The Stripped-Back Skincare Line We Love

The Stripped-Back Skincare Line We Love

New launches might be ten-a-penny in the beauty world but that doesn’t quash our enthusiasm for the ones which are actually worthy of attention. Enter GLOSSYBOX. With years of expertise under their belt seeing and hearing what people want from their skincare, they’ve decided to launch their own line. From gentle cleansers, to smoothing exfoliators, there’s something in the ten-product range for every age and skin type – plus, everything is vegan, cruelty-free and the packaging is recyclable. Now, you can give everything a try using our exclusive 35% discount. Here, the team answers our questions and we pick our five favourites…


Why did GLOSSYBOX choose to launch skincare?

“We have a very loyal and engaged following at GLOSSYBOX and our customers love being part of our community,” says GLOSSYBOX Marketing Manager, Katie Cole. “They trust us as one of their main sources of information and regularly tell us the issues they have with their skin, and the solutions they’d like to see. It was this that inspired the launch of our own skincare line. As we send monthly surveys to our subscribers, we collect extensive data, so have been able to create effective, affordable and easy-to-use formulas that tap into several wants and needs.” 

The skincare market is saturated – what sets this line apart?

“The customer centric approach is what sets us apart. Our customers have been a huge part of the process and we’ve also created our own anonymous testing panel – the GLOSSYBOX Beauty Board – where everything was tested with very honest feedback. We then tweaked the formulations, scent and products to make everything the best it could be. It’s this targeted strategy that sets us apart and ensures everyone is getting something reliable and hard-working.” 

What makes the formulas so effective? 

“Aside from every product being tested rigorously, we worked closely with chemists who specially selected all the ingredients. This included upcycled blueberries, glycolic and hyaluronic acid – all of which are efficacious and results-driven. Our range is vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly, too, with the vast majority of the product packaging made entirely from sugarcane – everything else is made in the UK, too. We have a zero-waste policy and want to ensure our customers get the best, highest-quality skincare products, while being kind to the environment.” 

The entire line was inspired by the ‘skin-minimalism’ trend and people coveting a more streamlined approach. Everything is multi-functional, quick and simple to use – both our moisturisers double up as primers, while the Exfoliating Clay Scrub can be used as both an exfoliator and a mask.

And how affordable is it?

“Bridging the gap between premium and high-street skincare, we wanted prices to be accessible, with products starting from just £15. Nothing in the range is over £22.50 and all GLOSSYBOX subscribers get an additional 25% off. It was important to us that we created a line that felt attainable, but also environmentally-friendly with only the best, natural formulations. The entire line was also inspired by the ‘skin-minimalism’ trend and people coveting a more streamlined approach. Everything is multi-functional, quick and simple to use – both our moisturisers double up as primers, while the Exfoliating Clay Scrub can be used as both an exfoliator and a mask. Likewise, the Hydrating Mist can be used to tone, prime or simply refresh your skin. Everything serves a purpose – especially for those who are short on time.” 

Finally, which are the products everyone should look out for?

“Every product in the line is designed to target individual skincare concerns, but the Night Serum and Hydrating Mist will suit everyone. The former combines a blend of active, natural ingredients, which work to brighten and hydrate the skin at speed. It also utilises glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells swiftly, but gently. As for the mist, it works as a three-in-one and is great for refreshing tired skin throughout the day. The addition of hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, too.” 

Keen To Try It Yourself? Here Are Our Five Favourites…


Purifying Charcoal Cleanser, £17 (was £20)

Best For: Acne-Prone Skin 

Why We Love It: If you suffer with regular breakouts or very congested skin, this product should be your instant port of call. It uses bamboo charcoal to get down deep into the dermis, removing any traces of pollution, bacteria and make-up for a cleaner and fresher complexion. It takes some time to get to work, but the buffing benefits pay off – use it once a week and you’ll slowly see a smoother, more refined surface emerge. Extra points go to the biodegradable beads.

Available here


3-In-1 Moisturiser, £19.13 (was £22.50)

Best For: Anyone Prone To Oiliness

Why We Love It: If you consider yourself to have oily or combination skin, check out this versatile moisturiser. It hydrates, protects and primes the skin ready for make-up, leaving behind a smooth, matte finish. Added hyaluronic acid leaves skin looking plumped-up, too, while red seaweed locks in all the benefits for better results.

Available here


Deep Cleansing Cream, £12.75 (was £15)

Best For: A Thorough Cleanse

Why We Love It: Rich and cosseting, this luxe formula belies its affordable price tag. A joy to apply, the whipped texture feels seriously satisfying as you massage it in. Just like the micellar, you only need to use a single layer to remove all dirt and product build-up. It’s brilliant for unclogging congested pores, too, while babassu oil keeps skin plump and hydrated.

Available here


Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser, £12.75 (was £15)

Best For: Removing Stubborn Make-Up

Why We Love It: Full of nourishing oils, this gentle micellar water latches onto stubborn make-up and removes it swiftly in just a few sweeps. Unlike similar formulas, this breaks down dirt and grime at speed, so there’s no need to go in with a second cleanse. Plus, it leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth, without stripping away any natural moisture. A must-try for those looking for a quick fix.

Available here


Night Serum, £19.13 (was £22.50)

Best For: Boosting Glow & Even Tone 

Why We Love It: Our skin is said to repair itself while we sleep, and this clever serum is designed to enhance that process further. Glycolic acid wipes away dirt and grime, while blueberry oil maintains optimum levels of hydration for skin that’s baby soft. It’s so popular, in fact, that up to 92% of women agreed it left their complexion looking rested and deeply nourished. 

Available here

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