A Celebrity Stylist Talks Career Highlights, Brands & More
A Celebrity Stylist Talks Career Highlights, Brands & More

A Celebrity Stylist Talks Career Highlights, Brands & More

Celebrity stylist Aimée Croysdill has put together red carpet looks for some of the world’s most high-profile women – think Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan, British acting royalty Joanna Lumley and Oscar-nominated Sally Hawkins. Here, we sat down with her to talk about her own approach to style, the career highlights that stand out to her and what she’s currently working on…
By Nana Acheampong

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My first foray into fashion happened during my time at university. I spent one of my summer holidays working as a buyer for the art department on a feature film, sourcing everything from burnt-out cars to red buses. It was then that I met costume designers Abigail and Damien Collins and we really hit it off. I ended up assisting them for a couple of days a week while I finished university and just fell in love with styling. Back then they were styling Rihanna for all of her European appearances. One that stood out was her Only Girl In The World performance on The X Factor. The set was a giant banquet table where Rihanna and all the extras ended up having a food fight – I styled the extras. The day after I handed in my dissertation, I was asked to style a music video and everything snowballed from there. 

If I could go back and tell myself anything at the start of my career it would be to make sure people know your name.  Fill the space and don’t be a wallflower – that doesn’t mean you need to be the loudest person in the room, just the most hardworking. Then, people are going to remember you. Enjoy learning all there is to learn about the industry and give yourself some time – it can take ten or even 15 years, so don’t rush it.

The best part of the job is MAKING PEOPLE FEEL GOOD.

There have been so many career highlights – but I can probably narrow it down to a top three. My first MET Gala with Nicola Coughlan in 2020 is definitely one of them. We only found out about ten days beforehand that she was going, and I just landed in Italy when I got the call from Nicola and her publicist. It was action stations at the ready! Sometimes it’s better not to have too much time to overthink – you go with your gut and just feel it. We received lots of sketches but Richard Quinn nailed it. He gave us four or five looks and we compiled three of the dresses into one. The second highlight is probably being in Venice with Laura Haddock in 2021. We went with Armani and it was the first event back after Covid; I was heavily pregnant and it was the last flight I could take before giving birth. Finally, going to my very first Oscars with Sally Hawkins. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Blue Jasmine, and we did a Valentino couture look. She was actually my first big client; I was so green but there’s video footage of Cate Blanchett whispering “You look so amazing,” into Sally’s ear on the red carpet, which is really special. 

I always say styling is really a personality led process. I bounce off my clients’ energy and I love working with women who have their own thing going on. I just want them to feel fabulous, comfortable and exactly like themselves. The look is a snapshot of who they are, so it needs to reflect who they are. The best part of the job is making people feel good.  


Someone I always look out for on the red carpet is Taylor Russell. I’ve always been obsessed with Zoe Kravitz, too. She never looks styled – everything could have come from her wardrobe, it’s that effortless. That’s good styling – when it feels authentically them.

Now is a really busy time. Lots of events collide – especially with awards season and fashion week. This week I’m styling Dolly Alderton for her TV appearances in America and Alison Oliver is also coming into my studio for a BAFTAs fitting. Cush Jumbo is heading to New York for some TV shows and Freya Allen – who is a new client – is coming in for a fitting as she’s heading to LA to do press for the new film she’s in. Ellie Bamber is coming in for a BAFTA fitting too and Clara Amfo is hosting the BAFTAs and BRIT Awards. I’m also styling a London Fashion week show featuring Joanna Lumely and I have fittings for Milan Fashion Week. In the background, I’m also working on looks for Marisa Abela’s world tour of Back to Black, Nicola Coughlan’s world tour for Bridgerton and Ellie Bamber for Planet of the Apes - they are all happening in the same three-week period, so I’m just trying to get ahead. I have one full-time assistant but I’ve hired two more to get us through this busy period. 

Nicola Coughlan and I have worked together for three years now. Her style has become more grown-up and vampier – there’s now lots of leather, corsets and darker colours. At the start we went for more of a sugary feel and lots of tulle. We still want to keep that drama with the big silhouettes and interesting shapes but with a darker edge. In this season of Bridgerton there are more grown-up, sexier scenes for Nicola and we want her wardrobe to reflect that. There are several designers who have supported the two of us from the very beginning. Valentino has always been really supportive, and Marni really embraces women of all shapes and sizes. Stella McCartney has her new style down to a tee, too – that nipped in at the waist, oversized blazer kind of thing and of course, we are still obsessed with Richard Quinn. 

