9 Stylish Women Share Their Best Fashion Advice

9 Stylish Women Share Their Best Fashion Advice

Ever wonder how some people never seem to put a fashion foot wrong? From breaking ‘rules’ to finding your personal style, we sat down with some of our favourite influencers to discover their secrets.

Josefine Kanth (@JosefineKanth

“Great style is about how a piece of clothing looks and how it makes you feel – if you feel empowered and excited when you wear something, then it's a keeper. Don’t restrict yourself by sticking to one specific dress size – instead, focus more on the fit. It’s totally normal to wear a variety of sizes, depending on the piece. Finally, don’t neglect the smaller details; it can be as simple as a rolled-up sleeve or balancing your proportions, but it has the power to make any outfit instantly cooler.” 

Kim Turkington (@LoveClothBlog)

“If you struggle with knowing what to buy, my advice is to make a list in the notes section of your phone of the pieces you feel are missing in your wardrobe. Stick to this list when you’re shopping and that way, you’ll rarely end up buying something on impulse. Someone once told me to think of five ways you would wear an item before buying it – visualising outfits using clothes you already own will help you decide if something is worth the investment.”

Erna Leon (@Mercer7Official)

“One of my go-to styling hacks is to contrast shapes – for example pairing an oversized top with a tight-fitting trouser to create a more interesting silhouette. Remember to keep it simple, and buy pieces that are timeless and versatile. When you’re shopping on the high-street, make it a priority to check the label and try to opt for higher quality fabrics, as they’ll look better and last longer. Finally, outerwear, sweaters, and shirts always look better when they’re on the larger side, so always size up in those pieces.”

Sarah Louise Blythe (@SarahLouiseBlythe)

“For me, style is about dressing for you. People tend to look great when they feel comfortable; their confidence shines through and others want to replicate it. Fleeting trends are often a quick fix but, in my opinion, true style is completely timeless.
If you’re struggling to think of what defines the way you dress, take a step back – think about the outfits you enjoy wearing and try to work out what the patterns are. Most of my outfits are a variation on jeans and a tee, with a sleeveless knit or a blazer. By sticking to this formular, everything feels like ‘me’.”

Sarah Corbett-Winder (@Sarahs.ActualWardrobe)

“My biggest piece of advice is not to be dictated to by trends. Instead, pick only the few that work for you. Don’t feel you have to adhere to traditional fashion ‘rules’ either – for example navy and black is a winning combo for me, but it’s generally considered a faux pas. Navy tailored trousers look great with a black tux jacket and a sporty trainer, or black leather trousers with a navy knit. Break the rules and have fun.”

Shadi (@ScarletKent)

“In Texas, where it’s possible to experience all four seasons in a day, it’s key to layer up and mix textures. Stick to coats, knitwear and leather during autumn/winter, as you can take something off and still look stylish. To keep your knitwear looking interesting, look for unusual details – lately that’s been an off the shoulder knit with a leather skirt – it feels more unique than a turtleneck. It’s worth investing in a great coat, too – it’s the last layer you put on, and the easiest way to elevate a simple outfit.”

Amy Appleton Dreyer (@StepsOfStyle)

“People have to stop pigeon-holing themselves based on their body type, age or size. It’s so typical to hear shorter girls saying they can’t wear oversized pieces, or older women thinking they can’t wear mini skirts – just stop overthinking it. It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. If you’re confident, then it shows.”

Janelle Marie Lloyd (@WaitYouNeedThis

“Knowing what you like is important, but always keep an open mind and if something’s not your usual style but you like it, don’t be afraid to give it a go. My advice is to take one or two unexpected pieces to the fitting room with you. You never know what might end up working.”

Claire Wakeman (@ClaireWakeman

“Before buying anything, think about how it will work with pieces you already own. If you have a good collection of basics, then your wardrobe will feel pretty interchangeable. A good foundation of jeans, t-shirts and blazers will give your closet longevity, then with each season you can update it with more statement pieces. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between old and new, plus the combination of staple basics and ‘fun’ pieces that add a touch of personality.”

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