Everything I Love Right Now: Catarina Mira-Rose
Everything I Love Right Now: Catarina Mira-Rose

Everything I Love Right Now: Catarina Mira-Rose

London based creator and influencer Catarina Mira-Rose is known for her impeccable style and great beauty, food and lifestyle tips – all things that have helped her amass an Instagram following of more than 73,000. Here, we asked her to share everything she’s loving right now…

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I’m really excited for the new Jacquemus x Nike collaboration. My personal style has always been a mix of dressier items and sportswear – so this collaboration definitely caught my attention. I love how they’ve combined Jacquemus’ sensuality with the casual-cool vibe of Nike.

At Couture Fashion Week, Schiaparelli was a standout. Although my aesthetic is typically more laidback, I find the house’s extravagance very inspiring. The collection was unapologetically bold – it felt dramatic, glamorous, feminine and mysterious. The pieces are all authentic sculptures with an insane amount of detail. 

The under the radar brand everyone should know about is Laura Pitharas. It’s a sustainable British womenswear brand with the most incredibly well-made suits and silhouettes. I have one of her coats and it’s one of my favourite pieces. In my opinion she does some of the best tailoring out there.

I’m not a trend-led person. I’m very happy sticking to what I like and what makes me feel comfortable, which, in the summer, is fresh and clean pieces. Head-to-toe white is something I’ve been doing a lot recently even though it’s very risky seeing as I have a baby with me 99% of the time. 

RAEY is my favourite brand for wardrobe staples. In the summer, I love throwing on a dress – but I’m very specific about the length. Too short and it isn’t cool anymore. RAEY gets it spot on, and offers plenty of oversized yet feminine silhouettes, which is exactly what I like. Plus, the sizing is perfect.

I’ll always go for cycling shorts and an oversized tailored shirt when I don’t know what to wear. It became my uniform during pregnancy and I’ve carried it into motherhood too. It’s very practical but I also love the mix of classic tailoring with loungewear. In the summer, I also live in long midi dresses, sandals and a basket bag. I have a pretty impressive collection of both. 

On holiday, I always wear a bikini, a big shirt and a hat. I actually have a bit of an obsession with swimwear. I always pack lots of different clothes but end up not wearing much more than shirts and swim. 

There are so many amazing Portuguese swimwear brands out there. One I particularly love is called Kalimera. Their pieces are so flattering. Form and Fold also does very good swimwear that flatters a range of body shapes. 

For eveningwear, Sir The Label’s dress section is incredible. Arguably more on the casual side, when you pair its pieces with the right pair of heels and jewellery, it’s so chic. 

I don’t love going into physical shops anymore – I’d much rather shop online. That said, I’ll always love Liberty – it’s just such a beautiful building. I also love shopping on holiday – it’s the thrill of stumbling across new brands or discovering one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. 

You can’t beat NET-A-PORTER for online shopping. The range of brands is vast – plus, there are a lot of perks if you live in London and can take advantage of same day delivery. Saying that, I also have fun browsing vintage Chanel bags on Vestiaire.


My ultimate heatwave beauty essentials are SPF and facial mists. I love Beauty Pie’s featherlight sunscreen for the face and Sun Bum’s sunscreen spray for the body. Susanne Kaufmann’s Rose Water Mist always gives me a little pick me up if I’m feeling hot and bothered. I recently started using Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum, too. I have a bit of pigmentation on my face after spending too much time in the sun but it’s made a visible difference. 

I’m trying to let my brows be a bit more natural as well. Simple things like getting my eyebrows threaded has become a bit of a mission in motherhood, so I’ve decided to let them grow and get a little wilder. Now I only really use a bit of brow gel to brush them up. 

For beauty inspiration, I love Emma Hoareau. She is so knowledgeable, and I love how she puts the time into educating her audience and explaining the science behind certain beauty products. She is incredible at what she does, and I really trust her advice.

I recently started using CAUDALIE'S Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum, too. I have a bit of PIGMENTATION on my face after spending too much time in the sun but it’s made a VISIBLE DIFFERENCE. 


