Six Fitness Classes To Try When You Want To Boost Your Mood

Six Fitness Classes To Try When You Want To Boost Your Mood

HIIT, spinning, Zumba... the list goes on, but chances are you’re less au fait with the latest wellbeing classes, designed to boost your mood as well as your fitness. From trampolining to meditative movements, here are six workouts to give both your mental and physical health a feel-good overhaul…

1. BOUNCE Trampolining

The body effects of bouncing are seriously impressive. No longer just for kids, trampolines are one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise. Not only does it work your lower body, your heart rate is up consistently, which aids in more calories being burnt. In fact, a study by NASA found that trampolining was 68% more efficient at burning off calories than running. The best bit? You don’t feel like you’re working out, it just feels fun and invigorating – you’ll finish pumped with feel-good endorphins. Another bonus is jumping stimulates the lymphatic system, creating a pump effect which encourages your body’s natural detox mechanism. Genius. We recommend checking out BOUNCE for their easily accessible classes nationwide.

From £6.95 per session. Classes can be found on

2. Virgin Active Calm By Candlelight

Forget excessive workouts that leave you sweating, Virgin Active’s latest yoga practice allows you to relax in a way you never have during a class. The 60-minute session is elevated with lit candles, dim lighting, soothing music and exercise props that help to make all your posture poses comfortable. The class will focus on breath work while restoring the body and mind through held poses that allow you to fully stretch out. You can expect a better night’s sleep afterwards, with limbs that feel bendy and lean.

Prices and class times available on

3. Equinox Pilates Remix Classes

The mood-boosting music is great for motivation, but it’s the strengthening techniques in this class is what we love. Created to make you sweat with the six key principles of Pilates (centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow), a single session aims to enhance brain power and make you more aware of your body. You’ll leave feeling surprisingly centred and calm.

Memberships start from £210 per month at Equinox Kensington and E by Equinox, class prices available at

​4. Hormonal Yoga Workshop at Ushvani

Set in one of London’s most relaxing locations, Ushvani spa has a zen studio that’s ideal for limbering up. Their latest class is Hormonal Yoga. Back by popular demand, it uses traditional moves from Vinyasa Flow Yoga to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol. Expect hip openers, downward dogs and warrior stretches, with soothing breathing techniques that are guaranteed to restore the body’s natural balance.

From £35 per person. Classes and timings can be found on

5. Anti-Desk Yoga At Frame

This class is designed specifically for office workers who are holding lots of tension. A mix of flowing postures and long holds work to ease up knotted muscles while simultaneously stretching them, preventing slumping. Your neck is guaranteed some instant relief too with poses that allow you to loosen up weary, tight muscles. As well as workaholics, it’s perfect for those who are stressed or for anyone doing repetitive sports.

From £13 per class. More information on timings and dates on

6. DeRose Method

With a mixture of yoga, martial arts, gymnastics and even mindfulness, this class takes a different approach to attaining strength and tranquillity. Thanks to a wide range of postures (from half-moons to grasshopper leaps), you’ll come away feeling flexible, strong and energised with an increased focus to boot. You’ll also hear positive mantras while you get to work with soothing, colourful lights that change against relaxing music.

Trial week for 7 days, from £35. Or check out for access to private classes. 

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