Superdrug Have A Fab New Skincare Line From £2.99

Boosters are the latest beauty innovation to hit the market. Focusing on just one ingredient, they effectively target specific concerns – think enlarged pores, dehydration and dullness. Intrigued? Check out Superdrug’s new Me+ Booster range, which includes 15 clever formulas and four sheet masks to streamline your routine, while also getting to the root of the problem. Starting from just £2.99, the products are accessible, easy-to-use and deliver quick results. Here’s everything you need to know…

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Superdrug are expanding their much-loved skincare offering with Me+ – a comprehensive range of skincare boosters, designed to supercharge your complexion and pare back your regime. 

Each booster contains a buzz-worthy ingredient – from hyaluronic acid, to CBD and niacinamide – so you can focus on your individual needs and concerns. Use them neat, or as an addition to your moisturiser or serum for best results.

Below, we break each one down, so you can make an informed choice...

Me+ Niacinamide & Zinc Booster, £5.99

Best For: Refining Texture

Suffer with oiliness? Or enlarged pores and congestion? Make this niacinamide booster your go-to. A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide, helps control excess sebum levels, in turn, evening out tone and texture. In fact, it’s so effective, 84% of testers noticed both a reduction in shine and a more mattified appearance after just four weeks. Use a few drops neat, or alongside your moisturiser two to three times a week for best results.

Available here

Me+ Hyaluronic Booster, £5.99

Best For: Hydrating Skin

This popular formula has more than a 100 five-star reviews on Superdrug’s website, and for good reason. Not only does it work to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, it also firms and plumps, evens out tone and texture, and all while delivering a hefty dose of hydration. A must-try for those with dry, tight skin.

Available here

Me+ AHA Fruit Acid Booster, £7.99

Best For: Boosting Exfoliation

If you want to try some gentle exfoliation, pick up this booster, which is suitable for all skin types. Use a small amount pipetted into your moisturiser, and you'll find this boosts radiance and elasticity for softer, healthier-looking skin. Just make sure you always follow up with an SPF.

Available here

Me+ 100% Squalane Booster, £6.99

Best For: Plumping & Nourishing

When we’re born, 12% of our skin is made of squalene. This depletes significantly by the time we reach our mid-20s, hence the need to top it up. Superdrug’s new plant-based version works well to restore moisture and soften skin. It’s incredibly lightweight, too, so it sits well with other formulas in your routine.

Available here

Me+ Acacia Collagen Booster, £7.99

Best For: Smoothing Fine Lines

Help stimulate plumpness and suppleness in your skin with this targeted formula. Using plant-derived acacia collagen, it works to hydrate, nourish and improve the condition of your complexion, with 89% of testers claiming skin felt smoother and softer post-use. Great for smoothing out fine lines and boosting the skin’s overall appearance. 

Available here

Me+ CBD Oil Booster, £9.99

Best For: Calming Inflamed Skin

If your skin is easily irritated or feels dry, this is the booster for you. It absorbs easily, calming redness and inflammation with natural CBD and Inca Inchi oils. Apply it neat to the offending area, or with a gentle cream. It can be used on your body, too.

Available here

Me+ Peptide Booster, £7.99

Best For: Firming & Promoting Collagen

Peptides are responsible for keeping our skin firm. They’re found in every cell in the body, so it’s little wonder they’re a key component in skincare. This booster uses colloidal gold and peptides which are known to stimulate collagen and speed up the skin’s natural repair process. It leaves your complexion feeling soft, smoother and visibly healthier-looking, too. Ideal for those looking to up their anti-ageing regime.

Available here

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