The prep for the Bridgerton press tour is underway. Right now, we’re talking to different designers to see what is available and what they can send over. The process starts with understanding what the event is and the type of environment we’re going to be in. Different territories give you different things to work with.  For example, if it’s a premier in Mexico, I need to take a different approach – maybe use a local designer. Nicola just went to Australia, for instance, so we worked with Aje for that. 

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My first fashion memory is probably my mum making me clothes. We used to go fabric shopping, and she would let me pick whatever fabric I wanted. I remember picking something covered in butterflies and she made me a romper out of it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Around the same time, my ballet teacher Ms Fitzgerald came on stage in a silver pleated dress that blew my mind.  When I asked her where it was from, she said Browns. I knew Browns because I used to go shopping in London with my dad and we’d always look in the Browns windows. Oh – and my great-grandfather was the first womenswear tailor on Savile Row. 

In my own life, I’m definitely a capsule wardrobe person. I love wearing black, grey and white. I know what I love and I’m not afraid to repeat looks. I love simple tailoring and classic pieces like a great oversized blazer, cotton shirt and trench coat. I always inject a little fun with an interesting shoe or bag though. I also like a good earring but other than that, I like to keep things simple. Oftentimes I think my long red hair is my best accessory.

When I found out Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day, it gave me a sense of freedom. I love the idea that you can be one of the richest men in the world and decide to wear only one style over and over again. You can find your template and just stick to it. It’s better for the environment and less effort in the morning, too. If you know you feel good in it, why change it? A uniform doesn't just have to be for school – you can come up with your own. And I always say less in more. 

I think Alexis Foreman is such an inspiration – I love that she’s the same size as me and she does a capsule wardrobe so well. She repeats outfits and the trends that she embraces often turn out to be quite timeless. She honestly looks like the coolest woman on the street. I loved what she wore to the Fashion Awards last year. 


My go-to going-out look is a long white long shirt and a blazer from Raey with a Balenciaga knife boot. Again, it’s a bit of a uniform look – it’s nice to be able to keep things simple when you spend most of your time worried about what other people are wearing. I know I can put that on and feel smart without going over the top. Other designers I love for evening are Nanushka and COS on the high street.

The designer brand I wear the most is Raey. Every season I find something I love. The number of people who come up to me to ask where something is from when I’m wearing it – it’s a lot. I love introducing people to the brand and seeing them become as hooked as me. They’re so great at classic and timeless pieces – but there’s always some extra detail like a slightly longer sleeve or a structured shoulder to keep things interesting. They feel like high-end pieces without the price tag.

For events, fun parties or wedding guest dresses, I love Kika Vargas. It does great cuts and it’s the master of an over-the-top sleeve. Another brand I’ve been loving is Selezza. It makes everything in London out of tulle – we’ve pulled two looks from there for Clara Amfo for the BRIT Awards. 

I love the idea that you can be one of THE RICHEST MEN in the world and DECIDE TO WEAR ONLY ONE STYLE over and over again.

My favourite piece in my wardrobe is a pair of Jil Sander black knee-high boots with a giant amber gem heel. Every time I wear them, I get stopped by somebody. Heels make me feel confident and ready for the day – my daughter gets jealous when I wear them, but one day they will all be hers. 

My first big fashion purchase was a pair of snakeskin Christian Louboutin heels. I bought them with a pay cheque from one of the music videos I styled. I don’t wear them anymore, but they are still very much a part of my wardrobe. I also bought a Jil Sander dress from Bicester Village when I was pregnant because it made me feel amazing – but I can’t wear it anymore because it’s huge!

If I could swap wardrobes with anyone, it would be Dr Karen Doherty, a dentist and skincare expert who is one of the chicest women I know. Our daughters are in the same class at school, and we bonded in the playground over clothes. Everything she wears is from The Row, Bottega or Lemaire. She will wear the crispest trousers with a white vest and stunning Bottega jewellery and Jil Sander shoes. It’s exactly how I would dress if I had her shape.

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