Anouk Yve Shares Her Style Rules
Anouk Yve Shares Her Style Rules

Anouk Yve Shares Her Style Rules

After living all over the world and now settling in the Netherlands, it makes sense that Anouk Yve’s style is a perfect blend of Scandi chic, Californian cool and British sophistication. One of our favourite follows on Instagram, here are the style rules she lives by…
By Sapna Rao

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My style is best described as casual, effortless and personal. ‘Personal’ is especially important to me, because what you wear should feel 100% like you. Choose pieces that make you feel comfortable and empowered, then add some final touches and accessories to bring out your personality. This is also a great way to get the most out of the basics but still let your style shine through.

Choose pieces that make you feel COMFORTABLE AND EMPOWERED.

Use accessories to upgrade an outfit. A cashmere knit becomes so much more when you add a simple necklace and roll up the sleeves. Black pleated trousers and a tucked-in shirt can be elevated by a beautiful belt – so easy and works every time. I recently launched my own brand Taljé because I want to redefine the art of women’s belt making. I found a family run factory not far from where I live and worked on creating the collection and brand for over two years. The belts are so beautiful. Each one is handmade and inspired by the 80s and 90s.


Think about how your outfit makes you feel. If what I'm wearing doesn't feel quite right, it affects my entire mood. That’s why I always stock my wardrobe with pieces I know work together rather than single or statement pieces. For me, those are good neutrals, black and denim. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. You can colour block them to give them a much more fashion-forward, considered feel. Camel also looks great with white, denim and black, and black looks great with grey. Navy works very well with beige and greige tones. It’s worth experimenting to find what suits you. Playing with fabrics makes it more interesting, too – think leather with wool or suede with cashmere.

Embrace your favourite season. Building an outfit at this time of year is always fun because you can play with layers. I think trousers can define a look, so I choose these first and build my look from there. My go-to is a shirt and knit around the shoulders. In my opinion, there are five key pieces every woman should have in her autumn/winter wardrobe. First is a white shirt. Next, a tweed or checked blazer. Then some vintage Levi’s – just remember to size up at least twice. A shearling coat is also very valuable and, finally, a cashmere knit is a no-brainer. Comfy in the spring and cosy in the winter, it's much softer to wear than wool.


Rely on a few key brands. I look for quality and timelessness, so Totême, Closed, Khaite and House of Dagmar are often top my list. I know what works for me from each of these brands, so I stay loyal to them. I’m also a fan of a few more under-the-radar labels like Lie Studio, Tove, LouLou Studio and Almada Label. I appreciate their creativity and professionality and I also respect the people behind the brands.

Don’t feel pressure to follow trends. I don’t follow many – I have a radar for the ones I know I will personally get wear out of, so I try to stick to these. But, that’s not to say I don’t get tempted by products that get a lot of hype. I was one of the first to hop on the Adidas Sambas trend, for example – but now that they’re everywhere, I’m looking for an alternative. A black velvet jacket is another staple. I tend to buy them vintage on Etsy. Wear one over a maxi skirt to dress things up, or with jeans and a grey cashmere knit and trainers.


If you’re in a style rut, declutter. If you haven't worn something in over a year, it’s a clear sign that it may be worth moving on. Once you start populating your wardrobe with pieces you can pair with anything and that excite you, it makes it much easier to get dressed. Timeless pieces are also key – for me, that would be a cashmere knit or a cool vintage jacket. A Chanel knitted vest is my favourite piece in my wardrobe right now. I bought it in Amsterdam and it’s an incredibly versatile piece. I like to wear it over a dress on summer evenings or to a winter party with black pleated trousers and heels. 

My motto is BUY LESS, CHOOSE WELL AND GO VINTAGE where possible. Make it easy for yourself and choose QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

Always invest in bags. For me it’s such an important accessory. If I feel my outfit is too boring, I will add a warmer toned bag to lift the look. My most used bag would have to be my Hermès Kelly – which I saved up for and waited over six months on a waiting list. Trainers are another essential – they don’t have to break the bank, and the right pair can add a cool touch to any look.



Trust the high street. I really like the premium selection at H&M, plus Massimo Dutti has a bit of a Saint Laurent vibe at the moment. Arket and Cos are also reliable for minimalists. My motto is buy less, choose well, and go vintage where possible. Make it easy for yourself and choose quality over quantity. Sustainability has become really important to me. For a while I struggled with feeling like I was contradicting my beliefs by being an influencer – encouraging people to buy, when the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste. That’s why the way I communicate my message is so important. I try to focus on brands doing well in the sustainability space, and share ways to re-wear pieces and invest in things that last.

Find inspiration from those around you. I follow a lot of women on Instagram. I love the femininity of @EndlesslyLoveClub, but I also follow stylists like @FilippaHagg and Sofia Wallenstam from House of Dagmar. I also follow @Aie_Boutique, a store owner in Germany. Remember, the secret to great style is consistency – choose what feels good and stick to it.

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