12-Minute Tiramisu

12-Minute Tiramisu

A tiramisu has got to be up there when it comes to top desserts. Made with eggs and mascarpone, it needs a long time sitting in the fridge before it is ready to eat, which is why you should use plenty of pillow-y whipped cream with a lot of rum and coffee.
Photography: DAVID LOFTUS
Serves 4
Total Time
12 Minutes
Meal Type
2 tbsp of instant coffee powder or granules
4 tbsp of Kaluha or Rum
450ml of double (heavy) cream
3 tbsp of icing (confectioners) sugar
1 packet of sponge fingers
Cocoa powder
Step 1

Put the instant coffee into one of the mixing bowls. Measure out 150 ml of boiling water from the kettle into a measuring jug. Add to the coffee and stir until dissolved. Add the booze and set aside to cool slightly.

Step 2

Tip the double cream into another mixing bowl. Add the icing sugar and whisk by hand until the cream just holds its shape – don’t overdo it, you want it to be pillow-y and light.

Step 3

One by one, dunk half of the sponge fingers into the booze and coffee liquid, for 5-10 seconds at a time (just enough so they soak up some coffee, but not too long so they disintegrate) and lay in the baking dish. Spread over half of the whipped cream with a spatula. Repeat the dipping and layering process with the other half of the sponge fingers and cream, making sure the sponge fingers soak up all the coffee goodness. Pour any extra boozy coffee on top.

Step 4

Sift over some cocoa powder to finish, then dig in.

Cook's tip: Get everything laid out in a production line so that you can dunk the sponge fingers, lay them straight in the dish and then cover in the cream. Having only two layers also helps speed things up.

Recipe courtesy of Speedy MOB: 12-minute meals for 4 people by Ben Lebus, published by Pavilion Books. Image courtesy of David Loftus.

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