The Wallpapers Interior Designers Love

From old favourites to new motifs, we asked some of our favourite interior designers to share the wallpapers they use time and again – as well as the ones they can’t wait to use next.
By Georgina Blaskey


One I Love To Use…

Sandberg Raphael Grey

This wallpaper is so beautiful as it only uses one colour but layers it in different tones – it offers such great depth and movement. I never thought I would use a grey wallpaper, but it is quite a busy pattern, so in this room the grey makes it slightly calmer, allowing for the golden yellow tones to shine through. 

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Lee Jofa Taplow Wallpaper in Spice/Leaf

In a similar vein to the ombre wall, this wallpaper is a statement choice. Perfect for a cloakroom or cosy living room, make sure you use it with lots of low lighting to set the mood. 


One I Love To Use…

Berdoulat in collaboration with Inq in Nebbia

I used this wonderful marble wallpaper from Berdoulat in a little cloakroom – it comes in sheets that are hand marbled. It’s perfect in a small space and, as there’s so much movement in this paper, you really don’t need to hang any art.

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Pierre Frey Les Lilas 

From Pierre Grey’s 125th anniversary collection of Braquenié, Les Lilas is printed on linen and it’s paper-backed, so it feels and looks textured, which creates a much cosier, intimate feel. I would love to use it in a bathroom, as a contrast to the hard finishes, with a slate bath and vanity surround which would also juxtapose the femininity of the colour and print.  


One I Love To Use…

Morris & Co Daisy 

I’ve used this in several projects (as it comes in a variety of colours) but most recently in my daughter’s room in the blue and white. It’s one of William Morris’s earliest designs, and can be seen at his home, and yet it continues to feel fresh and contemporary.

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Långelid / von Brömssen Delphinium Arbour in Green

Swedish brand Långelid / von Brömssen is a new discovery. I am desperate to put the Delphinium wallpaper into a scheme – I love the colour ways and it would look great teamed with a striped fabric.


One I Love To Use…

Vanderhurd Ophelia Sky & Storm in Ecru

We recently installed the Ophelia Sky & Storm wallpaper by Vanderhurd in the nursery at one of our projects. I love its tiny scale – it’s so playful and makes a great backdrop for artwork. 

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Twigs Pheasant

We would love to use this wallpaper – it’s distributed by Simon Playle here in the UK. It would really jazz up a downstairs cloakroom with its jewel box colours. I would offset this with low-level panelling, and hand paint it in a gloss finish to make the space shine.  


One I Love To Use…

Altfield Glamour

I’ve often used this lovely wallpaper from Altfield as it has a subtle, pearlised glow running through it. It adds a delicate, tactile warmth, so it’s perfect for bedrooms, dressing rooms and for inserting into panelling to create a more contemporary vibe. 

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Phillip Jeffries Metallic Ombre

We’re going to use this wallpaper in a dining room in Notting Hill in the Pewter finish. The subtle ombre is something the client really loves and it will work well with a very contemporary sculptural chandelier. We will also use the plain silk iteration in the open-plan living room that the dining room opens into, on the walls and joinery panelling.


One I Love To Use…

House Of Hackney Cosmos in Celestial Blue 

This is such a great wallpaper to use as it is unusual and playful; the background blue/grey colour is very versatile and each animal brings in a pop of colour, which can be linked to other fabrics and paint colours within a scheme.

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Mia Reay Utopia Underglaze in Green

I’m hoping to use this soon in a country-house drawing room. With some emerald-green woodwork, it could look amazing. 


One I Love To Use…

Antoinette Poisson Jaipur

We wrapped this pretty wallpaper around a room and vaulted ceiling, so it felt more seamless. Antoinette Poisson wallpapers have a timeless charm to them, and I find they work particularly well in small spaces.

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Flora Roberts Autumn

The wallpaper I am excited to use in an upcoming project is by Flora Roberts. She brings such an ethereal and painterly quality to her designs. We have chosen Autumn in Nightfall for a powder room. It will be paired with an antique mahogany washstand.


One I Love To Use…

Sanderson Hemp

This mini-print paper is so easy on the eye – it can act as an anchor yet it also has texture, making it perfect for connecting spaces such as landings and hallways. It was the ideal neutral backdrop in a house which had so many other bright colours throughout.

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Antoinette Poisson Grenades

This beautiful, hand-painted wallpaper is based on an original 18th-century French design. It has an intricate, artistic quality – for me the colours just leap off the paper. 


One I Love To Use…

Lewis & Wood Adams Eden

We love the large scale and colour palette of this whimsical floral. It was perfect for adding character and charm to this master bedroom, which was nestled in the eaves of our client’s Arts and Crafts-era home.  

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Hamilton Weston Archway House

This small-scale print from Hamilton Weston ticks a lot of boxes. I love the moody khaki green and pretty pink combination, which gives this traditional paper a more contemporary edge. It would work really well in a small space like a powder room.


One I Love To Use…

Common Room Lioness & Palms

Based on a 1918 watercolour drawing by the architect, furniture and textile designer Charles Voyesy, this paper takes its inspiration from nature – a typical theme of the Arts and Crafts movement. I love its playful readaptation, which felt appropriate for a child’s bedroom.

One I’m Looking Forward To Using…

Tess Newall Herbarium Wildflower

I really admire the work of decorative artist Tess Newall. I think this wallpaper would be a great way to add a whimsical touch to a child’s bedroom, introducing colour, texture and a design that’s appropriate for all ages.

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