What’s New At The Supermarket This Month

What’s New At The Supermarket This Month

There’s only one shop we’re making it to right now – and that’s the supermarket. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration to liven up WFH lunches or for quick family suppers, here’s what to look out for at your local…

Bramwell’s Chunky Burger Sauce

If you want to re-create that takeaway burger at home, make sure you have this sauce to hand. Having first launched in Aldi last summer, its instant success has prompted a return to the shelves this year. With a well-guarded secret recipe – it's been likened to an authentic Big Mac – it’s guaranteed to deliver that fast-food taste you might be craving.

Available in store


Heck has added some new products to its range, just in time for BBQ season. Proving there’s something for everyone, 97% pork chorizo-style sausages sit alongside new lines in the vegan range, including the vegfurters and meat-free chipolatas. The frozen range at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s is new too, with bigger 600g boxes, three meat varieties and three veggie options. 

Available here 

M&S Gluten-Free Box

The latest addition to M&S’s popular range of food boxes is the Made Without Wheat Essentials Box, perfect for those with a gluten or wheat intolerance. The box contains a selection of M&S’s most popular Made Without Wheat gluten free items, from breakfast cereals, spaghetti, bread loaves, afternoon snacks and even flour. 

Available online for £25 (+ £3.99 p&p)

Haagen Dazs White Peach & Raspberry Ice Cream

Two varieties of white peach go into this puree, the Springtime and the Caprice, both of which are stirred into a velvety ice cream base. Add to that white peach pieces from South East Asia and a vibrant raspberry swirl, and the result is totally delicious.

Available here

Jude’s Dessert Sauces

Hampshire-based family business Jude's is dedicated to crafting the world’s tastiest treats. Its latest offering, these topping sauces, can be served hot or cold. Featuring Jude’s trademark stripes, each one is designed to bring a delicious new sweet treat to ice-creams, lollies and shakes. Choose from three indulgent flavours: Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Fudge.

Available to purchase from select Sainsbury’s stores

Biotiful Kefir 

Figure skater-turned-banker-turned-entrepreneur, Natasha Bowes founded Biotiful in 2012 when she decided to create a kefir for the UK market that matched the standards of the kefir she drank daily in her native Russia. Higher in protein, and richer in live culture than yoghurt, this range is topped with fruity compotes including blackcurrant, black cherry and strawberry and rhubarb.

Available here 

M&S Elderflower Gin Liquer Glitter Globe

This refreshing blend of gin and elderflower, with 23 carat gold leaf, is a delicious, shimmering summer spirit. Enjoy on the rocks, with soda and mint, or mix it up with Prosecco for the perfect warm-weather cocktail. 

Available in store at M&S

Holy Cow Curry Sauces

Holy Cow produces award-winning curry sauces, all of which have been lovingly slow-cooked. From the Malabar curry reminiscent of the rolling hills of Mangalore, to the Mughlai korma packed with opulent and aromatic ingredients, this range is authentic and tasty.

Available here 

Rubies in the Rubble

We’ve long been fans of Rubies, so we were delighted to hear their two plant-based mayos are now available in Waitrose. We swear by the chilli flavour, and they're perfect for anyone avoiding dairy or egg.

Available here 

M&S Hoisin Duck Burger

A high-street supermarket first, this Hoisin Duck Burger is made with a blend of British duck, Chinese-style shredded duck, ginger and spring onions. Sandwich it between M&S’s new Bao Burger Buns, and try layering with radish, cucumber ribbons, shredded spring onions and either a hoisin or siracha sauce.

Available in store

M&S Wine In A Can

If you’re out for an evening stroll, a patio picnic or a just don’t feel like opening an entire bottle, opt for one of these new tinned tipples. Available in three different styles, choose from a zesty sauvignon blanc, a fruity still  or a light sparkling rosé. 

Available in store

Tesco Fire Pit Range

Fire Pit, a new range of ready-marinated BBQ favourites is now available at Tesco. Inspired by US pitmasters who are passionate about creating the most distinct flavours, the range includes a variety of different marinades and rubs. Choose from a selection of mains, including herby Greek-inspired pork kebabs and chicken steaks made with a fiery piri piri rub, or sides such as smoky cauliflower wings and spicy and authentic Spanish patatas bravas.

Available here

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