How To Use Pendant Lights In Your Home
How To Use Pendant Lights In Your Home

How To Use Pendant Lights In Your Home

Whether it’s a dose of drama or some extra cosiness you’re after, pendant lighting can be really effective. To find out more – including the right height to hang it and the latest trends worth knowing about – we spoke to two lighting experts. Plus, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite designs…
By Georgina Blaskey

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Think About Ceiling Height

“If you’re keen to install a pendant light into a space, you first need to consider the height of your ceiling as this will dictate how low it can hang. It’s always best to avoid longer pendant chains in rooms where these may interfere with headspace – no one wants to bump their head on the light. Flush-mount designs are a great choice for rooms where the ceiling height is less generous, and it can also create a sense of balance and even a higher ceiling.” – Helen Pett, design ambassador, Arteriors London 

Use A Dimmer

“Pendant lights are capable of creating a more ambient atmosphere, as well as adding visual interest. Paired with a dimmer switch, they can become much more functional, allowing you to adjust the lighting levels to suit your needs. Keep them nice and bright when reading, and then dial it down in the evening, or when entertaining for a more relaxed atmosphere." – Jo Plant, Head of Design, Pooky

Combine Form & Function

“We always recommend thinking just as much about the aesthetics of the lighting as the practicality – if this is a space in which you spend a lot of time relaxing in, then both function and style need to be taken into consideration. You want a certain sense of continuity within the décor and the lighting choices so the space flows with the other rooms in the home, too.” – Helen

Use The Drop To Make A Statement

“If you have high ceilings, low-drop pendants will add an element of luxury and decadence to the room, particularly if you choose something that really draws the eye and makes a statement. Alternatively, a great tip if you are decorating a bathroom with a lower ceiling height, a smaller pendant on a shorter chain will give the impression of higher ceilings.” – Helen


Group Them Together To Make An Impact

“It’s exciting to see people playing with lighting and accessories in a unique way. We’ve seen more examples of pendants used in pairs or trios, particularly above the kitchen island but also in the dining room and sometimes even in a bedroom. For something unique, opt for a couple different styles or colours, or hang them at different heights to create more visual interest.” – Jo 

Add Luxurious Touches Through The Lighting

“We’ve seen more demand for luxurious lighting – those statement lighting designs that really add something special to a design scheme. This year, we’ve noticed growth in chandelier sales, particularly for living rooms – it can be a really nice touch to add a sense of grandeur and luxury to a space. Perhaps rather than buying a new house, people are choosing to renovate and update their homes with luxury pieces which ultimately add value.” – Helen 

Keep An Eye On Trends

“More people are using lighting as way to weave in a certain aesthetic or style into a space. We’ve seen a wider use of colour and higher demand for ornate pieces to provide that eye-catching feature. For the more adventurous, a chandelier is a great addition if ceiling height allows.” – Jo


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