Black Pepper Tofu

Such a delicious dish and a great way to use up any leftover black pepper. Taste the tofu at the end. If it’s too sugary, add a bit more pepper. If it’s too peppery, add a bit more sugar. Get that balance right.
Serves 4
Total Time
20 Minutes
2 x 280g packets of tofu
400g of basmati rice
1 white onion
Fresh ginger
Crushed black peppercorns
White sugar
Light soy sauce
Dark soy sauce
1 red chilli
4 spring onions
Vegetable oil
Step 1

Chop the tofu into cubes. Coat in cornflour.

Step 2

Add some vegetable oil to a wok. Fry the tofu until browned and remove from the wok.

Step 3

Get the rice on (follow the instructions on the packet).

Step 4

Clean the wok and place over a medium heat. Add a splash of oil. Add 4 tablespoons of butter, along with the chopped onion, finely chopped garlic and a large piece of fresh ginger.

Step 5

Fry until everything is soft. At this point, add 2 tablespoons crushed black peppercorns and 2 tablespoons white sugar. Stir them in. Once the sugar has dissolved, add 5 tablespoons each of light and dark soy sauce.

Step 6

Stir it all together, and then add a chopped red chilli and 3 chopped spring onions. Stir, and then re-add your tofu. Stir it in, add another tablespoon of butter, allowing it to melt, then remove the tofu from the heat.

Step 7

Serve the tofu on top of a mound of steaming rice, garnish with another chopped spring onion and enjoy!

MOB Veggie
MOB Veggie

Recipe courtesy of MOB Veggie: Feed 4 or more for under £10 by Ben Lebus, published by Pavilion Books. Photo: Haarala Hamilton.

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