Discover The Fine Jewellery Brand Shaking Up The Industry

Discover The Fine Jewellery Brand Shaking Up The Industry

Occasionally a brand comes along that disrupts the status quo. Enter Vashi, the name to know in the world of fine jewellery. Creating truly personal, unique and meaningful pieces that offer something for every taste and price point, here’s what makes them different and why you need them on your radar…


They're Changing The Fine Jewellery Industry

Vashi is the brainchild of Vashi Dominguez, an entrepreneur who saw a unique opportunity for change and innovation within the diamond and fine jewellery industry, having experienced for himself the long, often expensive supply chain model and the lack of focus on the customer. He set out to create a human company that puts the customer at the heart of the process, celebrates true emotion and authenticity and places emphasis on the journey of co-creation between the customer and the brand's makers, built on the belief that something you've made means more than something you've bought.

They Put The Customer At The Heart Of Everything

Every Vashi store prominently features a workshop, where you can see their craftspeople at work – and even join them at the workbench to co-create a bespoke piece. Customers are placed at the very heart of the journey, where they can work alongside the brand's designers who will help to realise their vision through sketch, before moving onto selecting their metal, setting, diamond or stones, and any further elements of personalisation (such as an engraving). Finally, the customer can be as involved as they wish to be in the actual making of the piece, even helping to physically set the diamonds or stones within their bespoke piece.  The brand's mission statement is ‘better jewellery in a better way’. That means no more faceless, impersonal customer service when it comes to making this kind of investment.

These purchases are linked to the most special occasions we have as human beings: a marriage proposal, a marriage, an anniversary, the birth of a child. And because of that and the high average price that consumers are paying, my belief is the experience should be extraordinary.
Vashi Dominguez

The Diamonds Are Of The Utmost Quality

Fine jewellery can often contain imperfect diamonds, with flaws often hidden in the setting. At Vashi, you can personally select each and every gemstone that goes in your piece, so you’re guaranteed on quality – plus, because everything’s designed on site, they are able to offer a vast selection.

The Prices Are Reasonable 

Typically, the diamond supply chain involves six or seven steps, however Vashi have implemented a different model that reduces these steps, allowing for more reasonably priced products and an overall more accessible experience; all without sacrificing quality. They’ve also set out to make the overall experience of purchasing diamonds and fine jewellery friendlier, eschewing the stuffiness that is at times associated with the luxury industry. Every store is designed to be warm and inviting, and customers can stay for however long they please as they create their own special piece of jewellery. 

The biggest thing for me has always been: Where is the emotion? This is supposed to be the most emotional purchase that you are ever going to make. If you think about it, you’re fusing the story of one of the world’s most precious gifts – diamonds – with the most precious story anyone has themselves. So, it should all be about the customer.
Vashi Dominguez

They Have A Team Of Talented Designers

Whether it’s an engagement ring, delicate bracelet, pendant necklace or a special pair of earrings, you can start from scratch on any piece. Whether you are a creative in your own right and have a moodboard or, at the other end of the spectrum, have no idea where to start, their team are on hand to help bring your vision to life - plus, if you can’t get to a store, the brand offers digital consultations that take you through the same steps but from the comfort of your own home. As well, the brand starts every consultation with an informal masterclass focused on precious metals and gemstones, empowering you to make informed decisions from start to finish. For those looking to co-create an engagement ring, the brand additionally offers a smart, online ring building service too where you can select your setting, stone and design. There are endless options to choose from.

There Are Contemporary Pieces, Too

As well as their bespoke service, Vashi creates contemporary ready-to-wear collections, too. We love the stylish Connections pieces and elegant Lumina styles. They’re crafted from 18k white, yellow and rose gold, in unique designs that will elevate your everyday accessories. What's more, all collections - even ready-to-wear - are designed to be personalised to make a piece uniquely yours, be it with an engraving of one's initials, a meaningful set of dates or coordinates, a secret message or even a fingerprint. 

Ready to begin your own journey in co-creating a bespoke piece of fine jewellery? Vashi’s unique experience is offered either as a virtual consultation online or in person at their six retail stores. Make a completely bespoke and original creation or personalise and customise pieces from the ready-to-wear collections. Find out more at

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