The Face Sculpting Tool That Really Works

The Face Sculpting Tool That Really Works

Few facial tools have generated the same amount of buzz as the FOREO Bear. Barely two years old, it’s already won countless awards and is one of the brand’s bestsellers. Using microcurrent technology, it lifts, tightens and smooths areas like the cheekbones, jawline and forehead, while boosting circulation for an instant, healthy- looking glow. No wonder industry insiders and dermatologists love it. Here’s why it’s worth the hype and how SheerLuxe readers can enjoy an exclusive 25% discount...

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The Background …

Over the past 18 months, Google searches for sculpting facial tools have jumped by more than 6,000% as more people look for non-invasive, pain-free methods that still deliver visible results. FOREO’s Bear Device is the world’s first FDA-cleared microcurrent tool that uses an Anti-Shock System™. This in-built safety feature allows the tool to adjust to your skin’s conductivity, so you never experience any discomfort or irritation. Add that to the clever patented T-Sonic™ technology – which penetrates deep into the skin to boost circulation – and you’ve got a facial device that ticks all the boxes. The T-Sonic™ technology is also widely recognised for its ability to deliver speedy results. The 'T' itself stands for transdermal, which put simply, means the pulsations on offer can travel right through the outer layers of your skin, working to relax facial muscles, smooth the appearance of fine lines and help to bolster product absorption for a speedy, youthful glow.


Dubbed a ‘NON-INVASIVE, NATURAL FACELIFT,’ the Bear uses microcurrents to deliver electrical pulses into the skin, training & strengthening your FACIAL MUSCLES to appear FIRMER.

How It Works…

Often referred to as a ‘non-invasive facelift,’ the Bear uses microcurrents to deliver gentle, electrical pulses into the skin, training your facial muscles to appear firmer and more lifted. It also works to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and help to minimise early signs of ageing, but naturally, without ever being invasive. Skin expert and dermatologist Dr. Anita Sturnham explains: “Microcurrent devices have been used for over a decade in the beauty industry. They switch on muscle activity and therefore improve facial tone. [These devices] also increase levels of a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is crucial for cellular functions, including collagen production for better elasticity.” 

FOREO’s microcurrent strength is highly effective, yet non-abrasive. Dr Anita explains again: “The range of home devices out there can usually transmit up to 100-1000ua pulses. FOREO’s Bear, however, is the strongest home-use device on the market, with an output of up to 1000ua every time.” As a result, with regular use, you’ll notice your complexion will look healthier and plumper. It's a game-changer when used alongside other 'tweakements,' too. For instance. if you often have botox or fillers, you'll find BEAR works well to maintain results and keep skin looking smoother in tone.

How To Get The Most From It…

For maximum benefits, FOREO recommend using the Bear device on clean skin so that surface oils can’t interfere with the microcurrents. To ensure conductivity and to offer some extra slip, try using FOREO’s own serum which has been created to work in tandem with the tool for best results. Work in sections, always taking the tool in upward and outward motions to improve lymphatic drainage and in turn, promote a healthier, fresher-looking glow. Satisfying to use, it instantly eases tension and bolsters facial relaxation, making it one of the most enjoyable anti-ageing tools we've come across in a long time. 

For instant results, Dr. Anita recommends using it daily, but for just three minutes at a time: “This device delivers the microcurrent faster than others, so treatment time is quick. Most devices need a good 30 minutes to deliver results, but this can be done in just three — it's quick and easy. Consistency is key, though, so make you sure you work into your daily routine.”


Work in sections, taking the tool in upward and outward motions to improve LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE and promote a HEALTHIER, fresher-looking GLOW.

A Final Word…

Before you start, make sure you unlock your FOREO Bear by registering with the handy FOREO For You app. This will help you set it up and ensure you never drain the battery prematurely. It also gives you great step-by-step instructions and extra advice for getting the most out of your tool. Once you're paired up, you can use your Bear device just by clicking the power button, and your facial will automatically begin with minimal faff or fuss. 


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