Summer Beauty Hacks With Ashley Dayes
Summer Beauty Hacks With Ashley Dayes

Summer Beauty Hacks With Ashley Dayes

Summer make-up calls for minimal fuss and with a few product tweaks, simple tips and application hacks, make-up pro Ashley Dayes believes it’s possible to streamline your beauty routine without compromising on results. Here, she shares her best advice…
By Rebecca Hull

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Go For Waterproof Formulas

“A good waterproof mascara is essential in the summer. Designed to stay put, a good one means you don’t have to constantly layer up throughout the day, so it’s very much a case of ‘swipe and go’ – no fuss required. The only thing I’d say is: only use a waterproof mascara when you really need to. These formulas contain harsher ingredients which can cause brittle, drier lashes over time. They are fine to use over the summer months, but you shouldn’t use them every day for a whole year.” 

Ditch Brow Pencils

“Brow powders are one of my favourite products in the summer. Not only are they easy and quick to apply, they’re less likely to smudge in the heat than pencils. It doesn’t have to be a specific shadow for brows. Just use an appropriate colour from an eyeshadow palette. Opt for a colour that’s similar to your own brows, and use it to shade and sculpt. You will need a good brow brush to ensure you get a natural finish, but once you begin combing it through, you’ll see how fast you can build a bit of definition. Set with a clear gel if your brows are prone to going wayward.” 

Try To Double Up

“Choose face palettes that give you all the options. I love the Code 8 Blush Trio in Rose because it has a peachy highlighter, a blush and eyeshadow all in one. I love a peachy highlight for creating what I call ‘summer skin’ – this is basically just a rosy freshness that looks as if you’ve been sat in the sun. I like to swirl a big brush over all three tones in the Code 8 palette and buff it all over the eyelids, nose, cheeks – a dusting everywhere will tie everything together at speed.” 

Buy A Liquid Bronzer

“You can’t underestimate the power of a bronzing tint. This is especially true on those summer skin days where you don’t want to wear make-up but still want a good glow. A few drops of a liquid bronzer mixed into your moisturiser will instantly perk up your skin – you won’t need anything else, trust me. In my opinion, you can’t beat Dr. Hauschka’s Bronzing Tint. It’s impossible to go wrong – it gives everyone a subtle, glossy sheen and sits well on the skin for hours.” 

Bag A Balm

“It’s important you pick your lipstick formula carefully in the summer. Balmy lip products are my recommendation in the heat. Not only are they the best for streamlining your routine – you can use them as a blusher on-the-go – they are the best at disguising dry or dehydrated lips. We’re all prone to flakes and chapped skin in summer, so it’s best to use something hydrating. Applying mattes and liquids will only enhance these patches, and take longer to apply and perfect. Tinted balms, however, are a quick fix and don’t require lots of attention. Many now contain SPF, like Elizabeth Arden’s.”  

Don’t Dismiss Powder Foundation

“This may sound scary to some – even to me, who avoids powder normally – but for hotter days when liquid foundation doesn’t last, you need a good powder one. Again, they are quick and easy to apply, and they don’t require you to continually work them into the skin. The only thing is to ensure your skin is hydrated prior to application. Let anything you’ve applied settle, then dust a powder foundation all over. They work well to control any unwanted shine while adding just enough coverage. It can look a little matte at first, but give it half an hour to melt in and you’ll get a second-skin finish that lasts longer.” 

Set With SPF 

“Save time by buying a make-up setting spray that contains SPF. We are told to reapply SPF every couple of hours, but with a full face of make-up, it’s practically impossible to apply anything on top without disrupting your entire look. I love the Kate Somerville UncompliKated Spray as it’s non-sticky and gives good glow, but there are options on the market for every budget. Multipurpose, they are great for on-the-go and touch-ups throughout the day.” 

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