Where To Find Premium Domestic Appliances That Last

Where To Find Premium Domestic Appliances That Last

When it comes to domestic appliances, it really is worth spending the most you can on something you’re going to use every day – especially if you want it to last. As the old adage goes: ‘Buy cheap, buy twice.’ That’s where Miele comes in – few are able to rival the German brand’s craftsmanship, performance or sustainability credentials. Here’s why you should make it your manufacturer of choice if you're looking for something to see you through the years...
Photography: Humphrey Munson / Paul Craig


The Brand

For more than 120 years, German brand Miele has crafted state-of-the-art household appliances, using its own parts forged with its own iron, designed to last for 20 years*. Hardly surprising then, that the brand’s tagline is ‘Quality Ahead Of Its Time’, an idea that encapsulates the brand's values which helped Miele to win the coveted Which? Large Kitchen Appliance Brand of the Year award in 2020.

The Technology

Using meticulous German engineering – much of which is lightyears ahead of its time – Miele is focused on perfecting every little detail to achieve ultimate reliability across its range, while still using less energy and minimal water, so everything is as environmentally-friendly as possible, without compromising on performance. Miele’s intelligent washing machines are also able to adjust automatically to use only the amount of water needed, thanks to the automatic load recognition. Elsewhere, the special honeycomb drum is designed to help clothes last longer – plus, all Miele washing machines are so quiet, you wouldn’t even know they’re on. It’s something that’s been recognised by awarding 14 Miele washing machines the QuietMark approval.

The Environment

Never has sustainability been more front and centre of people’s minds when it comes to their purchases – big and small. And while paying for quality will always be one of the most sustainable decisions you can make, Miele has gone the extra mile to ensure their products are good for the planet, giving you extra peace of mind. It’s why every Miele appliance is designed to conserve energy and natural resources, without compromising performance – because Miele believes longevity is the ultimate sustainability.

In fact, 16 Miele washing machines have recently been awarded the new Which? Eco Buy’ accolade – the first of its kind to scrutinise the sustainability of appliances – and this year, Which? declared Miele washing machines will need replacing less often than those of its rivals, on average. Finally, one of the brand’s hero models, the WWG 660 WCS (priced at £999) has been awarded the Which? Eco Buy and Which? Best Buy awards.

All lifestyle imagery courtesy of Humphrey Munson. Photography by Paul Craig.
All lifestyle imagery courtesy of Humphrey Munson. Photography by Paul Craig.

The Results

All Miele washing machines come with a host of different wash programmes, including cottons, minimum iron, delicates, wool, silks, outerwear and sportwear. Amazingly, some of Miele’s latest washing machines can now be connected to your Wi-Fi, offering access to the interactive Miele Assistant that can recommend the most suitable programme for exceptional results. You’ll also be able to stop your washing machine – and start and pause it – at the touch of a button, just by using your smartphone. Genius.

Meanwhile, Miele’s intuitive two-phase dispensing detergent system, TwinDos, automatically disperses the right amount of detergent at the appropriate time, saving you up to 30% of detergent – plus, the cartridges can be recycled afterwards. Customers can also buy individual specialist detergents including silk, woolcare and reproofing, to take better care of their clothes; the gentle wool care capsules provide colour-protection, while the sportswear detergent breaks down odours and prevents snagging and static. Better still, all Miele laundry detergents are free from microplastics, so they’re kinder to the environment, too.

The Reliability

Miele washing machines are tested thoroughly to ensure they last you for years to come and can properly stand up to the daily grind of family life – day in, day out. The testing regime includes running cottons on a 95°C programme for 10,000 hours (the equivalent of five washes a week for 20 years), as well as opening and closing the door 60,000 times to replicate the same action, once a day, for 64 years. For this reason, you can expect Miele washing machines to take the very best care of your clothes and prolong the life of your treasured garments – something that’s amplified by a host of specialist washing programmes, innovations and detergents.

The Service

As with all Miele appliances – from dishwashers to washing machines – spare parts are available for at least 15 years (five years longer than the new right to repair law), keeping older appliances running perfectly for longer so you don’t have to shell out on a new one… the ultimate route to a more sustainable life.

The Price

Typically, Miele washing machines start from £670 and work their way up to £2,600 – but each comes with their own advanced technology and capabilities, so there’s something to suit most budgets. Equally, if a washing machine isn’t quite in your sights, be sure to check out the rest of the brand’s ranges – from vacuum cleaners to kitchen accessories – take advantage of the quality and expertise on offer.


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All images courtesy of Humphrey Munson. Photography by Paul Craig. 


* During the development phase of the Miele W1 product series, Miele has tested the functionality of core components in durability tests simulating a 20 years average use in an average household. For more information please visit www.miele.co.uk/20years

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