Me & My Instagram: Annemiek Kessels

Me & My Instagram: Annemiek Kessels

When it comes to pioneers of minimalist style, Annemiek Kessels (aka @ModeDAmour) has curated a feed which has amassed over 400k followers. Here, she talks us through her grid highlights, from getting the perfect self-timed shot to outfit regrets…
Photography: @MODEDAMOUR

My most liked picture is...

one from last summer, where I’m wearing an all-white look. It’s one of the most minimalistic images I’ve posted, which is what people seem to like about my content.

This outfit is...

definitely one of my favourites. I love an all-white look, as I’ve already mentioned, especially during autumn/winter. The Frankie Shop wool set I’m wearing here is very comfortable too, so that’s a plus.

I take most of my own Instagram photos.

A lot of them I do on self-timer in a studio, which I prefer to do on my own because I can take as much time as I want to get the ‘perfect’ shot. All the shots taken outside are taken by my mother or my sister. 

My most saved picture is...

one where I’m wearing a seashell detail bustier by Bevza. It’s my own take on glamorous dressing and I loved wearing it.

There are a few tools I use to edit my photos.

I start with VSCO to change the lighting and sometimes a filter, but it has to have a minimal finish. After that, I use Photoshop for any final tweaks.

This is the image I wasn’t sure whether to post or not.

It’s different from my usual content and I rarely share images showing my face, but I’m pleased with how it came out.

This image makes me happiest.

It was taken a couple of months ago in Capri. Unlike a lot of my content, it’s not about the outfit that I was wearing, but rather the day itself, which was so much fun.

I wish I had never posted this.

I really liked wearing this outfit, but after seeing the final result, I felt it didn’t reflect my personal style. Next time, I would ditch the belt and carry a different colour bag.

This is my standard pose for studio images.

It can be hard to capture clothes in the best way when you’re sitting down, but this one seems to do the trick.

Stories are for...

showcasing more details and different angles of outfits I’ve posed on my feed. I also like to share what inspires me and anything new I’ve found.

Getting the right photo requires precision.

Sometimes it takes a couple of hundred shots to get the right one – I’m very particular about what I post.

This image was particularly hard to get.

It was in Capri and I had to climb up the rocks after a very long walk. But I really love the setting, so it was worth it.

My favourite holiday photo...

is this from an (almost) empty street in Milan. The architecture is beautiful and it feels so peaceful. 

This is one outfit I regret.

I don’t like how my pants are tucked into the boots. I focus on these details quite a lot and it’s often a reason for me not to share an image, so I wish I’d changed that.

The fashion piece that features the most is...

my Bottega Veneta cassette. It’s definitely my favourite bag this season as it goes with everything I wear.

I don’t change my backdrops or settings very much.

I prefer minimal backgrounds most of the time.

This is my favourite picture of myself.

I love the feeling and aesthetics of this shot and it turned out exactly as I had imagined.

Confidence is what makes a good Instagram picture.

Nowadays, I only share something if I’m completely satisfied with the result. I try to upload pictures that inspire others and represent my personal aesthetic.

This photo sums up my Instagram the most.

I’m wearing all my favourite muted colours – except for some beige, which is missing.

My most used hashtag is

#minimal, of course.

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