This year we drove all the way from the UK to Portugal. Along the way, we stopped at some of the most beautiful and picturesque small towns. It took us ten days to get to our final destination. Now, we’ll spend the rest of the summer here enjoying the sunshine and then drive back home again, exploring the south of France on our way. 

Every time I go home to Portugal, it feels like I’m a on a holiday and I love to treat myself to a few days in a hotel there. São Lourenço do Barrocal or Herdade da Malhadinha are two of my favourites.

I usually stay in PORT ISSAC – a small village right by the sea with lots of old cottages which are EXTREMELY PICTURESQUE.

A dream holiday destination for me is Mozambique in Africa. Our goal is to book a holiday every January until our son goes to school. For me, it’s the quietest time at work, plus the weather tends to be quite depressing in London – making it the perfect time to get away and make some memories.  

In terms of a staycation, I love road tripping around the UK. The English countryside is just breath-taking. Cornwall is particularly special, and we’re going back with friends this October. I usually stay in Port Isaac – a small village right by the sea with lots of old cottages which are extremely picturesque. The coast is also absolutely stunning.


In terms of fashion inspiration, I follow Lindsey Holland, Lizzy Hadfield and Alexis Foreman. They are all beautiful women inside out and I always feel inspired by their work and content. 

When it comes to interiors, I follow The Venetian Pantry. She has renovated the most beautiful Victorian home – it looks incredibly cosy but still chic.

If you need a bit of GLAMOUR in your life, follow @MelissasWardrobe. Not only is she HILARIOUS, she is also unapologetically LIVING HER BEST LIFE.

My ‘guilty pleasure’ Instagram follow is @Owen.Han. He is very good looking and makes some unreal sandwiches. 

For a bit of wanderlust, it doesn’t get better than @DesignEscapes. Creator Emma has curated the most incredible collection of boutique hotels across Portugal.

If you need a bit of glamour in your life, follow @MelissasWardrobe. Not only is she hilarious, she is also unapologetically living her best life. Her glamorous existence feels even more inspiring when you know how hard she’s hustled to get to where she is today.

Food & Drink

In this heat, I’ve been eating a banana ice cream for breakfast every morning. I say ice cream but it’s actually a smoothie made from frozen bananas, a generous spoon of peanut butter and a splash of oat milk. Once blended, it’s thick, creamy and so delicious. 

Watermelon is my favourite thing to eat during the summer. I just snack on it all day long and usually have to share it with my dog. He’s just as obsessed as I am.

My go-to dinner is anything involving pasta. I enjoy cooking and getting lost in an audio book while I experiment. There’s plenty of room to be creative when it comes to pasta sauces.

When entertaining, I usually go for something slow cooked. It means I can prepare it beforehand and then relax and enjoy the evening with my friends. Beef ragu is a go-to. 

Portuguese wine is my favourite drink – green wine in particular. It’s fresh, a little fizzy and perfect for the summer.

When entertaining, I usually go for something SLOW COOKED. It means I can prepare it beforehand and then relax and enjoy the evening with my friends. BEEF RAGU is a go-to. 


The app I couldn’t live without is Spotify. It’s the best money I spend every month. I love music and finding new artists, even if the algorithm is only gives me nursery rhymes at the moment! 

There’s a Brazilian playlist on my Spotify account I listen to all the time. I always gravitate to artists like João Gilberto e Caetano Veloso when the weather gets warmer. Brazilian music is inextricably linked with the movement of the body – samba, bossa nova, funk – styles that make me feel happy.

Earlier this year I went to a Wes Anderson’s exhibition. It was amazing to see all the eccentric props and costumes from The French Dispatch. His art department could probably open a permanent museum, it was that good. 

During our drive across Europe, we listened to The Execution of Bonny Lee Barkley podcast. I love true crime podcasts, and how they give us an insight into our culture and norms as well as our anxieties and values. It’s great getting lost in the puzzle.

Currently, all I’m watching is Love Island – I watch it religiously. Bingeing TV series used to be a sport for me, but since becoming a mum, I find it very hard to keep up. I also finished Stranger Things recently as well.

I loved the film Everything Everywhere All At Once. It’s so creative, unique and passionate. It’s a low budget movie, so don’t expect Marvel-level CGI or anything, but the storytelling and the concepts were the real art.

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