Designer Celia B Talks Style, Inspiration & More
Designer Celia B Talks Style, Inspiration & More

Designer Celia B Talks Style, Inspiration & More

Spanish designer Celia B is known for a fun approach to fashion that embraces colour, pattern and playful details. Now, she’s turned her attention to homeware and is aiming to bring joy to every room in the house. She told SL about her style, the people who inspire her and why living in colour matters…
By Georgina Blaskey
Image: CELIA B

I have a very eclectic and personal style – maximalist, fun and, above all, very colourful. It goes beyond market trends and this uniqueness is what makes the Celia B universe very recognisable. Everything I do bears my distinctive touch. I define myself as a colour activist, aiming to fill the streets – and now homes – with vibrant shades. I want to add a burst of colour into our increasingly grey and uniform world. 

My fashion style doesn’t differ much from my interiors style. My number-one rule for both is have fun, feel confident and be myself! I love colour and you can see that in everything I do. By travelling, I’ve been able to get to know remote cultures and people with whom I feel a special connection. Their colours, prints, textures and embroideries are a constant inspiration for me. Keeping that connection alive in my work is something I'm passionate about.

My fashion style doesn’t differ much from my interiors style. My NUMBER-ONE RULE for both is have fun, feel confident and be myself! I love colour and you can see that in EVERYTHING I DO.

I live in a restored building designed by the Austrian architect Manuel del Busto. My home is, of course, an explosion of colour. From the mouldings to the radiators and the walls, it is my rainbow sanctuary! I made the lamps myself and that’s something I would like to dedicate more time to in the future. 

Designing my home was a project close to my heart that involved meticulous renovations. Drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse mosaic of Indian design, particularly the work of Manish Arora, I sought to infuse elements of intricate patterns, textures and vibrant hues.

I studied advertising because it seemed creative to me. But I realised that, in fact, it wasn't. I liked fashion – I used to customise my clothes and I made jewellery – so I became an accessory designer. Then, in 2010, I moved to Shanghai, and what was initially supposed to be a one-year stay turned into six.

With its vibrant energy and eclectic influences, Shanghai presented an opportunity too important to ignore. I’m a very active person with many ideas and being there changed my perspective. It opened my mind and I decided to venture out, to start something of my own. It was in China that the idea for Celia B took shape. During this pivotal moment, I summoned the courage to transform my individual aesthetic into a tangible brand. The decision to create my own brand was equal parts exhilarating and daunting. I took that leap of faith and here I am, 12 years later, still immersed in the world I dared to create.

My biggest influencers are women who raise their voices and break with conventions. From visual artists like Sonia Delaunay or designers like Zandra Rhodes and Sonia Rykiel to filmmakers like Agnès Varda or musicians like Carole King and Stevie Nicks or activists like Kate Millet

I find inspiration primarily in my travels. When I travel and see textiles from ancient cultures and remote communities, it fascinates me. I reflect on the importance of preserving the legacy of colours and techniques, considering it a shame if they were to be lost.

I remember I was blown away when I got to know the work of Hundertwasser. His distinctive style, characterised by vibrant colours, irregular shapes, and a harmonious fusion of nature and architecture, left a lasting impression on me.

I love collecting fabrics from all over the world. Mexican huipils, molas from Panama, batiks from Thailand, Bolivian aguayos – natural fabrics with vibrant colours dyed by ancient techniques. The entire process, from discovery to acquisition, holds a special place in my heart. 

Now that I have moved to Spain, it’s super exciting to go back to China. I went back in November after almost five years since my last visit. The food, revisiting my old neighbourhood, reconnecting with the seamstress who crafted my first samples. Every moment was a delightful rediscovery. The highlight was visiting the new Celia B office in Shanghai – this was very exciting for me.

I love the Hoxton hotels. I like their contemporary and stylish design, with a touch of local retro charm. My favourite interiors brands are Roche Bobois for its iconic designs and HAY for its combination of bold colours and simple shapes. 

There are so many objects I adore. I love the handmade vases from Soft Amphora, Claire Sheraton's ceramics, Risotto calendars – which always find a place in every home I live in – and all the amazing pieces from Shishi San. I am also passionate about flea markets with their vibrant atmosphere where you can uncover treasures not typically found in stores. 

I like sustainable brands. I always keep an eye on brands that use recycled materials, giving new life to textiles and items. Kitsch Kitchen draws inspiration from Mexican colours or there’s Wicklewood, which collaborates with artisans preserving ancestral techniques.

Whether it's the VIBRANT TEXTILES I collect from flea markets or the handcrafted treasures I discover on my trips, EVERY ITEM HAS A STORY TO TELL and adds a distinct touch to my eclectic home.

Every piece I bring to my home should match my style. Whether it's the vibrant textiles I collect from flea markets or the handcrafted treasures I discover on my trips, every item has a story to tell and adds a distinct touch to my eclectic home. It's not just about finding something that fits, it's about creating a space that authentically reflects who I am.

I very much like the style of Tessa van Montfoort. She has a unique identity, skillfully blending colors, patterns and shapes in a magnificent way. I was delighted to see her wearing Celia B –  I can see her as a fellow colour activist!

My favourite piece in my wardrobe is the Celia B Vermelho coat. Its vibrant orange V-neck collar and beautiful floral print brighten my day every time I wear it in winter.


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