The Under-The-Radar Paint Brands To Know

The Under-The-Radar Paint Brands To Know

When it comes to choosing a paint colour, naturally, one often turns to the big brands. But there are some wonderful smaller, niche names offering beautiful colours that you won’t find elsewhere. Here are the ones to know.


Proper Good Paint

We have long admired Ca’ Pietra for its statement-making tile and stone designs. So when we heard they were getting into paint, the news immediately piqued our interest. Creative director Hamish has hand-picked a palette of 35 beautiful colours – known as the Proper Good Paint range – covering classic looks as well as more recent trends, making it easy to create, contrast and coordinate your walls, ceilings, wood and metal-work. “Inspired by and named after our favourite people, you’re sure to find your new favourite shade among them,” explains Hamish. “And, of course, you’ll always be able to find the perfect partner colour for our inspirational tile and stone collections.” From elegant greys to refreshing pastels, as well as bolder shades, the paints are made in the UK and is non-hazardous and eco-friendly.


Fenwick & Tilbrook

Fenwick & Tilbrook was started by Simon and Clare Tilbrook and Martin Fenwick in Norfolk in 2016. While it may be a small family business, the range is extensive, with roughly 200 colours to choose from, divided into two collections. “All the colours are inspired by the natural world around us,” explains Anna Hill, the brand’s colour consultant. They are also grouped in to categories created by nature, such as ‘Colours from Stormy Skies’ and ‘Colours from Beaches & Coves’ so you can navigate what’s on offer as easily as possible. “To help you choose, our unique Inspiration Box contains actual paint samples of colours 1-120, or you can buy painted sheets, depending on the collection, and match the actual colour to your room,” says Anna. There’s also a bespoke colour creation service. Highly pigmented, water-based, made to order and delivered the next day, Fenwick & Tilbrook’s paints are durable and wipeable, delivering great results.




The Pickleson Paint Co.

Sustainability is central to The Pickleson Paint Co, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on style. “We do everything we can to make sure our paint doesn’t harm the people who use it or the environment, while giving them the opportunity to transform their home,” explains co-founder Rachael Green, who runs the business with her partner Alex. “Our colours have been inspired by the tones and colours we see when we travel, especially from the Mediterranean. We’ve also taken care to create colours from things that mean a lot to us, personally. For example, our newest colour – Aegean Sage – was created from the cover of a cookbook owned by Alex's dad. It’s a real privilege to be able to create something new from things that already mean a lot to us."


Atelier Ellis

Founder Cassandra Ellis handcrafts her water-based paint colours to create richly pigmented and enveloping en terré shades that are equal parts artistic and hard-wearing. “The colours are deeply rooted in the natural world, as well as in personal memories, marks and fragments,” she explains. “At the heart of everything we do is the idea of creating emotionally uplifting experiences through our paint.” All 62 colours work in harmony, creating a generous choice of options. “Inspired by the way we live in nature, in cities and society, these colours can soften a contemporary apartment, or infuse a traditional home with a new classicism.” Look out for the palette packs which contain samples of colours that will work well together to create a balanced effect. 




Alix Lawson

Interior designer Alix Lawson branched into the paint world after seeing many a client confused by what was on offer. “We only offer the five shades of white paint you will ever need,” Alix reveals. “Choosing white paint should be simple, and not something that holds up a project or becomes a source of frustration. By working with specialist British paint manufacturers, we’ve been able to distill years of decision making into just five pots for you to pick from. Chepstow, Pembridge, Ledbury, Elgin and Westbourne are the streets that have been the backdrop to my life in West London, so it felt natural for them to be the namesakes for the Paint by Alix Lawson shades.” From cool to creamy undertones, tinges of grey to a touch of warmth, you’ll find every shade of white accounted for here. 

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Edward Bulmer Paint

Edward Bulmer pioneers techniques that eliminate the plastics, micro plastics and nasties found in modern paints to give you a natural paint which is breathable, safe and healthy, made from the purest and safest natural ingredients and pigments. “All ingredients are on the tin so you know exactly what the paint is made from,” says founder Edward. Edward is an artist and colourist and he has mixed all the colours himself using his experience as an interior designer. “I have been an interior designer for over 30 years combining colour and tonality in all my designs. I used to mix my own colours using traditional materials because I could never find the right colour and I saw how superior these paints were to dull, modern equivalents.” The result is robust, wipeable, natural paint in designer tones.



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