What The Beauty Experts Are Gifting This Christmas

What The Beauty Experts Are Gifting This Christmas

Ever wondered which beauty gifts the pros like to give at Christmas? From niche candle brands to covetable sets and some festive, suits-all shimmer, these are the in-demand presents ten industry insiders plan to hand out to their nearest and dearest this year.


Make Skincare

Loved By:  Zoë Taylor, Make-Up Artist & SL Beauty Contributor 
Why It’s A Great Gift: “All my Christmas goodies are coming from this incredible brand this year. Not only is the beautifully coloured packaging seriously seductive, it’s also a very natural brand hand-made by the wonderful Mary Temperley at her family cider farm in Somerset. I couldn’t choose one single product, so I’ve bought a few things and will decide who on my list fits which one best nearer the time. Having said that, I may keep the Bath Foam for myself – it’s so indulgent.”
Available at MakeSkincare.co.uk


Glamcor Riki Mirror With Travel Case, £175

Loved By: Lisa Potter-Dixon, Make-Up Artist, Author & Influencer 
Why It’s A Great Gift: “In my opinion, this is the best light-up mirror out there. It helps you apply your make-up flawlessly, gives your skin a beautiful glow, and you can even attach your phone to it for fun selfies, or for filming, too. It’s brilliant for beauty junkies or aspiring make-up artists, but also those who struggle to apply their make-up in a well-lit space. Plus, it has a magnifying mirror so you can get right up close for extra precision. I’ve had mine for years and it’s still going strong – worth every penny.” 

Available at CultBeauty.co.uk


Holistic Silk Eye Mask, From £55

Loved By: Abigail JamesSkincare Expert & London’s Leading Facialist

Why It’s A Great Gift: “Everyone deserves the gift of better sleep, and these Holistic Silk Masks are a great place to start. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they’re made from 100% Mulberry Silk which is light, comfortable and very soft against the delicate skin that surrounds the eye. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t absorb any of your night creams either. A gift that’s great for everyone – especially those who plan to travel a lot in the future.” 

Available at HolisticSilk.com


Bodyography Glitter Make-Up, £20

Loved By: Katie Jane Hughes, Make-Up Artist
Why It’s A Great Gift: “Every year I stock up on these fun, festive glitter pots. I am often asked what I use on my own lids and it’s always this brand – their make-up brings pure magic to your eye with some very flattering, suits-all shades. Plus, they’re easy to use, so even novices can have fun with them. They’re also a wonderful stocking filler and a great Secret Santa gift, too.” 
Available at GuruMakeupEmporium.com


Freya + Bailey Stroll! Body Gift Kit, £67.50

Loved By: Adeola GboyegaMake-Up Artist & SL Beauty Contributor 
Why It’s A Great Gift: “I adore Freya + Bailey skincare and this set is a wonderful gift for anyone in need of some me-time. It has a curated edit of high-performance body care which promises to nourish and protect your skin, without any irritation. Suitable for all skin types, it’s great for this time of year when your limbs are feeling dry, parched and looking a little lacklustre.” 

Available at FreyaAndBailey.com


Chanel No5 The Body Cream, £64.50

Loved By: Elle McNamara, Beauty Influencer & Industry Insider, @BambiDoesBeauty
Why It’s A Great Gift: “Chanel do body care like no one else, and I love how luxuriously indulgent their range is. It’s so luxe, you can be sure most people wouldn’t buy it for themselves – hence why it makes the perfect gift. The cream is thick, and nourishing, complete with the brand’s signature scent. No one would be disappointed to open this.” 

Available at JohnLewis.com


Neom Wellbeing Pod, £90

Loved By: Caroline Barnes, A-List Make-Up Artist
Why It’s A Great Gift: “Neom’s Wellness Diffuser is one of my favourite finds of all time – not only for myself, but friends and family, too. It makes your entire house smell divine, and also stops your skin from getting too dry by pumping out lots of moisture – genius. It’s incredibly calming, too – not to mention atmospheric.” 

Available at JohnLewis.com


Bolt & Star Candles, £32

Loved By: Camilla Hewitt, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist & Wellness Writer at WellCurated.co.uk
Why It’s A Great Gift: “Most mass-produced candles – luxury and budget – are made from paraffin wax mixes. The emissions released when one of these is burned are basically the same as those given off by burning diesel fuel. BOLT & STAR’s hand-poured soy wax candles produce approximately a tenth of the soot and burn at a lower temperature for longer – making them better for you and the environment. They also have a careful blend of essential oils to balance your mood, while enveloping your home in a soothing aroma. I’ll be buying one of these for all my loved-ones – they’re beautifully designed, too.” 

Available at BoltAndStar.com


Resore Towels, £35

Loved By: Harriet Westmoreland, Professional Manicurist 
Why It’s A Great Gift: “I have been stocking up on these new Resorè facial towels. They’re so soft and luxurious – I am obsessed. The best bit? They are made from antibacterial and sensitive-skin-friendly materials, gently breaking down any germs and irritants for smoother skin. They’re much kinder to your hair too, so you’ll have less frizz after you use them. The packaging is also recyclable and biodegradable. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from owning one.” 
Available at Uk.Resore.com


The Facial Box By MB, £34.99

Loved By: Michaella BolderFacialist & Tanning Expert
Why It’s A Great Gift: “All of my friends have been asking for this for Christmas, so I am gladly gifting them their very own facial box. Ideal for some much-needed pampering, it has everything you need to create a solid skincare regime, while giving you the chance to try some cool, niche brands, too. The products are large in size as well, so you’re not inundated with endless miniatures.”
Available at MichaellaBolder.com

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