This No-Nonsense Self-Help Book Will Help You Win At Life

This No-Nonsense Self-Help Book Will Help You Win At Life

Looking for practical ways to get your sh*t together? We’ve got the self-help book (that couldn’t be further from a typical self-help book) you need in your life. The latest release by bestselling author Sarah Knight, it’s filled with no-nonsense advice, easy-to-follow exercises and, ahem, a whole lot of laughter and swearing…

Tell us more…

The Get Your Sht Together Journal is the latest book by revolutionary self-help writer Sarah Knight, author of the cult hit The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fk (translated into 15 languages and counting), plus more recent releases Not Giving a Fk and You Do You. Her TEDx talk 'The Magic of Not Giving a Fck' has also had over two million views.

The journal is based on Knight’s last book, Get Your Sh*t Together: how to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do – which told Knight’s personal story of going from depressed corporate cubicle dweller to drinking-pina-coladas-on-the-beach freelancer. Firstly, it’s designed to be more portable and more practical, covering the essentials of what Knight calls ‘GYST theory’ and highlighting all her tips for fast reference on-the-go. It also provides space for readers to write down your goals, tasks, appointments, hopes, dreams and shopping lists to make goal-setting easier.

If you’re feeling like life is all a bit too much and wishing you had your sh*t together, this journal is for you.

Who’s it for?

Do you work too much, play too little and never have enough time to devote to the people and things that make you happy? Overburdened by responsibilities, or exhausted and stressed-out by all the commitments in your diary? In a nutshell, if you’re feeling like life is all a bit too much and wishing you had your sh*t together, this journal is for you.

And especially so if you’re not a fan of the standard self-help book jargon – Knight is all about brutally honest advice, hilarious anecdotes (the first chapter involves a quiz to decipher which chipmunk from Alvin and the Chipmunks you are) and as much swearing as she sees fit. In her own words, “Please don’t go in expecting sunshine and kittens and be upset when you’re greeted with shitstorms and shittens.”

Does it really work?

The journal claims to suit everyone from “overwhelmed underachievers” to “high-functioning basket cases” (of which we’re most likely the latter). We made it through the book in one evening, with a glass of wine as per Knight’s recommendation, and were surprised by how quickly it managed to flip our mindset from stressed out to actually excited about setting and achieving new goals.

Following the Alvin and the Chipmunks quiz, which determines what specific things you may need to improve on in life, the journal begins with a useful mental decluttering activity and follows on to cover a whole range of genuinely relatable topics – from impulse control to anxiety. We also loved Knight’s ‘Power of Negative Thinking’ section (so refreshing in a world of perma-happy aspirational self-help gurus) and her What/Why goal-setting method. The handy space for notes also made it easy to come back to, allowing us to check in and see how we were getting on.

If it’s a shot of motivation you need, and you’ve no clue where to start, we highly recommend it. Trust us, it will have you winning at life – or at least winning far more than you were before – in no time.
Want in? The Get Your Sh*t Together Journal by Sarah Knight is out now (Quercus, £12.99)

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