Get To Know Our New Fashion Broadcaster & Editor
Get To Know Our New Fashion Broadcaster & Editor

Get To Know Our New Fashion Broadcaster & Editor

It’s a new year and there are some new faces in the SheerLuxe office. You might have seen Nana Acheampong on the show sofa in recent months. We’re excited she’s now joined us full time as fashion broadcaster and editor – and wanted to introduce her to you properly…
Photography: SANDRA SEATON

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How did you end up working in fashion, Nana? 

My first job in fashion was in 2006 as fashion assistant at thelondonpaper – a free newspaper that used to be distributed across London. I got my job there after doing multiple internships at magazines such as Happy, Bliss and More

How would you describe your personal style?

Colourful, vibrant and polished. Even when I am wearing muted tones – which is rare – there will always be a pop of colour somewhere in my fit, from a coat to a bag or the accessories. I love to have fun with my fashion choices and not take myself too seriously or overthink a look. The bolder the better is my general rule – because life is too short for boring clothes. 

Accessories are a great way to buy into DESIGNER PIECES as the price points are much MORE AFFORDABLE.

Who or what are the big influences on your style?

My Ghanaian heritage has a big influence. It’s where my love for colour and print comes from. My earliest fashion memories are my mum dressing me up for church or a family function in amazing dresses that had been handmade by our family seamstress. I am forever trying to replicate the feeling those dresses gave me. 

Do you have any style rules?

There are a couple I swear by. One, dressing for your shape will never see you wrong. I don’t wear jeans, for example, because they do nothing for my thighs, but I love a pair of high-waisted trousers that accentuate my small waist. Two, never get hung up on the size on a label of a piece of clothing. Always go on how something fits, looks and makes you feel. I have items in my wardrobe that are a size 6 and others that are a size 16!  

Which designers are in your wardrobe? 

The designers all come in the form of my bags, shoes and accessories. Gucci would come in first with multiple bags and even more sunglasses, followed by Fendi, Prada, Burberry and Bottega. Accessories are a great way to buy into designer pieces as the price points are much more affordable. Clothing wise, I do have some great dresses from The Attico

Tell us about some favourite brands…

The list of my favourite brands could go on forever, but I'll narrow it down a couple. Christopher John Rogers has the most amazing silhouettes in all the colours of the rainbow. The dream would be to own every piece in his collection. Cult Gaia can’t put a foot wrong in my eyes. Everything from its dresses to swimwear, its bags to heels – it just speaks to me, especially in Spring/Summer, which is my favourite season. 

What about your favourite names for shoes and accessories?

When it comes to accessories, I’m all about earrings and rings. I have my ears pierced 15 times, so huggies are my best friend. My favourite brands for costume jewellery are Scream Pretty, Missoma and Astrid & Miyu. For shoes, I love Paris Texas and Mango

What’s the key to a good capsule wardrobe?

The right basics to mix in with the rest of your wardrobe. My capsule wardrobe pieces are a good dress, high-waisted trousers, a midi skirt, boots and a pair of heels. 

If you could have anyone's wardrobe, whose would it be?

The digital creator Nina Sandbech’s. Her colourful and feminine style is impeccable and exactly my vibe. She has a fabulous dress collection that I am obsessed with – if I had to pick one item to wear for the rest of my life, it would be a dress. 

What’s your favourite piece in your own wardrobe?

My bright orange, backless midi Aje dress that has a feather detail on the hem. It sold out on first release after Tracee Ellis Ross wore it. Thankfully, there was a second run and I had my email alerts on for its return. It’s a real showstopper of a dress and I never tire of wearing it for a special occasion – it’s especially good on holiday. 

My capsule wardrobe pieces are A GOOD DRESS high-waisted trousers, a midi skirt, boots and A PAIR OF HEELS.

Which is the best city for shopping?

It has to be London. Call me biased as it’s my hometown, but I don’t know anywhere else in the world with the same mix of high street, high-end vintage and now rental.

How do you shop?

I shop in a considered way. When I see something I like, I will go away for a couple of days. If I really can’t stop thinking about the item, I will go back and get it. This does sometimes cause me stress as when I go back the item is sold out and then I have to go on a mad hunt to track it down. This happened recently with the Jacquemus La Pochette Rond Carré clutch bag – I managed to track it down in a boutique in Amsterdam! 

Where do you shop on the high street?

I always shop on the high street – I am a massive fan. I love H&M, Mango, ARKET, & Other Stories and COS. I’ve got good at finding pieces that people would never guess were from the high street. 

What do you invest in?

I invest in handbags. A good handbag is a timeless item that will never go out of fashion. I have a whole collection of designer handbags that I hope to one day pass onto my future daughter. Totes are my go-to because I’m usually running around town with a laptop in tow. My current favourite is my YSL Icare maxi shopping bag.

Do you follow trends?

I do follow trends as trying something new always excites me. But I know what works well for my body shape and style, so I will never try to shoehorn myself into a trend just because it’s what everyone is wearing. This season the trend that really appeals to me is short shorts because I have quite long legs and I enjoy getting them out.  

Anything you’ve been wearing a lot of this year?

Knee-high boots. I can’t get enough of them. They are the easiest way for me to update my summer dresses for autumn and they are also obviously keeping me warm.

Finally, you’re going out for dinner tonight… What would you wear?

A brightly coloured maxi dress, heels, colour pop bag and lots of gold jewellery.

Photography: Sandra Seaton

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