The Dos & Don’ts Of Double Cleansing

The Dos & Don’ts Of Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is revered by both industry insiders and skincare aficionados, but there’s more to getting it right than you may think. From how often you should do it, to the right textures and application techniques, leading London facialist Abigail James shares the key dos and don’ts...

DO: Use An Oil Or Cream Based Cleanser

Always use these types of formulas for double cleansing. An oil-based cleanser is especially effective for your first cleanse as it allows for better removal of make-up, surface grime and dirt. The second cleanser should be one that’s very in sync with your skin type and needs, as this is what really finishes the job. Look to ingredients that you know suit you or, if you’ve already found your go-to, stick with it. The second cleanse will then get rid of dead skin cells and anything that’s left on the surface, so everything that comes after (serums, balms, moisturisers) can do their jobs more effectively. 

DON’T: Use A Face Wipe As Your First Cleanse

If you have them – and you don’t need them, by the way – use the wipes to clean out your sink before filling it with water. Then go in with a proper cleanser on your face. Wipes just won’t cut it when it comes to thorough cleansing. If you’re wearing make-up daily, work in a polluted area or have oily/combination skin, double cleansing should be an essential part of your regime. 

DO: Wash Off With Warm Water 

Wash off both rounds of your cleanser with warm water and a damp cloth. This will ensure the skin is fully cleansed and your pores are all closed. It’s also key you apply your cleansing oil or cream to moist skin as the ingredients from your products will sink down much deeper. You can try adding a little face scrub to your second cleanser too, if your complexion is feeling dull or in need of a speedy boost. 

DON’T: Double Cleanse Morning & Night

You can have too much of a good thing. Overdoing it will strip the skin and cause irritation. Stick to double cleansing just at night, because this is when you need it most after the day’s dirt has built up. If you suffer from a rosacea or acne breakout, avoid double cleansing and instead use just an oil or gentle cleansing milk. Sticking to one cleanse with these conditions will prevent you from over-stimulating the skin or aggravating it further. 

DO: Apply A Serum After Double Cleansing 

As mentioned above, double cleansing gets the best out of everything that follows in your skincare routine. Above anything else, a serum is essential afterwards. Known for their more potent formulas, serums deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin thanks to their smaller molecules. Post-cleanse, you’ll get the most out of their high concentration of active ingredients and you’ll start to see the benefits almost instantly. They’re great for targeting specific skincare concerns, like dark spots, wrinkles and spots, so seek out formulas suited to you and add to your double-cleanse regime.

DON’T: Be Fooled By Hearsay

Many of us have been led to believe that double cleansing is a good replacement for regular facials. It’s really not. While it’s great you have a routine at home, a facial is completely separate and will give you longer-lasting and more noticeable results, so don’t get the two confused. 

DO: Massage In Your First Cleanse

Really get down deep with your first cleanse and massage it in. Take your time with an oil, cream or balm (depending on your skin’s needs) and use your knuckles and fingers to get into the muscles, always lifting upwards. Not only will this help boost radiance, it will encourage lymphatic drainage and the removal of excess toxins. Include the neck too when you do this – it often gets neglected but is still in need of extra attention, just like your face. 

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