Rely On Micellar Waters

“These are fine for removing eye make-up, or using on your entire face when you don’t have access to water, but please don’t use them without any other cleanser afterwards. Use them as a first cleanse only.”


Leave Botox To The Pros

“Do not, ever, have your Botox done at a ‘Botox party’. No reputable practitioner would provide this service in someone’s living room where alcohol is being served, but they seem to be cropping up everywhere. Legally, I could give you Botox, but I would never do it. Leave it to the medical professionals, always.”


Apply SPF Lip Balm To Your Eyes

“I shared this tip recently and the reaction was surprising. For a long time, I’ve used my SPF lip balm around my eyes throughout the day to protect the delicate skin and prevent issues like crow’s feet. It’s a great added layer of protection, plus as the texture is so lightweight, it never feels irritating or heavy.”


Don’t Get Carried Away With Fads

“Skincare fridges do nothing to enhance the efficacy of your products. They are completely unnecessary. All OTC products are tested for stability in extreme hot and cold environments before they are sent to market. However, if you like the feeling of something cool on your skin, go ahead – knock yourself out. But I’m assuming you already have a fridge for your food at home. Same thing.”



Avoid Harsh Scrubs

“I’m talking about harsh ones that contain ‘husks’ or ‘shells’. There is no need to be so tough on your skin. It’s not 1982. These scrubs are the skincare equivalent of using sandpaper to file a beautiful, polished table. It’s not needed.”


Use Hand Cream To Stop The Spread Of Germs

“Putting hand cream just inside your nostrils is a travel tip that has changed my life. I used to always get sick after travelling before I heard this. The theory being that when your nasal hair is dried out – airplanes are very dehydrating – it offers zero protection against airborne germs. Honestly try it – any hand cream, moisturiser or balm will work.”


Question Big Claims

“Be aware of big claims. For example, anything that says it will change the structure of your skin is nonsense. Anything that says it will fade established acne scars – unless it’s being performed as a treatment in a professional setting – is also rubbish. Always question the claims you think sound overly promising. Skincare can hydrate, smooth and revive, but it can’t work miracles.”


Take Note Of Good Products

“When we put together my Hall of Fame kits last year, I pretty much included every product I’ve loved over the years. They are products I feel everyone should try. Emma Hardie Moringa Balm Cleanser, Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Dr Dennis Gross Acid Peel Pads, Medik8 Crystal Retinal, Tan-Luxe Super Glow, Sunday Riley AutoCorrect Eye Cream, Zelens Power D Treatment Drops and Kate Somerville’s Peptide K8 are all great.”


Be A Savvy Shopper

“Using skincare that isn’t right for your complexion is like wearing shoes that are the wrong size for your feet. It’s uncomfortable, and it can lead to pain and irritation. It’s why I designed the Skin Rocks app – to lead people to where they need to be, but with minimal effort. You just add your details, tell us what you can about your skin and we will do the rest. We even tailor it to your budget and filter things according to what’s most important to you – such as company ethics. Digital apps aside, if you’re after a good offering of skincare, I recommend hitting up Space NK, Ulta and Sephora who stock the very best.”


Finally, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

“Everyone has something they don’t like about their appearance or skin. Everyone. It’s important not to sweat the small stuff and focus on your individual needs.”

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*Some Notes Extracted from Skincare: The New Edit by Caroline Hirons out now


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