Meet The Iconic Home Appliances Brand We Really Rate
Meet The Iconic Home Appliances Brand We Really Rate

Meet The Iconic Home Appliances Brand We Really Rate

Creating a home that will grow with you is all about making smart investments and in the kitchen, that means choosing high-quality, long-lasting kitchen appliances. Iconic British manufacturer Dualit is known for its engineering excellence and its sustainability credentials, but we also love its attention to detail and design. Here’s why two of its most classic pieces deserve a place on your countertop – and the special offer you won’t want to miss.

Created in partnership with Dualit

The Classic Toaster

With retro lines and an industrial feel, the Classic Toaster would make a stylish addition to any kitchen countertop. Available in more than 20 colours – or original stainless steel – it will work in a range of kitchen styles, from traditional to modern.

First manufactured in 1952, the toaster’s current design has remained loyal to the original. Each one is still hand built by one person in its factory in West Sussex (you’ll find the name of the assembler on the base plate). Strong and robust, the toaster is built to last, with repairable or replaceable parts that are easy to obtain – making it one of the most sustainable appliances in your home.

Beyond its style credentials, the Classic Toaster scores highly on functionality. There’s an energy-efficient slot selector for heating one, two, three or all four slots; a setting to defrost frozen bread before toasting; a selector for toasting buns and bagels (toasting one side and warming the other); and a mechanical timer so you can get it right every time. One of our favourite features is the manually operated eject lever and the high lift mechanism to remove small items easily. Unique, award-winning ProHeat elements, guaranteed for two years, are virtually unbreakable and easy to keep clean. You can turn your Classic Toaster into a versatile sandwich maker with the Sandwich Cage - this simple accessory is an essential tool to make quick toasties for lunch or as a snack. The Sandwich Cage also makes lifting and toasting smaller items such as crumpets, teacakes and muffins effortless. Add in a removeable crumb tray and extra-wide slots, and it seems Dualit really has thought of everything.

With RETRO LINES and an INDUSTRIAL FEEL, the Classic Toaster would make a stylish addition to any kitchen countertop.

The Classic Kettle

The perfect partner to the matching toaster, this sleek Classic Kettle will look great on your kitchen worktop. Key features include the Whisper Boil, which makes it the ideal kettle for use in open-plan kitchen/dining/living spaces, as well as for use in the evening and early mornings.

Not only does it deliver on style, it has also been designed to stay looking good and performing well. Its patented Pure Pour Spout prevents drips or dribbles, keeping the stainless-steel body clean and free from limescale marks, while a measuring window shows both cups and litres, so you only boil the amount of water need, keeping energy costs and water waste down, not to mention a groundbreaking replaceable element that lengthens the lifespan considerably. 

The Dualit Classic Kettle is available in a selection of finishes – so it can be matched to your toaster – and is fitted with a superfast 3kW element, which makes for quick boiling time.

Dualit Classic Kettle, £149.99

- Whisper Boil™ - which has the official Quiet Mark accreditation
- Groundbreaking replaceable element that lengthens the lifespan considerably
- The precision engineered Pure Pour™, non-drip spout prevents water dripping onto your kettle or work surface
- Ergonomic, high-quality, stainless-steel handle with a silicon grip for comfort
- Durable hinged lid for our trademark longevity and reliability, with heatproof ring and finger guard
- BPA free measuring windows
- Patented anti-wobble feet for increased stability on work surfaces while boiling
- Integral cord storage to keep your work surface tidy
- Removable, washable limescale filter
- Cordless operation with 360° swivel base
- Boil-dry safety cut-off

Dualit 4 Slice NewGen Classic Toaster, £219.99

- Handmade and built in the UK
- Fully replaceable parts or repairable parts
- Award-winning ProHeat elements, guaranteed for two years
- Control for heating one, two, three or all four slots
- Extra-wide 28mm slots to cater for different breads
- Mechanical timer
- Manually operated eject lever to keep items warm until needed
- High lift mechanism to remove small items easily
- Adjustable rear foot to compensate for uneven surfaces
- Removable crumb tray
- Setting to defrost frozen bread before toasting
- Control for toasting buns/bagels (toasting one side and warming the other)

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Finally, don’t miss this special offer…

From 1st November to 12th January 2024, customers who purchase a Dualit Classic Toaster will receive a FREE sandwich cage. Visit to register your toaster and claim your FREE gift. You will need your proof of purchase.


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