Peel Pads: How They Work & The Ones Worth Trying

Peel Pads: How They Work & The Ones Worth Trying

Peel pads are one of the most effective beauty products on the market – and often come highly recommended by dermatologists and skincare experts. By gently lifting away dead skin cells, they work to reveal a smoother, more radiant surface below. Interested? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s All About Double Exfoliation

Most peel pads double-up to combine both a physical and chemical exfoliation in one go, with a potent, but gentle blend of acids. “Formulas often include a multi-acid blend of exfoliating alpha-, beta- and poly-hydroxy acids,” explains skincare expert & executive director of global education for StriVectin, Lauren Anne Oswald. “They get to work resurfacing and clarifying normal and blemish-prone skin to restore glow and renew texture. Our StriVectin pads have a micro-peel fibre which is gentle and targets pores, uneven tone, rough texture and discolouration.”

They’re Great For Novices 

Considered completely ‘idiot-proof,’ it’s hard to go wrong with peel pads as they’re ready made and soaked, taking most of the guesswork out. “The reason they’re so effective is they can leverage multiple acids as well as the physical exfoliation of the actual pad – all without irritation,” adds Lauren. “They’re effective and gentler than other scrubs and peels, plus you can incorporate them into your daily routine easily. Use them once a day, in the morning or evening over clean skin, following up with a serum or moisturiser. An SPF is key as well, as AHAs can increase the risk of photosensitivity.” 

All Skin Types Can Use Them

A common misconception is that peel pads are too harsh for sensitive skin types, but experts claim they’re suitable for everyone – especially if you’re not doubling up elsewhere. “Think of peel pads as a gentle, resurfacing tool. They’re not only a solution for large open pores, but also uneven tone, rough texture and discolouration,” says Lauren. “You’ll find they prime and prep the skin, too, allowing it to better absorb any products that follow – think serums, moisturisers or oils – for better results.” 

No Area Is Off Limits

“When using your peel pads, swipe them all over the face, up to your orbital bone,” advises Lauren. “Then flip it and use the reverse side of your pad – if you want to – on the neck and décolleté or the backs of the hands. The ingredients work well for these thinner areas of skin, delivering potent ingredients at speed. Just be sure not to over scrub as you use them. Avoid pushing too hard and minimise your use of other exfoliating products like scrubs or peels – as this lessens your chances of irritation.” 

Ingredients Can Vary 

Not all peel pads are created equal and you can always invest in the right ones for your individual needs and skin type. For instance, many contain glycolic to hydrate, clear out pores and brighten, while others have reparative antioxidants and skin-firming peptides – so do your research before you buy. Lauren adds: “If anti-ageing is your thing, look to peels that contain AHAs to resurface, whereas if you want to shrink pores, seek out BHAs. Our StriVectin pads combine both, alongside PHA and TXA, too – these ingredients in combination maintains a healthy skin barrier while giving your complexion a glowing overhaul.” In short, peel pads are a great one-stop-shop, with many now being biodegradable, too – notably Eve Lom’s cult offering.

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