5 Of The Best Self-Defence Classes For Women

5 Of The Best Self-Defence Classes For Women

With a recent study showing 51% of women have been touched in an unwelcome way, it’s little wonder self-defence classes are rising in popularity. We’ve rounded up five of the best from across the capital – each of them guaranteed to teach you new physical skills and improve your reflexes without injury.

XEN-DO Martial Arts

Spread across various locations in London (Baker Street, Goodge Street and Mayfair, to name a few) these classes teach you vital self-defence moves, while getting you fit along the way. Led by kickboxing and martial arts experts, they welcome all levels – whether you’re a beginner or a black belt. Expect kickboxing moves alongside defence techniques that help you nullify a threat or attack speedily. It’s not all serious and scary– classes are designed to be fun, energetic and uplifting. 

Visit Xen-Do.com

Knockout Performance With Rav Gill

Martial arts pro Rav Gill offers group classes or one-to-one personal training sessions. Either way, you’ll be taken through a series of empowering self-defence moves and combinations. Part workout and part hands-on lesson, each session includes breathing techniques alongside guidance on evading and blocking punches. There’s an emphasis on footwork, making sure you can maintain power and balance when throwing a punch. Personal sessions might be more beneficial, but you’re guaranteed good fun in a group, with a high energy mix of body conditioning and ab work also included

Visit Knockout-Performance.com


Flykick’s classes are designed to maximise your workout results, strengthening your body, while refocusing your mind. Unlike other forms of cardio, where you often run through the moves on autopilot, they will teach you to kick your brain into gear, concentrating on moves that dodge attacks, as well as showing you how to throw a defensive kick. Best of all, you’ll feel like you’re toning your entire body, with that satisfying post-class ache setting in immediately. 

Visit Flykick.co.uk

Fight City Gym 

After an alarming stat showed 8% of women in the UK are now subjected to domestic abuse, Fight City Gym made some of its self-defence classes female-only. Boxing, jiu-jitsu and muay thai are all used to give you the confidence and moves to fight back in the event of an attack. Sessions will tone your core and build overall strength too. 

Visit FightCityGym.co.uk

Bitch Boxing at Third Space

Exclusive to Third Space in Soho, ‘Bitch Boxing’ is strictly for women. It teaches sparring techniques to help you throw and duck a punch, without causing yourself harm. You’ll begin with a gentle warmup, before starting jab moves and one-twos in a boxing stance. Expect squat thrusts, press-ups and other classic gym exercises for overall toning. 

Visit Thirdspace.London/classes

5 Self-Defence Techniques To Practise

  1. Target your opponent’s nose with an upwards palm strike to break it

  2. Press your teeth above the attacker’s upper lip as hard as possible 

  3. A hit to the solar plexus – often taught in self-defence classes

  4. Eye strikes – drive your fingers toward your assailant’s eyes

  5. An elbow strike to the opponent’s temple can cause immediate unconsciousness.

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