What Getting Dressed Up Means To These 8 Stylish Women

What Getting Dressed Up Means To These 8 Stylish Women

You’ve probably spent more of the past year in joggers than dresses, but almost this many months on, plenty of us are feeling more than a touch of loungewear fatigue. If you need some inspiration to help get you out of the rut, heed the advice of these stylish women, who still firmly believe in the importance of dressing up.

Hannah Strafford-Taylor - @HannahStraffordTaylor

Dressing my best really does make me feel my best. That’s not to say I don’t like loungewear, but I make sure to choose beautiful fabrics like cashmere and silk to make it feel more special. This lockdown, I’m making the effort to get properly dressed most days of the week, as I find wearing the same tracksuit on repeat can start to affect your mood. Comfort is key, but I love putting on a pretty blouse with leggings or pulling out my favourite Khaite knitwear and wearing it with a stirrup trouser – it definitely elevates my mood. I’m also using accessories to inject some ‘chic’ into my everyday looks. A chunky gold chain or hoops instantly elevates an outfit, as does a waist belt. If you’re feeling uninspired by your wardrobe, try to resist the temptation to impulse buy something new – instead, go through your wardrobe thoroughly and experiment with different ways to style pieces you’ve not worn for a while. For example, instead of wearing a roll-neck jumper with jeans, try layering it under a shirt or a midi dress you wouldn’t normally wear in winter.  

Nicole Ballardini - @NicoleBallardini

I used to dream about working from home in my pyjamas every day, but since that has become the new normal, I’ve found getting dressed every day has helped me establish a routine – and I feel much more motivated as a result. While my style isn’t exactly the same as before, it’s adapted to the new way of living – I went through the initial loungewear phase but these days, I’m reaching for more polished pieces and combining them with casual ones. For now, heels will have to wait, but I’m loving chunky boots, trainers and loafers teamed with knitted dresses and chunky jumpers. Look at this as a great time to experiment – if it doesn’t work out for you, no one has to see it.

Claudia Berresford - @Claudia_Berresford

Getting dressed properly really breaks up the monotony – for a minute everything feels ‘normal’. I have so many clothes I love and don’t like the idea of them just sitting in my wardrobe. At the moment, I love adding a knitted vest and chunky boots to a midi because it turns some of my would-be wedding guest/party outfits into day dresses. Look at this time as a good opportunity to review your wardrobe, too: take everything out, try everything on and get rid of the items you don’t feel good in. Once you decide what you’re keeping, you’re in a better position to rotate clothes around every few months so you get the most out of your wardrobe.

Amy Appleton-Dreyer - @StepsOfStyle

With everything that’s going on right now, getting dressed only feels like another battle on top of eating healthily, exercising and being productive, so it’s fine to take some time off if you feel overwhelmed. As with exercise and eating well, however, at some point you have to get back on the horse. I get dressed for my mental health – nothing gets my serotonin pumping like a great outfit, so even if you have nowhere to go, put on that sequin dress on for a date night at home. Dress up those sweats with a blazer and a great pair of boots just to go on your weekly grocery run. It might not seem like much but trust me, putting in that extra effort will not only elevate your look, but also your mood. 

Aida – @BasicsTouch 

Getting dressed makes a big difference to my motivation and my productivity levels when I’m in ‘proper’ clothes as opposed to when I’m in my pyjamas. I’m lucky that my style is quite simple anyway, but wearing jewellery is a great way to elevate your look – I always feel much more polished when I have my favourite rings on. If you’re bored with what you already have, my advice would be to experiment with accessories or update your basics – even if that’s just a new jumper – to make you feel more excited about wearing what’s in your wardrobe.

Renia Jaz - @VensWifeStyle 

This is a time that’s undeniably stressful for all, but in my opinion, it’s worth having a safety blanket when you need a pick me up. Dressing up is that for me – I can focus on enjoying the moment and it distracts me from everyday problems. Pandemics aside, a cool outfit always improves your mood and gives you more confidence, so it’s important to embrace that now more than ever. I’ve been conscious not to let my style change because of Covid, so I still wear blazers, suits, jeans, dresses to try to be up to date with current trends. Of course, you’ll see me in plenty of loungewear, but I’ll be accessorising it with heels and a fun bag to keep things exciting.

Rachel Stevens - @MsRachelStevens

The clothes we wear are an expression of who we are, so when I feel good in what I’m wearing, I feel more ready to take on the day. Naturally, I’m living in loungewear right now as I’m homeschooling my kids, but it’s the little details that make me feel more polished. I've invested in a few tracksuits that feel more luxe – for example a Frankie Shop tracksuit with shoulder padding so the silhouette feels a bit more elevated. I’m loving leather joggers too – they still have that all-important elasticated waist, but the fabric makes them feel smarter. While I might not be getting dressed up to the same degree as pre-Covid, I’m focusing on things like beanie hats, a chic pair of boots or a really great coat to make my winter looks feel more stylish. 

Lois Opoku - @LoisOpoku 

Living in sweatpants 24/7 has been fun, but it's important to give your day some structure. Getting properly dressed in the morning immediately puts me in the mindset of 'getting things done'. Loungewear doesn’t necessarily have to look run down, however, and a little effort goes a long way – adding accessories and plenty of jewellery works wonders, for instance. Alternatively, go to your closet and pick up the first piece that speaks to you. Then, try styling it three different ways. You’ll have the ‘new clothes’ feeling again without having to buy something else – it's guaranteed to spark a bit of joy.

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