The Top LED Face Masks & How To Use Them
The Top LED Face Masks & How To Use Them

The Top LED Face Masks & How To Use Them

With different coloured lights, LED face masks are designed to stimulate the production of collagen
and elastin, and tackle everything from signs of ageing to old acne scars. And now, new technology
means they can be used safely at home. To find out exactly how they work and which ones work best,
we asked Hannah Measures and Laura Ferguson, founders of The Light Salon, to tell us more…
By Rebecca Hull

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The Background

“LED stands for light emitting diode. The benefits are all a result of the light, which emits therapeutic wavelengths of energy to energise the cells, stimulating the production of everything from elastin to collagen. There’s no prep required. You don’t need to do anything special before or after. It’s so easy to slot into your routine – it doesn’t matter what condition your skin is in, or what you plan to do directly after using an LED mask. Also, unlike other treatments, it doesn’t sensitise your skin to UV rays, so you can go outside afterwards.”

The Benefits

“LED is used to ‘recharge’ skin cells’ ‘energy’ battery. The skin uses this energy as a fuel to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells. Your cells can’t be overcharged by light – once their batteries are at full capacity, they will store the energy and use it as required. A skin cell that’s been charged by light isable to perform 150-250% more efficiently.”

The Different Colours

“As a general guide, red light will stimulate collagen, encourage healing, calm redness and even out skin tone, making it an excellent treatment for slowing the ageing process and repairing damage caused by the sun or other lifestyle factors, while also improving superficial inflammation. “Blue light targets the surface of the skin to kill bacteria, so it’s great if you suffer from acne – you would use it in conjunction with red and/or near-infrared for the treating and healing of blemishes. “Near-infrared (white light) is the most powerful, penetrating deep into the skin. It benefits the entire complexion, supporting the ageing process, stimulating healing and regeneration, improving blood and lymph circulation (delivering nutrients and oxygen to the area, while removing toxins),and correcting vulnerable and inflamed skin.”

The Investment

“At-home devices aren’t as powerful as a professional machine but, with meticulous engineering, the creators of most of these masks have done everything possible to optimise the dose and absorption of light into the skin, in order to deliver comparable – and impressive – results. Our mask delivers the equivalent cumulative dose of light as one salon treatment per week over a four-week period – in other words, you still yield great results, just at a slower pace, which is what makes theprice tag justifiable.”

Interested? Here Are Five LED Masks That Get Our Vote…

#1: Boost LED Face Mask, £195 | The Light Salon

Best For: Overall Benefits

Industry insiders – including Bobbi Brown and make-up artist Adeola Gboyega – swear by this LED mask. Using red light therapy, it boosts skin health and strength, while stimulating collagen and calming redness. You only need to use it for 10 minutes, three times a week, to notice results. It’s suitable for all skin tones, too.

Available at

#2: Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment, £385 | MZ Skin

Best For: Temperamental Skin

This clever mask was designed to replicate MZ skin founder Dr Maryam Zamani’s salon treatments. With five different light settings – red, blue, green, yellow and white – it treats just about every skin concern, and quickly. Expect broken capillaries, dark spots and redness to appear improved after one week, while the white light minimises any inflammation or sensitivity, so you never have to worry about aggravation post-use. A must-try if you’re serious about healthy, clearer-looking skin.

Available at

#3: Skincare SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, £430 | Dr. Dennis Gross

Best For: Anti-Ageing Results

If you’re looking to up your anti-ageing regime, make this mask your go-to. Combining red and blue lights, it blurs the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots and uneven tone, all while destroying acne- producing bacteria. We’ve tried it and noticed reduced redness within two weeks. We love how it improves the appearance of pores, and gives skin an even, smooth glow.

Available at

#4: Wrinklit LED Mask, £100 | Skin Gym

Best For: Those On A Budget

LED masks rarely come cheap, so this one is the best choice for anyone on a budget. It’s easy to use, with velcro straps that help you secure it easily, so you feel you’re really getting the benefits from the lights – of which there are 90. There are four LED options – red, blue, yellow and purple – each targeting a different issue like acne, fine lines or dullness. You won’t see results immediately, but if you stick to using it once every three days for up to five minutes at a time, you’ll begin to see your complexion looks clearer and more even in tone. We love that it’s wireless, so once it’s charged, you can use it whenever, wherever.

Available at:

#5: LED Light Therapy Face, £130 | Sensse Professional

Best For: Smoothing Uneven Tone

A frequent award winner, Sensse’s LED mask always receives rave reviews – mainly because it really does deliver results within four weeks. Made from lightweight silicone, the mask hugs the contours of your face so the LED lights can penetrate your skin properly. Red, blue, yellow and purple LEDs get to work treating issues like dryness and inflammation, while helping to smooth uneven tone and pigmentation.

Available at

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