Dry, Sensitive Skin? Try This
Dry, Sensitive Skin? Try This

Dry, Sensitive Skin? Try This

Sensitivities and dryness are two of the biggest skincare bugbears out there. That’s why we’re grateful to have Curél in our lives. Japan’s number-one brand for sensitive skin will protect, replenish and strengthen to leave your complexion looking and feeling healthier. Here’s why we rate it – plus the products we love…
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The Fast Facts…

Kao was founded all the way back in 1887. After creating a research lab in 1976, Curél was launched in 1999 with dry and sensitive skin in mind. Fast forward to today and – thanks to its decades of research into sensitivities and inflammation – it’s now the number-one brand in Japan for dry and sensitive skincare. First stocked only in Asia, it expanded to the US and UK markets in 2019, as well as on Amazon, enhancing its cult status – you’d be hard-pushed to find a negative review.

The Curél range includes various textures and formulas to suit VARIOUS skin needs – from the more luxurious Make-up Cleansing Oil to a super convenient but deeply HYDRATING Deep Moisture Spray.
Dr Catherine Denning, Curel Ambassador

The Hype…

Curél’s fuss-free products have tiny ingredients lists, so what is inside can penetrate the skin and deliver top results. That includes moisture-sealing ceramides and strengthening eucalyptus extract – both of which maintain the skin’s protective barrier, without ever causing any irritation. If your complexion is often dry, flaky or tight, there’s no doubt the products in this range will help – and they can also boost skin’s luminosity and overall tone. From soft, foaming washes to watery essences and gel creams, its well-curated line-up has you covered while providing instant relief and hydration to sensitive skin. 

The Formulas Explained…

Curél’s research partners include top dermatologists and skin experts. They’ve helped the brand make good on its ambition to create a line of products that focus on restoring dry, sensitive skin. They also knew the only way to do this was with one key ingredient: ceramides – a lipid found in the skin that helps to retain moisture. Studies show that sensitive skin often lacks ceramides, so by replenishing it topically, Curél’s products strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, which minimises the impact of external influences to deliver healthier, fresher and more supple-looking skin. 

The Key Products…

Curél’s Deep Moisture Spray is a favourite among fans, including Caroline Hirons and Sali Hughes. It has sold out frequently in the UK thanks to its ultra-fine spray that quickly softens, smooths and hydrates both the face and body. It’s particularly effective for those suffering with irritation. We love to apply it before foundation as it gives skin a smoother, plumper texture, so make-up glides on seamlessly. 

Other key products to know include the Intensive Moisture Facial Cream and Foaming Face Wash. The latter is great for gently removing make-up without ever drying out your skin, while the moisturiser has a velvety texture that leaves your complexion looking and feeling quenched. 

Another brand bestseller is the  Hydrating Water Essence. This is a pre-moisturising fluid meant to be used in tandem with the cream for ‘double moisturisation’. Full of skin conditioners and humectants, it hydrates and nourishes, readying skin to then receive all the benefits from the Intensive Face Moisturiser. 

The Impressive Reviews…

“Curél’s skincare is a dream for dry, aggravated winter skin. It’s great for use on a damaged skin barrier too and not at all irritating.” 

“Its moisturiser is deeply hydrating and lightweight. It also works well under make-up because it sinks in so nicely.” 

“Best products I’ve ever tried for my skin, very light, effective and elegantly formulated.”

“The Hydrating Water Essence is the best product to hydrate sensitive skin with after washing and before moisturising. Can’t live without it.” 

“The products make my skin feel so soft and revitalised. Would highly recommend them to everyone – no matter your skin type.”



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