How To Treat Pores & The Best Products To Try

How To Treat Pores & The Best Products To Try

Pores are integral to our skin’s epidermis, linking oil glands to the surface to hydrate and protect. But for so many of us, visible pores are a top skin concern. From the benefits of ice, to why UV damage can worsen their appearance, we asked skincare expert and holistic facialist, Nataliya Robinson, for her advice and some of the best products to try…

Understand What Pores Are

You have pores all over your body, and they’re actually tiny hair follicles that contain a sebaceous gland. These glands then produce sebum (oil) on the surface of the skin, which protects skin from external aggressors, but can also become clogged with too much oil, which sometimes leads to pores becoming more visible.

Protect From UV Damage

Like most signs of ageing, enlarged pores can be the result of UV and free radical damage. This is because sun damage depletes collagen levels, causing skin to weaken and pores to look visibly stretched. Dry skin then settles around the outside of gaping pores and can cause them to appear coarser and less glowy.

Don’t Always Blame Genetics

Sometimes it can be down to your DNA, but open pores tend to be the result of several factors. Lifestyle, diet, hormonal imbalance or a history of skin damage all contribute to large pores. It’s also been reported that between the ages of 25-50, pores can double in size due to environmental factors and further UV exposure.

Treat With Serums & Extractions 

Visiting a clinic for monthly extractions is a great way of minimising the appearance of your pores. Following up with fruit-based acid peels and skin-needling, or radio frequency treatments can also help to clear and refine the skin. This is because they all stimulate collagen production for a plump, healthy complexion, making pores instantly less visible. Serums are key too – apply them regularly and look for ones containing salicylic acid. These will gently exfoliate the complexion and gradually shrink pores over time. It’s also the more cost-effective option.

Guard Against Acne

If pores are blocked for a long time, they can result in inflamed skin and spots. That’s why seeking out extraction treatments is key, as is a daily skincare routine that gently cleanses and removes all traces of make-up. It’s the simplest and easiest way of preventing a build-up of bacteria from getting ingrained into pores.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Moisturiser 

People are often scared moisturiser will clog their pores. There’s usually no truth to this, but if you’re concerned, just stick to using lightweight formulas. Look for ones without silicones and for oil-free formulas.

Try Ice As A Quick & Easy Remedy 

A little DIY-Cryotherapy at home is a great hack. Make your own infused ice-cubes by freezing water with sage, chamomile or rosemary teas. Then use these cubes all over the face for an at-home massage. The herbs will soothe the skin while ice acts as the ultimate pore-shrinker, leaving everything feeling tight and clean. 

Strip Back Your Skincare Routine

It’s a common mistake to use peels that contain ingredients like retinol or exfoliants on a daily-basis. This just increases the sebum flow, resulting in the skin producing even more oil to defend itself. Instead, focus on a low GI diet, avoid as much stress as possible and stick to a skincare regime that’s simple and pared back – just cleanser and moisturiser.

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