A Scandi Brand Owner Shares Her Style Rules
A Scandi Brand Owner Shares Her Style Rules

A Scandi Brand Owner Shares Her Style Rules

Copenhagen Fashion Week always reminds us just how cool the Scandi girls are – so we jumped at the chance to ask influencer and Rotate co-founder Thora Valdimars to share the style rules she follows to get it right every time.
By Emma Bigger

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Know your true style. Mine is 100% maximalist and I embrace that. I was never destined to be a minimalist. I think my experience as a stylist has taught me how to experiment and play with different styles. I’m extremely eclectic in my choices – for example, I love styling evening wear with something sporty. 

Ignore any colour rules you’ve been taught. When I go out for dinner or drinks, I love to wear bold colours mixed with metallics and crazy prints. Sometimes things clash and contrast so much that they end up working well together. It’s always a risk but if you wear something with confidence, it tends to work.

Sometimes things CLASH AND CONTRAST so much that they END UP WORKING WELL TOGETHER.

Don’t change yourself to fit in. Scandinavian fashion is traditionally minimalistic and I’m not – so I went through a period of feeling like I didn’t fit in. Then things started to change. I started working with a brand that trusted me and my instincts, which was a real turning point. 

Wear things that make you feel strong and confident. It’s hard to explain but if everything is working together and you feel good, it gives you a real buzz – you feel like you could conquer anything. I really believe in the power of fashion and personal style.


Focus on the small details. Your jewellery and accessories can often become the focal point of an outfit and I love using quirky or statement accessories to lift a look. Big earrings or an embellished evening bag can transform something simple into something special.

Start with one piece and see where it takes you. Creativity is so important when you’re curating a look but everyone needs a starting point. It can be anything from a killer pair of boots to a masculine shirt – I will experiment with different combinations and instinctively know when the look is complete. 

Invest in the modern classics. This is where I like to spend my money because I love it when a brand comes up with a signature bag or style but gives it a contemporary twist that feels cool and current. These are the pieces you’ll reuse time and again. 

Have a few go-to outfit formulas that you don’t have to overthink. When in doubt, denim on denim is my go-to. It’s such a great base and you can add sneakers, boots or heels depending on what the day holds. It’s also so easy to elevate the look with statement jewellery and a cool bag for the evening.


Always have some contrast in your look. This is what makes your style so much more personal and interesting. I love to mix feminine tops with masculine denim or an oversized coat with a minidress. My favourite contrast is mega heels with a laid-back tracksuit. So cool. 

Know the brands that work for you. I have so many brands that I think are absolute amazing and I love to mix contemporary names with classic heritage labels. I love A. Roege Hove, Di(Vision) and Kernemilk. Also, Sanda Simona is incredible.

CREATIVITY IS SO IMPORTANT when you’re CURATING A LOOK but everyone needs a starting point.

Focus on building a foundation. There are three things every woman needs in her wardrobe. First, metallic or sequins trousers for nights out – with just a simple ribbed tank to create the contrast. Second, some killer stilettos – with a tracksuit or a minidress, they’ll level up any look. Finally, an oversized puffer – wear it with jeans in the day or throw it over an evening dress for a bit of edge. 

Seek out fresh inspiration. As a creative, I’m always referencing fashion archives, Instagram and campaigns. I’m obsessed with researching looks and I love looking at different sources for inspiration. When I find elements I love, I try to incorporate them into my wardrobe and make them work for me. It’s all about having fun with your clothes – experimentation is everything.

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