Our Senior Style Editor Talks Personal Style, Career Highlights & More
Our Senior Style Editor Talks Personal Style, Career Highlights & More

Our Senior Style Editor Talks Personal Style, Career Highlights & More

SL’s senior style editor Emma Bigger has spent her life surrounded by fashion – and, as a stylist, she’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Here, she talks favourite brands, career highlights and unbreakable style rules…
By Emma Bigger

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My mum inspired my love of fashion. She was always so glamorous and chic. My aunt owned a high-end boutique in Oxford in the 1980s and she would send my mum big parcels of designer clothes every season. I vividly remember her styling them up at home. In my favourite photo of her, she’s wearing oversized Mulberry sunglasses and a baggy off-the-shoulder knit – very 80s.

As a student, I ran a stall at Portobello market for about six years. My memories of that time – when Portobello was full of new brands and it had such a vibrant atmosphere – are so special. Despite the ridiculously early starts, I loved being surrounded by fashion, and every week I'd browse all the vintage stalls looking for knee-high boots and suede jackets. 

I studied English Literature at Newcastle University. During the holidays, I'd stay with my sister in London while interning at all the big magazines – Vogue, Elle, Glamour and a handful that have since closed. I knew immediately it was what I wanted to do, and got my first paid role at Glamour as an assistant. Most of my time was spent in the fashion cupboard and assisting on shoots.


During my career I’ve been lucky to travel the world and have styled celebrities from Rihanna to Kylie. My favourite trip was a two-week shoot in Argentina – it was before social media, so I have lots of cool photos on film.

My personal style is best described as relaxed, uncomplicated and refined. Comfort and practicality are key. If I try something on, I know immediately if it’s right or wrong. Trends aren't my thing and, as I get older, I tend to stick to a more timeless aesthetic. 

Recently, I’ve been trying to invest in quality pieces and avoid fast fashion. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the devastating effects of mass-produced clothing. The pieces I’ve bought recently are ones I know I will wear season after season – my ethos is buy less, wear more. The brands I’m loving right now include Loulou Studio, Khaite, TOTEME and St Agni.

The key to building a capsule wardrobe is to understand your style and aesthetic. It’s helpful to work out your own ‘three words’ (the ones that describe how you want to look each day) and know your colours and silhouettes. Once you have that, you can have a bit more fun with the accessories.

I’m most inspired by editorial shoots, shows and images on Instagram. It’s fun to try out new ways of wearing things, though it’s always secondary to my personal style. Right now, I’m loving 70s-style aviator glasses.

My most-worn piece at the moment is my green oversized Raey mac. It’s such an easy thing to throw on, and elevates even the simplest of looks. I love how it hangs, and it flows nicely when I walk. Last week I wore it over leather trousers and a chunky knit in the week, and at the weekend over a grey cashmere tracksuit – it’s so versatile. 

I admire anyone who owns their style. It may sound like a cliché, but I think style is actually an unconsidered thing. There’s nothing worse than awkward or forced fashion – you can see it immediately. Even if someone’s aesthetic is totally different to mine, I can appreciate it as long as they’re unapologetic about it.

There’s NOTHING WORSE THAN AWKWARD OR FORCED FASHION – you can see it immediately.

My favourite brand on the high street is COS. It just knows what a lot of women want to wear, and the pieces are chic and affordable. It nails elevated staples and workwear, and the silhouettes and premium fabrics are unrivalled. For more trend-led pieces, Zara is always ahead of the curve.

I really don’t like shopping in person. I’ve spent most of my career shopping for other people, so when I shop for myself it’s always online or in smaller boutiques. That said, London does have the most amazing choice. I also love how Londoners are so good at mixing high-end pieces with high street.

Coats and bags are two things worth investing in. Both can instantly make or break an outfit, and they’re the pieces that get the most wear. Sunglasses are also such an easy style update at the start of a new season.

This year I’ve been wearing a lot of bomber jackets. I like to wear them for work and at the weekend. I have a green Frankie Shop one that I've worn to death – it’s such a good throw-on piece and great for travelling. I also have a navy one with leather sleeves from Raey. 

When I have time, I sell pieces from my wardrobe on Vinted. I’m very new to it but it’s great for giving things a new lease of life. It does take time, but I’m always grateful when I’ve put the effort in.

As a teenager, I spent all my time in Topshop – I would buy so much. Now, I only buy one or two things a season, and they have work with my existing wardrobe to earn their spot. At the moment, my colour palette is made up of navy, camel, burgundy, cream and grey  – so it’s easy for new pieces to make their way in. Moving into spring I'll introduce a bit of pale yellow, blush and cornflower blue. 

My winter style is different to my summer style. In the summer, I like to add a more feminine edge and experiment with prints – especially on holiday. I love a silky co-ord in the summer and a floaty maxi dress. My winter style is more masculine and stripped back.

People shouldn't take fashion too seriously. I love seeing the fun side at the shows, with the designers and models having fun. Of course, fashion at that level is an art form that requires immense skill and talent, but I don’t think it should be over analysed or too complicated. 

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