The New Skincare Brand We Are Obsessed With
The New Skincare Brand We Are Obsessed With

The New Skincare Brand We Are Obsessed With

If you’re into skincare, you’ll be interested to meet myBlend, the new brand that has been formulated under the direction of Dr Olivier Courtin – son of Clarins founder Jacques Courtin. Including a plethora of new science-backed ingredients and buttery textures, it's not to be missed. From nourishing creams to velvety cleansers and even an LED mask that’s proven to help skin look up to three years younger, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a full breakdown of the brand – plus the products worth trying…

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The myBlend Story…

First launched in 2007, myBlend has finally made it to the UK and has been redesigned and reformulated by Dr Olivier Courtin. Drawing on the research coming out of Clarins Laboratories, Olivier has maintained the brand’s original, personalised approach, but combined this with nutricosmetics – think tailored, supplement blends – and technical tools to create a 30-strong product range which tackles skin health both internally and externally.

The brand also believes science-backed formulas and luxurious ingredients needn’t be mutually exclusive – which is why the products contain 93% natural ingredients. Furthermore, it bans excessive use of plastics and only uses local and transparent manufacturing. When used in tandem, the skincare, tools and supplements in the range will stimulate your skin at a deeper level. The result? Better bounce, glow and suppleness – and more even tone.


Why It Stands Out…

Taking a 360° approach, myBlend’s products and treatments target the skin via three key pillars. Nutri-cosmetics support skin from the inside out; derma-cosmetics support skin on the outside; and high-tech devices are the final step. The latter work at the skin on a deeper level than topical remedies can to help smooth tone and boost elasticity from the inside out.

Each product has been designed with skin health in mind, with products that are highly concentrated and backed by science to strengthen, protect and overhaul your complexion. No matter whether dehydration, wrinkles, dark spots or blemishes are your main concern, its line-up of essentials all work hard to prevent, protect and improve the look of your skin.


Its Tailored Approach…

Offering a clever skin diagnostic device – mySkinDiag – myBlend helps you to build a streamlined but effective routine. The tool – which you can access online – detects and analyses 11 key pillars of skin health by asking you some simple questions and using photo analysis to conduct a thorough assessment of your needs. Once this is complete, myBlend will find your best solutions and create a personalised shopping list for you. This includes its Beauty Ritual Kit which is personalised to you and allows you to experience the brand with six luxury miniatures. It also gives you a chart of your individual skin issues and a series of solutions to address them – including product advice and lifestyle tweaks.

Where To Shop It…

You can find myBlend on the fifth floor in Harrods Knightsbridge, as well as in its H Beauty stores including Newcastle, Bristol, Lakeside, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh – you can also shop it online at Products aside, you can access its innovative treatments – which promise instant relaxation and quick results – at Harrods’ in-house spa. 

What To Look Out For…

The Revitalising Cream has been one of the most popular launches for a reason. It has a rich, hydrating formula that’s full of hyaluronic acid, fermented curcuma extract and the brand’s skin-mimicking peptide complex – each of these ingredients combine to plump, soften and smooth skin, giving it a firmer, tauter appearance. If budget allows, the myLEDmask deserves the hype. It uses red light therapy to stimulate skin cells and encourage them to rejuvenate and repair faster. In turn, it boosts collagen levels and improves issues like acne and uneven tone. The results speak for themselves – after one month of using the mask three to four times a week, independent clinical studies show that skin appeared firmer, more radiant and up to three years younger. As for the water-soluble supplements, try its Nutri Glow sachets daily to get rid of dullness and renew skin’s luminosity – you’ll see results within a few days.

What’s On Our myBlend Wish List

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