The Household Items No One Should Be Without, Mrs Hinch

The Household Items No One Should Be Without

Pandemic or not – cleaning is still a massive trend, and it’s Mrs Hinch (aka Sophie Hinchliffe) who we have to thank. The ‘clean-fluencer’ shot to fame a couple of years ago after her Instagram account, which features multiple pictures of her pristine home, went viral. If you want to know how she does it, here are the products she’s never without…

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Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster, £3.81

BEST FOR: Cleaning shower screens, plugholes & more

If cleaning your bathroom grout or shower screen fills you with dread, Mrs Hinch advises you pick up a bottle of this mould and mildew blaster, which will get rid of stains and build-up in a flash. Fans will remember when Sophie posted a video of her using this product to clean up a scummy plughole, too. She recommends you use it with a Sonic Scrubber (£14.99, Amazon) to get picture-perfect results, or a Minky cloth for larger surface areas.

"Coupled up with the Minky, this stuff works miracles in my bathroom. My tile grout has never looked so new.” – Mrs Hinch 

Available here

Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover, £2.79

BEST FOR: Freshening up carpets & removing stains

When it comes to removing heavy duty stains from your carpets, Mrs Hinch says there’s nothing better than Dr Beckmann for the job. Fans might remember when she recommended this product to famous pal Stacey Solomon last year, with Stacey later declaring that the product had “done the trick.” It comes with an in-built brush, so you don’t have to worry about additional tools – just be careful to go carefully in case the fibres in your carpet are delicate.

“It’s the one. The only one! I love that the brush comes attached to the bottle. Super easy and quick to use.” – Mrs Hinch

Available here

Flash Bicarbonate Spray, £1.99

BEST FOR: Getting rid of odours & stains in multiple settings

This multi-purpose cleaning spray combines the traditional Flash formula with natural ingredients like bicarbonate of soda, making it perfect for use on all hard surfaces, including kitchen tops, bathroom sinks and even floors. Alternatively, Mrs Hinch loves the cheap version of bicarb too, using it in multiple ways – from taking stains and odours out of mattresses, carpets and more.

“Bicarbonate of soda is a fab deodoriser, and it can be used in the fridge, on carpets, vinyl, and in bins and drains. You can also get a big box of it for around £1.50, which is nothing considering how long it lasts. Try it as a mild abrasive or scouring agent on shiny materials, as it can clean without scratching. It’s suitable for use on aluminium, chrome, jewellery, plastic, porcelain, silver, stainless steel and tin.” – Mrs Hinch 

Available here

Lenor Fabric Softener, £6.51

BEST FOR: Cleaning woodwork, like banisters and skirting boards

Anyone who saw Mrs Hinch on This Morning will remember her now famous fabric softener trick. Far from using it just in her laundry, Sophie also mixes up her own diluted solution to tackle dirty door frames. She uses her beloved Minky cloth to help with this – just make sure you wring it out completely before applying it to your woodwork to avoid saturating the panels. 

“I love this one because it doesn’t irritate my skin and the smell is divine. My fave scent is Spring Awakening. I also dilute it with water to wipe down the painted woodwork, from skirting boards to door frames to banisters. Minky obviously joins in on this.” – Mrs Hinch

Available here

Minky M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad, £7.99

BEST FOR: Cleaning multiple hard surfaces

You can’t call yourself a Mrs Hinch fan without knowing about the Minky cloth. Her top pick, she uses this anti-bacterial fibre cloth (which she affectionately refers to as ‘Minkeh’) for just about everything – from wiping down hard surfaces to polishing stainless steel and glass. Regardless of the other products she uses, you can almost guarantee Mrs Hinch will use one of these in tandem with it – hence why it sold out for months after she advised using it.

“I can’t do without my Minkehs. I use the white belly side on woodwork and doors, as it’s more of a scourer type texture. I then use the green honeycomb side to wipe away any suds or remaining product to finish off the job.” – Mrs Hinch 

Available here

Zoflora Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Disinfectant, £1.99

BEST FOR: Kitchen surfaces, tabletops & floors

This three-in-one multipurpose product not only kills bacteria and germs, it also eliminates odours and emits a lasting fragrance long after you’ve used it. Great for tiles, worktops, toilets and more, it can be used neat or diluted in water – around one bottle makes up to 10l-worth of full-strength disinfectant. If you’ve followed Mrs Hinch for any amount of time, you’ll know how dedicated she is to the brand, as well as how many legions of fans now rely on it to keep their homes sweet and fresh.

“It’s one of my life’s loves. I have so many spray bottles labelled with my favourite Zofloras (Springtime is my number one). I love to use Mountain Air on my floors because it’s stronger and, like all Zoflora disinfectants, it’s also pet-friendly when diluted correctly. Always remember to leave the floors to dry before allowing your pets back on them and carefully follow the usage instructions.” – Mrs Hinch

Available here

Febreze Fabric Refresher, £1.50

BEST FOR: Sprucing up sofas, cushions, sheets & mattresses

Loyal followers of Mrs Hinch will know she loves this product so much, she even has crystal-embellished bottle of it. A perennial classic, the influencer uses it for everything – from freshening up linens and wooden furniture to even cleaning out her bag. She says she aims to do this every few days, turning the whole thing out and wiping down the inside with some antibacterial wipes.

“Once I’ve taken everything out, I’ll turn the lining inside out to get rid of any crumbs, and then I’ll spritz it with some Febreze.” – Mrs Hinch 

Available here

Stardrops Pink Stuff, £4.52

BEST FOR: Removing stains, limescale & grime

If there’s one product giving the Minky cloth a run for its money in Mrs Hinch’s book, it’s this. Described as a tough cleaning paste that’s gentle on surfaces but tough on stains, it’s ideal for cleaning saucepans, barbecues, ceramic tiles and much more – it even has the power to remove rust and discolouration from metal surfaces. A great all-rounder.

“They call it the miracle cleaning paste, and yes, it is. It’s unreal. I mainly use it on the base of my pots and pans, tile grouting, oven, hob, ceramic sinks and ornaments. It does a cracking job and never lets me down.” – Mrs Hinch

Available here

Shark Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, £329

BEST FOR: Pet owners

Now this one’s an investment – but it’s one Mrs Hinch wouldn’t be without. As a dog owner, she loves how efficiently it picks up pet hair from floors and carpets – plus, it’s wireless so you won’t get yourself tangled in the cord when manoeuvring it around your home. Pricey, but well worth the money if you want your floors and carpets to look like new.

“I’ve had every hoover going over the years. My mum gave me her old Dyson and I absolutely loved it, but when it packed up someone mentioned the Shark to me. I tried it, and oh my God, the hoover lines you get are a thing of beauty.” – Mrs Hinch

Available here

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