Why You Should Be Using Buriti Oil In Your Routine

Why You Should Be Using Buriti Oil In Your Routine

From protecting your skin from UV rays to nourishing damaged hair follicles, buriti oil is a well-respected ingredient, and for good reason. Sourced from the fruit of Brazil’s native palm trees, this anti-ageing powerhouse has a lot to offer. We what it does…

Nourishes Weak Hair

This cold-pressed, all-natural oil is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, which are not only proven to help balance the scalp’s sebum production, but also to strengthen weak strands and provide a healthy shine. Impressive studies also show that split ends can be reduced by 60% when using buriti oil, and this is said to be down to its smoothing, lubricant effects on the hair, which in turn results in less tangling and pulling. 

Boosts Cell Turnover

With three times more antioxidising beta-carotenes than carrots, buriti oil is the richest source of vitamin A in the world. When vitamin A is applied topically to the skin, it converts into an active form of the vitamin called retinol, a supercharged nutrient that can boost collagen production and cell turnover too. It also helps to neutralise free radicals from pollution and fade pigmentation.

Rehydrates Parched Skin

If all that wasn’t enough, buriti oil is also full of oleic acid, essential fatty acids and vitamin E for an impressive hit of hydration. Plus, studies are also underway to confirm its potential as a mild SPF, meaning it could, one day, be used to protect against sun damage. This is due to the photo-protective properties of the oil that are believed to help skin cells withstand the potentially damaging effects of the sun. You may find its texture is a little on the dense side, but one of its key benefits is how quickly it absorbs into the skin with zero stickiness.

Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory

Not only is it full of nutrients and various antioxidants, but buriti oil also contains excellent anti-inflammatory effects, which explains why it is so often applied as a healing oil to treat burns and stings by the experts. This is thanks to the potent ingredients that work to remedy everything from psoriasis and eczema right through to inflammation in the joints and muscles – not to mention swelling in people who suffer with arthritis, too

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