An A-List Aesthetician Share Her Golden Skin Rules
An A-List Aesthetician Share Her Golden Skin Rules

An A-List Aesthetician Share Her Golden Skin Rules

There’s a reason A-listers like Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Jodie Comer and Courtney Cox rely on Keren Bartov to make their skin look its best. What she doesn’t know about skin isn’t worth knowing – which is why we’ve asked her to share her best tips…
By Rebecca Hull

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First, don’t underestimate the power of good skin. It wasn’t until my 20s, when I struggled with acne, that I realised how disempowering and debilitating troubled skin was. It can really impact your emotional, mental, and overall wellbeing, and my own battle with acne inspired me to become a skincare expert. Today, I work alongside some of the best skin scientists and labs in the world to create my own products, but also to learn about the latest, ground-breaking ingredients and devices which make a real difference. I then bring all this into my clinic so I can offer my clients the best there is and empower them to make the right choices.

Always seek out science-backed formulas. I only use ingredients that have been scientifically and clinically proven for safety and effectiveness – I recommend looking for these stamps and logos when you buy your products. Avoid following ingredient ‘trends’ and don’t abandon things like retinol just because it’s less fashionable. It’s still superior in performance compared to newer ingredients on the market.

Never forget to remove your make-up. We hear it all the time but when I was younger, my mum instilled the importance of taking off my make-up. No matter how late I got home or how tired I was, removing everything was as necessary as brushing my teeth. My mother even placed a cleanser on my pillow most nights to ensure I never forgot. Don’t neglect a double cleanse at night – not only will this remove all the dirt and oil, it will also aid the absorption of your skincare products. I recommend using a flannel to take it off too, as this offers a gentle exfoliation at the same time.

Ignore fads and trends. It can lead to making inappropriate choices for your skin type and can cause long-term damage, as well as irritation. The main thing to remember is to always protect your skin barrier – you only have one and when it’s damaged, it’s very hard to go back. I see so many women in my clinic who are using strong active products at home which are too aggressive. Used in excess, these can strip and overwhelm the skin, causing permanent damage to the barrier, and triggering issues like rosacea and serious sensitives. 


Stick to a routine. I have three sons and two skin clinics in different countries – Tel Aviv and London – so my routine has to be fast and effective. That’s fine – you don’t need endless steps, just products that offer multiple benefits. In the morning, I’ll always cleanse with my Advance Cleansing Mousse, taking a few moments to massage my face to wake it up and reduce any puffiness. I’ll then apply a serum that contains ingredients like ceramides and niacinamide to help brighten and hydrate my skin and give it a firmer look. After this, it’s a simple layer of moisturiser and SPF before applying my make-up – I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter in shade 4. It makes me look so healthy and fresh. I always keep the Cosmoss Sacred Mist nearby too – it is so uplifting. At night, I cleanse again but follow up with a micellar water to really get rid of any residue. I love hyaluronic acid-based formulas as they deeply moisturise the skin at the same time as cleansing it.

Use active ingredients at night. This is when your skin cells are regenerating and therefore most receptive to change – this is the time to apply any retinol-based formulas. You’re also not exposed to UV rays at night, which can impair results. Think of the day as your time to hydrate and protect – hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and nourishing ingredients like squalane are your friends in the daytime. 

Remember, organic isn’t always best. A common misconception in skincare is that natural and organic ingredients are superior in some way – this is wrong. Don’t always assume they will suit you and soothe irritation – in some respects, they can cause sensitivities and inflammation because everything is more potent and fragranced and as a result, sometimes more abrasive.

Seek out ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT before investing in products. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – especially when it comes to skincare and what is right for you. The more informed you are, the better your skin will be.

Tread carefully with acids. Acids can be a powerful ingredient for boosting glow and getting rid of congestion, but it’s important you don’t overdo it and use the right concentration and formulation for your needs. Always start with a lower percentage and build up gradually – start smart and you’ll reap the rewards down the line. The one thing I really recommend investing in is vitamin C. It has a multitude of benefits, is well tolerated by most and can brighten skin, minimise scarring and promote collagen production. 

Avoid touching your skin. It’s not the root cause of all issues, but our hands are constantly in touch with germs, pollution and dirt. If we keep transferring those things to our skin, we run the risk of spreading oil and dirt, but also clogging up pores and exacerbating any existing conditions – be it breakouts or sensitivities.

Learn before you buy. I really recommend seeking out the advice of a facialist or skin expert before you invest in ingredients and potent products. It’s not always easy to do this if money is a constraint, but if you’re having a facial or a treatment, ask for advice and soak it up. Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to skincare and what is right for you. The more informed you are, the better your skin will be. I especially recommend only using active ingredients once a skin professional has diagnosed your individual needs. 

Drink water. It’s not a myth that it helps you glow. If you drink coffee, make sure you match it sip-by-sip with water as caffeine dehydrates the skin, so you want the moisture to be put back in. In France, every espresso is served with a small glass of water beside it for a reason. 

Try different treatments. It all depends on what you’re after, but those looking for a needle-free, no-downtime, face-lift-like effect should try the new Lumenis Tri Lift Treatment. It’s great if you have a big occasion on the horizon. I’ve seen fantastic results that lift the jawline the cheekbones, treat nasal folds – it gives the whole face an instant refresh. It’s a new technology that sculpts, tones, lifts and defines the face by activating the facial muscles, the skin and facial structure with a combination of technologies and frequencies, as well as a dose of microneedling to increase the natural volume of the skin. There is no discomfort, and it has an immediate and long-lasting effect on your complexion.

Book a regular facial. I am often asked which one is best to book and what is worth the investment. The answer is to look for treatments that combine traditional and effective techniques – for instance, cleansing massage, lymphatic drainage, peels and extractions. Combining methods like this, alongside medical devices, is what will really give you results. I often use up to five devices in one treatment because I want the best outcome for my client. Of course, everything is case-by-case and whoever you see should make the treatment bespoke to your skin type, life stage, medical history and goals. Everyone is unique, so it’s important the person treating you understands this. It’s why I don’t have a treatment menu – everything I do is bespoke to my clients. 

Keep up the maintenance. Our skin continuously changes over time – so be wary of any products or treatments that promise miracles and lean into the science, clinical results and proof. What works for you today might not work in a year’s time when your lifestyle, health and hormones have changed. Pay attention to your complexion and how it reacts to everything you do. If you’re under stress, unwell or hormonal, adjust your routine accordingly. Think of your skin as a plant that always needs tending to.

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