The In-Flight Skincare Rules To Follow On Your Next Trip
The In-Flight Skincare Rules To Follow On Your Next Trip

The In-Flight Skincare Rules To Follow On Your Next Trip

From the importance of using a cleansing mask to why you should up your alkaline levels and invest in a prebiotic toner, here are some in-flight skincare tips from five experts – just in time for your next trip…
By Rebecca Hull

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A-List Facialist & Creator Of ‘The Inner Facial’

Boost Your Water Bottle

“Flights – even short-haul ones – will ravage your hydration levels, so it’s important to drink lots of water, but the type that’s filled with added benefits. That includes fresh lemon to increase your vitamin C levels and boost your immune system, as well as protecting your skin from the inside out. I also use the Analemma Water Wand which transforms regular tap water from its depleted, chaotic state to a super-charged, fully coherent state. It does this by rearranging the H20 molecules into a liquid, crystalline structure to regenerate your body and hydration levels.”

Tone Pre-Flight

“Before you board your flight, I recommend doing a thorough cleanse and using a prebiotic toner. I love the one by Esse Skincare. A toner like this will help balance your skin’s microbiome and strengthen the skin barrier – it’s essential before you fly as it will help prevent moisture loss.”

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Master Facialist & SL Contributor

Pack Your Gua Sha

“If you have one, I recommend taking a gua sha on the plane. Use it to encourage blood flow and lymphatic movement in your face during the flight. This can be done on clean skin or over a facial oil or moisturiser to enhance the movement. It just helps keep your complexion stimulated and smooth. Glide it over the top of a sheet mask for extra hydrating benefits.”

Use Oils

“Try massaging nourishing oils into dry skin using deep tissue movements to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface. Do this by using your finger knuckles in circular motions, working around the face, starting on the neck and moving upwards to your forehead. Then drain any toxins lying under the skin down the face, finishing behind your ears. Oils are a great way to add instant hydration to your skin and hold it there for the remainder of your flight.”

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Celebrity Facialist

Apply An Antioxidant

“I’m a big advocate for applying an antioxidant-based serum – like vitamin C or E – before or during your flight. This is because it’s a key ingredient for protecting your complexion from lights and pollution. It will work even harder if you put a sheet mask on top that’s full of quenching peptides. If you’re using the latter on a plane, I recommend leaving it on for at least twenty minutes, take it off and apply a lightweight cream and SPF on top so you’re good to go when you land.”

Apply A Mask Post-Flight

“This isn’t essential, but if you think about the germs and bacteria on a plane, it’s worth treating your skin once you land, too. My go-to product is a deep cleansing mask, which I use when I reach my hotel. These types of masks purge your pores and free them of any build-up, preventing breakouts and inflammation. Once I’ve done this, I’ll always slather on a hydrating serum. I love the ones by Medik8.”

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Board-Certified Consultant Dermatologist

Apply SPF Pre-Flight

"It's a forgotten step, but an important one. UVB rays can't penetrate through windows, but UVA rays – which contribute to photoageing – can. The higher in the sky you are, the more potential there is for exposure. Try layering on a thin lotion, like CeraVe's SPF50 Facial Moisturising Lotion, or SuperGoop's Unseen Sunscreen SPF40. Both are lightweight and won't feel occlusive."  

Don't Forget Compression Socks

"Compression socks help with pretty much everything. I recommend popping a pair on before you fly to get your blood pumping. This will help reduce skin swelling from top-to-toe. I always feel better after an overnight flight when I wear them and far less puffy. I get mine from and swear by them."

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Consultant Dermatologist

Keep Micellar Handy

“Hydration has been mentioned, but don’t forget about a gentle cleanse. When it comes to flying the set-up – and packaging allowance – is limited, so I often advise taking a micellar water on board with some reusable cotton rounds. I love to sweep Bioderma’s Micellar Water across my skin to keep it feeling fresh and toned – it’s easy to do and prevents any germs from building up on your skin. Follow up with a moisturiser and a little SPF before landing. Preferably use a non-comedogenic moisturiser, like NeoStrata’s Sheer Hydration formula so you don’t suffocate your skin. I don’t recommend experimenting with lots of different minis – try to avoid disrupting your routine if you can.”  

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Dermatology Specialist

Maintain Your Normal Routine

“Exposing your skin to a change in environment, the stress of travelling, sun, late nights and switching up your routine can cause mayhem. There’s a reason we tend to experience breakouts and sensitivity when we go away – and it’s not just due to the dryness of a plane. One of my biggest tips is yes, apply skincare when you fly, but stick to the products you always use in your routine. Decant your favourite products into travel kit bottles so you stay consistent.”

Don’t Forget A Toning Mist

“One of the easiest ways to hydrate your skin on a plane is a toner spray. Whenever I fly, I spritz Decree’s Preparatory Mist – which is full of rosewater, glycerine and aloe vera – all over my face and neck, then lock in the moisture with a peptide-rich cream. A mist is a great way to top up your hydration as needed – whether you’re long or short haul. The ingredients to look out for include hyaluronic acid, squalane and glycerine – each one seals moisture in and holds it there.”

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Avoid Wearing Make-Up

“This is my biggest tip when you fly. Make-up paired with a dry environment is the perfect storm for breakouts, dryness and dullness. I recommend turning up for your flight make-up free, or just with a little mascara on, and keeping skin hydrated with a balm throughout your flight. There are so many great multipurpose balms worth packing – including Weleda’s Skin Food and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Balm. They don’t spill and they work on your lips, face, nails and anywhere else you want to keep soft.”

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