Cryotherapy Tools: How They Work & Five Of The Best To Try

Cryotherapy Tools: How They Work & Five Of The Best To Try

Cryo facial tools are big business right now. Designed to instantly and dramatically cool your face, they prompt the blood vessels in your skin to contract for a firmer, healthier-looking complexion. Here, we break down exactly how they work, plus five of the best tools out there.

Swelling & Inflammation Comes Down

There’s a reason cold therapy is used by the A-listers before they hit the red carpet. Not only does the technique provide instant, gratifying results, it works to boost vasoconstriction (a restriction of the blood vessels) which includes multiple benefits – from firming skin, to dialling down redness, shrinking your pores and temporarily reducing the appearance of dark circles. Experts agree these new tools are a quick fix, but nonetheless effective and great for soothing skin that’s prone to inflammation. 

Muscle Tension Is Eased

Just like what cryotherapy does for the body, cryo facial tools can aid pain relief and muscle recovery. By delivering a cold shock to the skin, it kicks your lymph system into gear, reducing swelling and inflammation simultaneously. 

Regular Use Stimulates Blood Flow

While results are more short-term, regular use of a cryo tool will have a stimulating effect on blood flow – hence why it’s become so popular for the body, too. Using ice cold temperatures, these tools allow fresher blood to rise to the surface, stimulating both flow and richer nutrients to your skin’s surface. This process also helps get rid of water retention in the skin, which is why it counteracts puffiness so effectively. For best results, use your device at least once a week. 


Shop Our Five Favourite Cryo Tools Below: 


001 Skincare London CRYOpress Ice Facial Massager, £65

Best For: Speedy Results 

An A-lister staple, this clever massager is loved by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Gigi Hadid. Designed to be kept in the freezer, simply roll it around the contours of your face, working it back and forth all over your skin in different directions. Keep a gentle pressure as you go, making sure you stimulate the skin and muscles underneath it to drain away toxins and puffiness. You’ll notice a difference instantly, but try to use it once a week for the best ongoing results. Available At


BEAUTYBIO Cryo Roller, £85

Best For: Both The Face & Body 

Unlike others on this list, this tool targets the body, as well as the face. Dual-ended, it’s made from professional-grade stainless steel to harness ice-cold temperatures. After removing it from your fridge or freezer, roll it over your skin to increase circulation, collagen production and to constrict your pores for a more refined appearance. Use it over your shoulders, too, or anywhere which feels knotted with tension. Available At


ADHG Cool Roller Ball Magic Ice Facial Massage Crystal Ball, £15.99

Best For: Those On A Budget

Loved by industry insiders, we discovered this Crystal Ball Roller on Instagram and it lives up to the hype. Hold the longer handle while rolling the ball over your skin in circular motions. Gradually it tightens, improves eye bags and refreshes dull, lacklustre skin by bringing fresh blood to the surface. Plus, it’s affordable and one of the more budget-friendly options available. The reviews are impressive, too, with many dubbing it a ‘game-changer’. Available At


Georgia Louise Cryo Facial Freeze Tools, $190

Best For: Inflamed Skin 

These Freeze Tools are expensive but so worth it if you’re looking to bring the cryo facial experience into your home. Designed to beat inflammation, the extremely cold temperature calms, soothes and tightens for a fresher-looking complexion. Start by using it in the centre of your forehead before gliding the tool out towards your hairline and near the temples. Continue with this motion all over to contour and firm your skin. If you want to target your eyes, use the tip of your tool and apply a gentler pressure. Available At


StackedSkincare Ice Roller, £17 (was £20)

Best For: Ease Of Use 

Known for its durability, this is seriously weighty, so you never have to worry about being too firm with it. Once you’ve removed it from the freezer, roll the large head over any areas you’d like to reduce redness and swelling. As it’s bigger than others, you can roll this around the skin without much of a technique, as it covers such a large surface area. Another benefit? It smooths your complexion, so any products (think moisturisers and serums) applied afterwards are more readily absorbed. A great all-rounder. Available At

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