What’s On My Table – With Alexandra Dudley
What’s On My Table – With Alexandra Dudley

What’s On My Table – With Alexandra Dudley

Alexandra Dudley is a food columnist, cookbook author and host of the Come For Supper podcast. In this monthly column, she takes us inside her east London kitchen to show us what she’s cooking and the tools she’s loving. This time, it’s a weekend brunch – plus, three of her top serving accessories…
By Alexandra Dudley

As a general rule, a buttery fried egg is always delicious – but this harissa butter takes it up a notch. Melt the butter and harissa together until bubbling and fry the egg until it’s crispy round the edges. I love the contrast of a cooling yogurt and add mint to mine for an extra cooling hit, but dill, parsley or coriander would all work well too.

The non-negotiable in this dish is good-quality harissa. I use Belazu rose harissa which has a wonderfully well-rounded flavour and chilli kick. I like to serve it with something refreshing, like a lemon or mango Dash water.

Harissa Butter Fried Egg On Toast

Total Time
10 Minutes
Good knob of butter, about 40g
1 tsp of rose harissa paste (I like Belazu)
Olive oil
For the herby yogurt
100g of yogurt
Small clove of garlic
Zest of ½ lemon
Small handful of finely chopped mint
Step 1

Make the herby yogurt first. Add the yogurt to a small bowl, finely grate in the garlic and lemon zest. Add the finely chopped mint and a good pinch of salt and stir. Taste for seasoning.

Step 2

Drizzle a slice (or two) of bread with olive oil on both sides and press it in so that the bread has a good coating of oil. Heat a frying pan to a medium heat and cook the bread for about 2-3 minutes either side until golden brown. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Step 3

Keep the toast warm and add the knob of butter and harissa to the same pan. Allow the butter and harissa to melt together and stir until the butter is vibrant and frothy.

Step 4

Crack in the egg and fry to your liking, spooning over the frothy butter as it cooks. I like my yolks slightly set and the white crisped around the edges.

Step 5

Spread the yogurt onto your toast, top with the buttery fried egg and spoon over more of the harissa butter, then serve.


Tulipa Bowl, £25 | The Lost Girls

Porridge season is back, and I love these ceramic bowls with coloured rims. They look wonderful mixed together and would be wonderful to serve pasta or risotto at a dinner party. 

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Candle, £55 | Polkra x Katie Scott

I love this range of candles from Polkra, designed by artist Katie Scott. Made with natural, ethically sourced wax, each one comes in a stunning ceramic pot which can be re-used once the candle has burned down. I use mine as pen holders or toothbrush pots. 

Visit Polkra.com

Aria Rectangular Striped Placemat, £15 | The Lost Girls

I have a thing for cloth tablemats at the moment. They are perfect for those midweek suppers when you want to make a little bit more effort and they store wonderfully. I love these elegant peach striped ones which are made from 100% linen. 

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