My Skincare Routine: A-List Facialist, Teresa Tarmey
My Skincare Routine: A-List Facialist, Teresa Tarmey

My Skincare Routine: A-List Facialist, Teresa Tarmey

Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sienna Miller are among the many fans of Teresa Tarmey’s sought-after facials. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of ingredients, products and techniques, what she doesn’t know about skincare isn’t worth knowing – which is why we were curious to find out what she uses at home – morning and night…
By Rebecca Hull
Photography: @TERESATARMEY

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In The Morning...

Simplicity and speed are my top priorities. In the morning, I’ll only cleanse my skin once – it’s all you need, as it’s already clean from the night before. Mornings require a gentler approach, so I use the bare minimum to avoid stripping my skin of any natural moisture. Post-cleanse, I’ll use Neostrata’s Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum. With heaps of hyaluronic acid, it works fast to deliver moisture, plumping skin up and reducing slackness – for me, it has everything my skin needs. I’ll then apply a small amount of the Dior Prestige Eye Cream. This has a balmy texture that hydrates, while illuminating pearls brighten and add glow. The last step in my routine is Heliocare’s SPF. I always use the tinted formula as it acts as protection and make-up in one, so heavy, tacky layers don’t build up throughout the day. 

Consistency leads to results. I often tell my clients this. Skincare shouldn’t be complicated – I know what works for my own complexion and I don’t like to mess with it. Once you find the right formulas, textures and products for you, stick to them. There’s no need to try everything under the sun if you find a routine that works. Skin likes monotony – it’s important to remember this.

The fewer layers, the better. I really don’t believe in layering up product after product – you’re essentially over-treating your skin and suffocating it. The key is to use the right ingredients for your skin in your chosen serum. Generally, hyaluronic acid is beneficial for everyone in the daytime because it’s so hydrating, plumping and soothing, while retinol is better at night for boosting cell renewal – and in turn better skin tone and glow. I am never overzealous when it comes to multiple acids or intense treatments – I tend to just use one at a time and always at night.

Exercise is another essential part of my morning. My skincare routine is quick, and as soon as I am done, I head straight to the gym. I go to a place called ‘Body by Bunny’ – the trainer there is amazing. If I want to mix things up, I’ll try Box Clever on my road in Notting Hill. Either way, exercise in the morning is the easiest way to boost your energy and set you up for the day ahead.

In The Evening...

I always double cleanse at night. It’s what gets rid of dirt, make-up and old product sat on your skin. I do this using my own cleanser – it’s more of a wash, which feels cleaner to me and more refreshing. It leaves skin feeling comfortable and hydrated with zero tightness afterwards.

A weekly treat helps rejuvenate. I’d love to say I do quirky things to my skin day-to-day, but in all honesty, I don’t use gua shas or any tools like that. If I’ve not already made it clear, I advocate simplicity to see results. That said, I do indulge in a nightly treatment once a week. Every Sunday evening, I use my Microneedling Kit to keep my skin cell turnover high and boost my skin’s glow. It has a very short needle length – 0.25 of a mil – so when it sinks in, it makes only tiny marks with zero pain. It also helps me wind down as I find the whole process very relaxing. I’ve recently discovered the NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device too which I love to use now and then throughout the week post-cleanse. It helps to sculpt and define skin by encouraging lymphatic drainage – plus, it feels great over any areas of tension.

Dry brushing in the evening boosts blood flow. After a long day, I love to dry brush my body before going in the shower. I’ll admit, I’m not always consistent, but I’ll try and do this at least twice a week to bring fresh blood to the surface and get rid of that sluggish feeling that builds up throughout the day. Afterwards, I’ll use Dior’s Lucky Body Lotion. It’s so silky and non-sticky, and locks in plenty of moisture that feels luxurious and keeps skin looking healthy.

Retinol is my go-to ingredient in the evening. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but retinol is the one ingredient that’s proven to make a difference to your skin. Right now, after I cleanse, I apply my 0.3% Retinol Gel to boost the collagen within my skin and smooth out uneven tone. If retinol is too strong for you, look for a lactic acid treatment which is gentler, but still delivers anti-ageing benefits. After that, I’ll use the Neostrata Serum I mentioned before to cushion any inflammation and maintain my hydration levels. I've also been recommended the Spectacle Moisturiser by Olivia Falcon and can't wait to add this to my routine.

Finally, I tune out. I won’t lie, I enjoy a glass of red wine once or twice a week in the evening. It’s a habit I’ve got into since lockdown, which isn’t great, but I do find it helps me unwind. Turning my phone on its back and switching off notifications is also essential in the evening. It helps me zone out and become more present.

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