Skincare Capsules: What They Are & How To Use Them

Skincare Capsules: What They Are & How To Use Them

Single-dose skincare capsules have soared in popularity, and for good reason. By encapsulating buzz-worthy ingredients – like retinol and vitamin C – their ability to preserve their potency helps to deliver optimum results over time. What’s more, they’re an eco-friendly option, seeing as most are made from glass, and offer just the right amount of product per use. Here, skin expert and facialist, Lisa Harris tells us more.

There Are Two Different Types 

Super concentrated ingredients come in two different forms – you can find them in capsules or glass ampoules. Both are considered effective at restoring and replenishing the skin’s acid mantle. Capsules are usually oil concentrated and packed with ceramides or peptides – these are plant-based ingredients that work to fight against the impact stress can have on the skin. They’re usually very rich in nourishing properties to combat dryness, plus they’re environmentally-friendly as the outer shell is often made from seaweed which dissolves in water. As for glass ampoules, these contain peptides, vitamins and minerals to boost cell turnover and increase elastin in the skin. These are my go-to as you can measure results within 24-hours – they’re that effective and potent. 

There’s A Reason They’re Sealed 

One of the biggest reasons capsules are so effective is because they’re sealed and opaque. Often, unstable ingredients, like retinol and vitamin C oxidise (break down) when they’re exposed to air – this can be as soon as you twist the lid off your cream or serum. However, capsules keep your ingredients sealed for a one-off use, preventing them from becoming compromised over time. They also allow you to get the correct amount of ingredients, and at a higher dose, so every use can promise superior results with zero waste. 

Always Apply Them Before Your Moisturiser

Capsules and ampoules should be applied like a serum, before the benefits are locked in with a moisturiser to prevent ingredients seeping out. Concentrated ingredients are smaller in terms of molecule size, so they tend to travel deeper into the skin. However, it can take about 20-minutes for some ingredients – including peptides – to reach the dermis, where it can do its job properly to restore your skin. This is why a cream should always be applied on top as moisturisers contain larger molecules that sit on the surface of your skin (like tiles on a roof) keeping everything hydrated and protected from the outside. 

Using Them At Night Is Best

You should typically use capsules over a period of 30 days, while ampoules tend to span a 7-14-day period. It’s best to apply them at night when your skin is relaxed and away from stress and light – both can affect the efficacy of the concentrates you’re applying. As before, always seal it with a moisturiser as your skin loses water while you sleep, so it’s key to keep your complexion as hydrated as possible. 

You Don’t Have To Invest Consistently 

The best thing about concentrated capsules is you don’t need a steady supply. Use them as and when you need to restore and replenish the skin, boosting its vitality and targeting issues like dullness or dryness. With so many now including focused ingredients, they’re a great way of tackling any skincare issues head on – think filling in fine lines, wrinkles, boosting dullness and plumping collagen. 

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