10 Things For My Home: Toby Perryman-Payne
10 Things For My Home: Toby Perryman-Payne

10 Things For My Home: Toby Perryman-Payne

Following the completed renovation of his cottage outside Bath, Toby Perryman-Payne now has a loyal online following who love his ‘slow design’ approach and view on current trends. As he gears up to take on a new project, Toby tells us more about his process and style – plus, he shares everything on his shopping list…
By Georgina Blaskey
Image: @TobysHome

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About Toby

“I’d describe myself as an interior designer with an affinity for warm, inviting spaces. Since we bought our first home five years ago, I've taken a calm approach to the design, ensuring it blends comfort, style and sustainability. Using my background in marketing, I’ve also documented the renovation process on social media, and in doing so have developed a passion for ‘slow design’, which is all about creating thoughtful and deliberate homes that reflect the personality and lifestyle of the people who live there.”

The Renovation

“When we first got the keys to our cottage, it was a charming yet slightly neglected space that was brimming with potential. Opting for the ‘slow design’ approach, I embarked on a journey of gradual transformation, focusing initially on the cosmetic updates that could enhance its cosy atmosphere, before taking on the bigger-scale structural renovations. The biggest challenge undoubtedly lay in how to inject character back into the cottage, which had sadly been stripped of a lot of its charm. Through careful attention to detail and lots of mistakes along the way, I feel like we’ve found the right balance between ‘cottage-core’ and the contemporary aesthetic I really love. One of the best decisions I made was to work with the lighting of our home, instead of against it, which – typical of a mid-terraced cottage – is quite dark. We’ve used earthy neutrals from Farrow & Ball, too, which add a sense of heritage, while still feeling subtle and understated.”

Toby’s Style

“My interiors style has been described as ‘beige’ but I think of it as cosy and timeless. I believe in creating spaces that feel like a warm embrace, where every element tells a story and invites you to linger a little longer. Mixing lots of antiques with modern pieces, I try to strike the right balance between comfort and character. I take a lot of inspiration from films, especially my favourite romantic comedies – The Holiday, Father of the Bride, It’s Complicated (essentially, anything by Nancy Meyers). I just want every space to feel like home.”

Sourcing Homeware

“I’ve grown to appreciate the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the things I’ve found in antique fairs, at second-hand shops and from art dealers – a lot of which are available at a fraction of the price that they might be new. Like most of us, I also take a lot of inspiration from exploring the high street and luxury retailers. This approach, I think, allows you to create a space that feels rich in texture, history and personality, but is still homely at its core.”

What’s On My Shopping List


Jute Or Sisal Rug

“A timeless addition to any space, a sisal or jute rug adds warmth, character and comfort. I use them to anchor living-room seating areas or dining rooms, especially when I want to ramp up the country aesthetic, and ensure comfort underfoot.”


Table Lamps

“In my opinion you can’t have too many lamps. If you think you’ve got enough, add one or two more.”


Antique Brass Mirror

“Mirrors are a versatile décor element that can enhance the natural light and create the illusion of more space. An antique brass mirror will add a sense of elegance and history to the entryway, while also serving as a practical addition. You can find some affordable, well-made ones on the high street or plenty at antiques fairs.”


Linen Cushions

“Soft and breathable, linen cushions are great for infusing comfort and texture into a space. The relaxed look helps everything feel lived-in, inviting but still luxurious.”


Antique Elm Console Table

“Elm console tables work incredibly well in almost every space – whether your home is contemporary, Georgian, Victorian, they feel timeless and not too associated to a specific era of design.”


Linen Tablecloth

“I love hosting, and anything that can add a touch of sophistication to our everyday experience is good in my book.”


Fig Scented Candles

“Fig is a warm and comforting fragrance note that creates a cosy ambience in any room. Candles are perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a relaxing evening with loved ones.”


Olive Branches

“I use fresh olive branches to add a touch of natural elegance to a space. The muted foliage and delicate silvery-grey leaves feel fresh and tranquil, whether displayed in a simple vase on the dining table or used as a striking centrepiece for special occasions.”


Antique Turkish Pot

“Turkish pots or jugs are not only beautiful; they’re also functional accents that can be used as planters, vases or statement pieces on their own. Whether displayed on a mantel, shelf or as part of a curated vignette, an antique terracotta pot will instantly elevate the style and character of your home.”


Loose Cover Sofa

“I really prioritise versatility when I’m designing a space, be it my home or someone else’s. Designed for easy maintenance and flexibility, a loose cover sofa allows you to effortlessly update a space with different fabrics and styles – perfect for those who love to refresh without long-term commitment.”

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