The New Skincare Line You Need To Know About

The New Skincare Line You Need To Know About

Aromatherapy Associates is one of the most renowned wellness brands in the UK, so we were excited to hear it’s expanded into skincare. Made with science-backed formulas, its new products are designed to help bring your mind and skin back into balance to reveal healthier, fresher-looking skin. Here’s why they’re unlike anything else on the market – plus the four products we’re looking forward to trying…

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Why The Hype:

A go-to brand for indulgence and relaxation, Aromatherapy Associates is known for its natural, botanical-rich formulas that are designed to bring the spa experience home. Now, the brand is expanding into skincare, with a new set of facial treatments and an 11-strong product line that focuses as much on a sensorial experience as it does visible results. 

Aiming to restore balance to your mind and skin, the entire range has been in the works for three years and features a cleansing balm, hydration mist, silky serum and a gentle exfoliator that work hard to restore balance and glow without causing irritation or breakouts. In fact, everything has been dermatologically tested to ensure it suits all skin types. There are also three facial oils and two moisturisers that are ideal for the warmer months.

How It’s Different:

Inspired and backed by ‘psychodermatology’ – an evolving medicine that proves our mind and skin are strongly linked – the products use aromatherapy to enhance the appearance and healthiness of our skin, as well as the application process. Ticking both the function and form boxes, each product has been carefully curated to instil a sense of relaxation with soothing, scented oils that send de-stressing signals to your brain.

Then there are the clever ingredients that are backed by science, including skin stress relief technology which benefits from the anti-ageing effect of pink rock rose. While that works hard to keep inflammation at bay, pink algae extracts boost skin’s elasticity, smoothing out its texture and tone. There are also plenty of essential oils in there – from blue tansy, which repairs and soothes, to sandalwood and jasmine, both of which calm and condition at speed. Finally, squalane is one of the key active botanicals that runs throughout the range, sealing hydration into the skin barrier and holding it there for a plumper, firmer-looking complexion.

What The Brand Says:

“We continue our commitment to serve the wellness needs of today via therapeutic aromatherapy by launching a brand-new range of facial skincare. We’ve created a new category that is ground-breaking. A line-up of highly effective and hardworking products for the mind and skin, supported by almost 40 years of expertise in spa aromatherapy. As a pioneer in the field, Aromatherapy Associates is uniquely qualified to provide top-to-toe holistic wellness and we are proud of the effectiveness, quality of ingredients and the sustainability credentials that make the range good for both people and the planet.” – India Plumbly, global marketing & digital director for Aromatherapy Associates

And here are the 4 key products to know…

Pro Barrier Boost Face Oil

What The Results Say: *92% of women said their skin appeared visibly brighter.

Lightweight and quick to absorb, this silky oil contains vitamin C to brighten and renew glow, while bakuchiol – a plant alternative to retinol – stimulates collagen production for better bounce. It’s soothing too, with moringa oil and blue tansy cocooning your skin in moisture.

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*Based on an independent user trial of 60 women.

Hydra Plump Gel Cream

What The Results Say: *94% of women said this was a perfect, lightweight moisturiser.

Not only is the gel texture hugely satisfying, the formula uses plant stem cell technology to protect your skin’s barrier. The result? Better hydration and softer, smoother-looking skin from the first use. It helps to reduce redness too, while hyaluronic acid keeps moisture levels topped up.

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*Based on an independent user trial of 63 women.

Nourishing Cleansing Balm

What The Results Say: *92% of women agreed their skin looked brighter and glowing after regular use.

We love a cleansing balm and this is up there with the best. It contains several natural butters which dissolve traces of dirt and make-up without ever stripping your skin of its natural hydration. Blue tansy also keeps your skin calm and free of inflammation, while squalane ensures skin feels moisturised long after you’ve rinsed it off.

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*Based on an independent user trial of 61 women.

Hydration Boost Mist

What The Results Say: *98% of women said this is a perfect on-the-go skin hydrator.

Ideal for summer, this is the ultimate complexion refresher. As you can imagine, it’s full of hydrating ingredients to soothe dry, tight skin. Niacinamide brightens, while hyaluronic acid delivers unrivalled glow and plenty of moisture. Finally, damask rose water promotes better cell turnover for a healthier-looking complexion.

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*Based on an independent user trial of 60 women.

Other Benefits Worth Noting:

  • All packaging is recyclable.
  • The brand’s suppliers work with Ocean Generation to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Cruelty free, every formula is vegan and gentle.
  • Ophthalmologist approved and clinically proven to suit sensitive skin.


Finally, Don’t Miss The New Treatments…

It’s not just the products that are new: Aromatherapy Associates has also launched three spa facials to sit alongside its range. Each one focuses on lowering stress levels and has been created by a psychodermatologist, a dermatologist, breath coach and advanced massage therapists to offer well-rounded results.

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