Everything You Need To Know About FOREO’s Latest Launch

Since launching in 2013, FOREO has shaken up the skincare sector. Spanning toothbrushes to eye massagers, its range has been highly recommended by industry insiders. Its latest smart skincare device, the LUNA mini 3, is set to be just as covetable. Here’s what you need to know…

LUNA mini 3 Cleanses In Just 60 Seconds 

Making time for a deep cleanse can be tricky – especially after a heavy session at the gym. FOREO’s LUNA mini 3 is the only gym bag-friendly cleansing device designed to care for all skin types. Doubling up as a facial massager and cleanser, it gets to work in a mere 60 seconds, using tiny, gentle T-sonic pulsations and extra-soft touchpoints to whisk away everything that’s collected on the skin’s surface –pollution, dirt, oil and excess sweat – for a fresh glow. Its 12 intensity levels mean you can switch up your routine based on your skin’s needs that day. When testing the device as part of her post-workout skincare routine, SL’s resident beauty expert Lisa Potter-Dixon found eight to be the best intensity level for optimum results. It's not just team SL that are fans either –Foreo devices come with a cult celebrity following, including A-list fans Chrissy Teigen, Venus Williams and Miley Cyrus who use one to power-up their skincare. 

The New Size Makes It Perfect For On-The-Go

Smaller than previous FOREO cleansers, the LUNA mini 3 facial massager was made for those days when you’re dashing from your fitness class to your desk. One of our favourite things about this smart skincare device is it fits perfectly into jacket pockets and is the ideal size for slinging into your bag for a quick cleanse when time is at a premium. It’s not just gym bunnies that can reap the benefits – this is an everyday essential making fresher, healthier skin more accessible for anyone. In testing, we’ve noticed fewer breakouts and a smoother, even complexion, which has helped us get the most from other products in our regime. 

It’s A Deep Cleanse Without Any Irritation

The first of its kind, the LUNA mini 3 facial massager combines an ultra-soft, hygienic cleanse with soft, hypoallergenic brushes. This means no tugging or pulling, so it is suitable all skin types. Especially effective as part of a post-workout skincare routine, we found the new sonic power (8,000 pulsations a minute) got down deep into our pores, removing sweat and bacteria build-up for a speedy yet thorough cleanse. Its smaller size also allowed us to clean those hard-to-reach areas and eliminate dirt immediately, while the soft pulsations boosted lymphatic drainage for a plump, renewed vibrancy.

FOREO’s LUNA mini 3 is the only gym bag-friendly cleansing device designed to care for all skin types, using gentle pulsations for a fresh glow.

There’s A New Setting Aimed At The Time-Poor

The LUNA mini 3's innovative 'Glow Boost' mode makes cleansing even easier when you’re pushed for time. Working in just 30 seconds, it sweeps away unwanted grime to keep breakouts and infections at bay. Our favourite bit? The LUNA mini 3 pauses every time you need to move it to a different area of your face, so you can be sure you’re not missing a single spot – even though you’re cleansing at speed. Ideal for a quick pre- or post-workout cleanse that opens up the pores and prevents infections and toxins from creeping in. 

A Long-Lasting Battery Means You’ll Rarely Have To Charge It

FOREO's T Sonic Facial Cleansers are well-known for the longevity of its devices and the LUNA Mini 3 is no exception. You can use it up to 400 times before it needs charging. If you’re cleansing once a day, that’s more than a year before you have to reach for the plug. It’s also 100% waterproof, so you can shower while using it without the worry of any malfunction – it's the ultimate post-workout skincare device. 

Available With An App, It’s Customisable To Your Needs

The FOREO For You app works in unison with your device, letting you set, alter and amend how intense you want your pulsations to be. It automatically syncs your preferred cleansing settings to the device, so you don’t have to keep adding them every time you use it. You can even use the app to track and locate your device if you lose it. ‘Find My LUNA’ sets off a buzzing on your Luna mini 3 – clever indeed. 

You'll See The Skin-Brightening Effects Almost Instantly

We've fallen hard for this smart facial cleansing brush. Partly because of its speedy benefits, but also because of its impressive high-tech spec that's allowed us to personalise our skincare regime. Saving us valuable time, it whisked away our make-up, sweat and daily grime fast without any irritation or flare ups occurring as a result. Not only did it take the effort out of make-up removal, it's become a staple in our post-workout skincare routine and our complexion looks healthier and more radiant, too. If you're using it for the first time, experiment with the different pulsations to ensure you're getting the right type of cleanse for you – build up gradually and you'll start to reap the benefits.

FOREO’s LUNA mini 3 costs £139 and is available at Selfridges.com

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