What Every Woman Needs In Her Underwear Drawer

What Every Woman Needs In Her Underwear Drawer

The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your underwear drawer. But before you do, it’s worth figuring out what you’re actually missing. To help, here are the pieces we believe every woman needs to build a practical and functional lingerie collection.

2 Strapless Bras

One black, one nude. This will cover you for all outfit variations where you just need a little more support – think cold-shoulder tops in summer and strapless dresses for events.

A Great Pair Of Shapewear

Whether it’s just support knickers you need or it’s a cycling short for a bit of extra help, it pays to be stocked up on shapewear. Spanx is obviously a winner, but John Lewis does a decent imitation.

A Thong

Thongs really are what you make of them. For some, more comfy than larger knickers, for others an essential with slip skirts and party dresses, they serve a purpose, however you use them. Everyday wearers should, naturally, stock up, whilst even those who abhor the look should have one or two available on demand.

A Sensible Supportive Bra

They may not be as pretty as those dainty lace styles, but all the advice dictates good, supportive bras are essential for your health. Our advice is to refresh them often – nothing is less appealing than a greying, sagging bra – and to stock up on a variety of colours for under shirts, tees and knits.

Off-Duty Bras

From lounging around the house to running errands on the weekends, it pays to have a selection of comfy bras in your repertoire. We love crop top styles from Calvin Klein or look to cupped cotton designs for a bit more support.

A Sexy Bra

A sexy bra will always have its place – whether it’s to peek out of an unbuttoned shirt or for a good old-fashioned date night. Team SL love Anine Bing for pretty designs built to last.

One Great, Power Set

Important meetings and big events all merit a killer lingerie pair. We rate something feminine, sexy and comfortable, but this one’s open to interpretation – just pick a set that makes you feel great.

Sensible Knickers

It doesn’t matter what anyone says – for comfort you just can’t beat a large pair of M&S multipack pants. That doesn’t mean they’re right for every occasion, but for busy errand days, off-duty weekends and the gym, if you don’t already rely on these, you soon will.

Lacy Knickers

We all know the merit of Bridget Jones panties, but in the words of the famous singleton herself, you need a little something for when you get ‘in flagrante.’  Plus there’s nothing like a great pair of lacy knickers to give you a confidence boost – just stick to wider fits for a comfortable take.

Sticky Bra Cups

These may be for a very specific type of dress and boob combo, but if you’re larger than a double A with a silky, backless piece to wear, you’ll be grateful for these bizarre stick-on cups. The adhesive bra means no nasty, visible straps, but you still get that smooth, cupped finish – essential with formal wear.


While not exactly sexy, tit tape and nipple covers are every woman's secret weapon when a bra isn't an option. Avoid a nip slip or a Rachel from Friends moment by using them with a deep plunge neckline and barely there tops. 

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