A Fashion Consultant In Paris Shares Her Little Black Book
A Fashion Consultant In Paris Shares Her Little Black Book

A Fashion Consultant In Paris Shares Her Little Black Book

Much-travelled fashion consultant Zeina Hammour has a unique sense of style and a wardrobe featuring vintage Saint Laurent and runway Chanel. From her favourite shops in London, Paris and NY to her most recent brand discovery, her little black book is a must read…
By Elaine Lloyd Jones

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I have a soft spot for Rue du Bac in Paris. Especially for Bon Marché. It’s more than a department store to me – it's a place of nostalgia and comfort. I've always found department stores a bit overwhelming, but Bon Marché feels different. I love the selection. You can find everything from emerging brands to the latest off-the-runway pieces. The Épicerie is my guilty pleasure for a quick snack, and Le Petit Lutetia has become my go-to for unwinding with a glass of wine after a shopping spree.

You always find the most unusual shops in Beirut. It’s my hometown and it constantly surprises me with its unique boutiques. Strolling through Mar Mikhael's streets, you’ll unearth some hidden gems. Sandra Mansour’s showroom, where I spent countless hours perfecting my wedding dress, is like stepping into a dream. Nouvelle Vague and Super Yaya are my other favourites – they remind me of Beirut's resilience and creativity.

There’s something magical about the Khaite boutique in NYC. Every visit feels like a serene escape from the city's chaos. I'm always drawn to the peacefulness and the stunning tree rooted at the back of the store, which brings a touch of nature to the urban landscape. It's a place where I can lose myself in the beauty of fashion.

There's a joy in finding pieces that FIT JUST RIGHT and FEEL COMFORTABLE.


My go-to A/W brand has to be Nour Hammour, where I've been an integral part of the team for the last eight years. There's something transformative about slipping into one of our coats or jackets. I instantly feel chic and put-together, regardless of what else I'm wearing. The compliments I receive make me incredibly proud of the work we do and the fashion statements we create.

My most recent brand discovery is Méga by Dani Michelle. Her jewellery, especially the earrings I wore last holiday season, reflect my personal style. It feels special to wear something created by someone whose fashion sense I deeply admire.

When it comes to basics, my go-tos are ARKET and COS. There's a joy in finding pieces that fit just right and feel comfortable. Éterne by Marie-Lou and Chloé Bartoli is another brand that gets me. Their clothes are foundational pieces in my wardrobe. 



For vintage, I love Re-collective in London. I recently found a Saint Laurent sequin dress there. It’s not just a dress; it’s a memory of a wonderful day rummaging through vintage treasures. The Merci C’est Vintage pop-up at Soho House Paris was another memorable trip, where I found a gold chain that's become part of my signature look.

My ideal shopping day… I’d wake up fresh on a Sunday morning in Paris, head to a Reformation Pilates class and start my shopping adventure while the stores are still empty. I love shopping alone because I get overwhelmed when I am with people and tend to get too influenced by others’ opinions.

The best fashion gift I’ve ever received is a Chanel bag. It’s a mini sphere-shape, a post-runway exclusive gift from my husband, so it’s quite special. Its uniqueness and timeless elegance make it a standout piece in my closet.


My favourite coffee spot is Partisan Coffee in Paris. It's my little escape, where I indulge in my love for coffee. The cosy ambience provide a perfect setting for reflection and inspiration – and the salted chocolate chip cookie is a must-try.

If you’re in Paris, you really can’t miss Jaïs. It has a special place in my heart. The open window between the kitchen and the tables allows for conversations with chefs that feel more like family or friends. Jaïs, the owner, crafts dishes that tell stories: the truffle pasta and the oeuf cocotte are wonderful, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. 

The Albergo Hotel in Beirut is a favourite. It’s more than a hotel to me; it’s a piece of history. Each suite tells a different story of Beirut’s past, and the rooftop restaurant, Swim Club, is where I’ve had some of my most memorable evenings in the city.

For people watching, nothing beats Sant Ambroeus in Soho, NYC. Whether it's over brunch or an afternoon drink, I find myself captivated by the parade of diverse people that reflect the spirit of the city. Each person has a story that inspires me. But, for an even more unique experience, I'd try the NYC subways. It's a different world down there. From street musicians and break dancers to the everyday hustle of commuters, there's a raw, unfiltered view of city life. With my headphones on and music playing, I often find myself lost in thought, piecing together the narratives of those around me. It's like watching a live tapestry of human experience unfold before my eyes – each thread as intriguing as the next. 

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